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You have set a date for your move, and your relocation day is slowly approaching. It is about time you start wrapping your belongings, but that’s easier said than done. How do you handle such an overwhelming task? Making a packing list will surely help – and lucky for you, we have a perfect checklist that you can follow and get all of your stuff packed efficiently and quickly. 

With our guide to packing for a move, you will learn what order you should pack your belongings in and which common mistakes to avoid. We won’t lie, this won’t be easy – wrapping up every room in your house will take a lot of energy. This isn’t something you can do in a day or two, so we suggest starting on time. Let’s get to your ultimate checklist and prepare you for your local Philly relocation. 

Why Do You Need to Make a Packing List? 

Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that there are countless things to do before moving. However, wrapping everything from your house is surely the most difficult part of moving preparations and a part of your relocation to-do list that will give you plenty of moving stress. How do you ensure you have packed everything you need and haven’t overlooked the most commonly forgotten things to pack? The answer is easier than you might think – just make a packing checklist. Trust us, this simple moving hack goes a long way, and it will help you stay organized and focused on your tasks. 

How to Organize Your Packing Guide? 

If you wish to move efficiently, be sure that you are organized – it’s always the best way to prevent any mistakes and use your time wisely when preparing for a relocation. When it comes to the wrapping checklist, you’ll need to divide it into a few smaller ones – those will be easier to follow, which will improve your effectiveness. And how will you do that? It’s simple – you should write separate lists for each room of your house that you have to pack. In the text below, we will write you a detailed checklist for each room. With our advice, you will be packed and ready to head to your new Philadelphia neighborhood in no time.  

Keyboard, plant, coffee, and checklist of tasks to do before Philadelphia movers come
You should write a checklist for every room in your house

Before You Start to Pack Your Belongings, You Should Declutter 

Of course, you know that there are some items movers won’t move and that they shouldn’t be packed – you’ll have to get rid of those belongings. But, that’s not the only decluttering task that you have to do before the relocation day. If you have been living in your house for years, the chances are that you have a huge amount of things that just collect dust and are of no use to anybody. Those are precisely the belongings you should declutter before your movers in Philadelphia come to relocate you to one of the best south Philadelphia neighborhoods

What Should You Do With Stuff You Don’t Want to Carry to a New Home?

Throwing away stuff isn’t the only way to go. Actually, that should be a last resort – first, you should try to either sell or donate your belongings. If your expenses checklist seems too lengthy, you might want to sell a few things. We suggest you learn how to have a successful garage sale – it can bring you more cash than you’d think. If you are leaning towards donating, here are some places in Philadelphia where you can donate household items:

  • Goodwill Donation Center,
  • The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center,
  • GreenDrop,
  • Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia ReStore,
  • Circle Thrift.
Person placing clothing in the box labeled "donation"
Donating your stuff is a great way to help somebody and make wrapping easier for yourself

You Can’t Do Anything if You Don’t Have Proper Moving Supplies

After decluttering, you’ll feel like your home is already half-packed. Well, at least if you’re good at getting rid of unnecessary things. Next up, you have to buy wrapping supplies that will make sure your fragile items and other belongings get safely to your new west Philadelphia neighborhood. So, what are the essentials for packing? We have a checklist of standard supplies that you can hardly move without.

  • Moving boxes of all sizes,
  • Paper for wrapping,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Moving blankets,
  • Tape,
  • Tape gun,
  • Markers,
  • Padding materials,
  • Dolly. 
Boxes with belongings, plants, and ladder on the floor
Gather all the necessary supplies before you start wrapping anything

First, Wrap Up Everything From Storage Areas of Your House

Where to start? It is pretty logical – you should begin by wrapping non-essential belongings, those you do not require daily, and that you can last without for a few weeks. We say weeks because you should start preparing for a move about a month before your Philly movers arrive to move a piano and load boxes onto the truck. So, which are non-essential things? It’s the stuff you keep in storage areas such as the attic, basement, or garage.

  • Tools – You probably have a tool chest, and the easiest way to move tools is to place them in it. If you don’t, you can use bubble wrap and then place tools inside the box. The same goes for large stuff like a saw. 
  • Garden furniture – Cushions can be transported in boxes or garbage bags, and pieces of furniture can be moved wrapped in plastic wrap or moving blankets.
  • Chemicals – Pool chemicals, paint, or fertilizers aren’t allowed on the moving truck. Philly movers can’t move those things for you because they are hazardous and can compromise the safety of our movers and your belongings during the truck ride. You should throw any chemicals away. 
  • Old toys, clothing, and furniture – If you haven’t sold everything during your garage sale, you will have to move it. Carefully sort and place all that stuff in boxes. You will probably just put those boxes in storage areas of your new house, and you might not even bother unwrapping them. 
Two white chairs, table, and two plants in the garden
Garden furniture and stuff you keep in a garage should be amongst the first to be packed

Head to the Bedroom – Pack Your Clothes and Shoes 

Although you shouldn’t disassemble your bed frame and prepare your mattress for a move weeks before the relocation day (you still have to sleep, even though you have a million tasks ahead of you), the rest of your bedroom can be packed two or three weeks before you head to your new place. Here’s what to pay attention to when emptying this room:

  • Clothing – It may seem counterproductive to place all of your clothing in boxes weeks before the move, but keep in mind that you should wrap clothes in a specific order. That means you should start with off-season clothing and leave the stuff you wear now for last. Additionally, know that leaving a few things in the wardrobe is wise, so you have something to wear until the relocation day. 
  • Jewelry – You should keep valuable pieces on you during the relocation day. Don’t risk losing anything expensive, even if you trust your Philly movers 100%. All the pricey jewelry should be put in your essentials bag (we will explain that later – keep on reading)
  • Shoes – Leave a few comfy pairs unpacked and wrap shoes that you don’t need in the following days. If you have kept original boxes, you can use them. They will provide excellent protection to your favorite pairs. 
  • Bedsheets and pillowcases – These are easy to box up, as they do not need any protection for the move. Just be sure you’ll use clean boxes, and place a layer of clean paper on the bottom before you put anything inside. 

Should You Pack All the Clothes You Own? 

If you have plenty of garments, you’re going to find it difficult to move everything. We’ve mentioned donation and garage sale as options. You can also give some pieces of clothing to your friends – invite them over for a moving away party and let them choose what they like from the stuff you’re leaving behind. In case you have nothing to declutter, you can wrap your clothing following one of these basic wrapping techniques: the military rolling method, the flat fold, or the KonMari method. Check out the video below to see how to fold clothing following the KonMari method.

Here’s How to Pack Your Living Room

Although the living room has many things, most of them are easy to wrap and place in a box, so even if you’re preparing for a move in a hurry, this room won’t cause any issues for you. Check out what the checklist for the living room should look like.

  • Decorations – Vases, mirrors, or any kind of decorations should be packed first, so they wouldn’t get in your way when disassembling and wrapping furniture. Remove things from your shelves and coffee table, and wrap candles if you have any. 
  • Paintings – People often forget them because they aren’t that obvious. We get so used to them as integral parts of the walls that we overlook them easily. But trust us – you will love looking at them on your new walls, so wrap them carefully. Large paintings can be put on the truck without a box. All you have to do is wrap them in paper and bubble wrap. 
  • BooksWrapping books will take a while if you have a large library, but it is an easy job. Still, you can consider getting rid of a few titles if you have way too many books. Maybe your friends will appreciate those publications – ask them to take them off your hands. 
  • ElectronicsHow to wrap electronics? This is a bit challenging, considering how fragile screens are. Still, wrapping computers is something you have to do, but be very careful. 
  • Furniture – After removing most of the things from the living room, you will have enough space to disassemble (if needed) and wrap furniture. Moving blankets or plastic wrap will ensure that your furniture stays in perfect condition during transport.
Boxes and a plant in the empty living room
Step by step, you will clear out the living room eventually

The List of Items You Should Take From the Kitchen

Next up – the kitchen. One of the warmest and most friendly rooms in the house, where the family gathers, will now be your nightmare. So many breakables to move. How will you do that? Check out what we advise you to bring to your new residence.

  • DishesWrapping dishes is a difficult task that can take hours and hours, depending on how much dishware you own. Start by wrapping plates since those are the easiest dishes to wrap, and continue with more complex ones when you have practiced your wrapping technique. Before you put pots and pans or anything else in the box, be sure to wash them properly. 
  • Kitchen table and chairs – The chances are that you will have to disassemble them before you wrap them. Wrapping is the same as for any other pieces of furniture – moving blankets are your friends here. 
  • Small appliances – You can’t move without your toaster, microwave, or blender, right? Clean them up a bit before you place them in boxes. You will do your future self a favor. Trust us, you won’t be in the mood for cleaning anything after the moving day. 
  • Fridge and a freezer – Whether you’re moving them or not, you should clean them. Of course, you will defrost the freezer first. Pro-tip – the easiest way to clean a refrigerator and freezer is with vinegar. It works magic. 
  • Kitchen cabinets – Check if they are empty before you disassemble them. Also, you might want to wipe them, as they could be filled with crumbs (or dust). 
White kitchen with grey stove and fridge
The kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to wrap up before the move

The Last Room to Be Packed – The Bathroom

The bathroom is the last room to be packed since you will be using it up until the last minute. Luckily, it isn’t as demanding as the kitchen, and you will quickly box up all the stuff from this room. The only thing that might take a while is cleaning the tub, sinks, tiles, and toilet. But, before you get to scrubbing, here’s what to put in a box and move with you. 

  • Hygiene products – Check if everything is closed. You wouldn’t want anything to spill inside the box, would you? If you have some almost empty products, consider throwing them away – they would take up a lot of space, and they are replaceable. Leave the essentials such as a toothbrush and toothpaste unpacked. They will head to the essentials bag.
  • Makeup – Be careful with glass bottles or makeup pallets, as they can easily break. If you have expensive products, you can wrap them in bubble wrap to be safe. Products you require daily can be packed with other essentials. 
  • Cleaning supplies – Remember that you shouldn’t wrap them before you have finished the move-out cleaning (which comes after wrapping everything in your house). Also, keep in mind that chemicals can’t be moved by your Philly movers, but cloths, sponges, and gloves are good to go. 
  • Shower curtain – People often forget it, but you won’t. In case yours is old and should be replaced soon, throw it away and buy another one after you move in. 
White tub, towels, sink, mirror, and a plant
Bathroom is the last part of the house to be packed

Gather Essentials for the Moving Day in One Bag

Even though everything you own is in sealed boxes, you will require a few essentials to get you through the moving day. Get a large backpack or a duffel bag, and fill it with stuff you can’t survive the day without. Here’s what we suggest you put inside:

Person carrying a red backpack
Get a large backpack where you can store all your essentials for the moving day

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