History of Abington PA

The land of Abington was bought from the native Lenape by William Penn in the early 1680s. It didn’t pass a lot of time, just a decade when a handful of European settlers built and lived in Hill Township. The town was briefly under other names, and in 1704 it was incorporated as Abington. The name is likely taken from parishes in England formed over 900 years ago. Some institutions have been in Abington for most of its existence. The cornerstone of the original Abington Friends School, in operation since before Abington’s incorporation, is used in today’s school building. The Abington Presbyterian Church opened in the early years of the township, and while the original building is gone, its graveyard is still used today. Living in Abington is great for those who love history considering there are old buildings.

Living in Abington

Abington is a neighborhood in Philadelphia with a population of over 55,000 residents. This makes Abington the second most populous township in Montgomery County. Not just one of the most populated, but it is one of the oldest communities. You will love living in this historic town! Even though it has a lot of residents, it is still a safe, quiet, and calm town where you will feel at home. That is why Abington is the choice of many young professionals and families. This big city with a small-town vibe will make you fall in love as soon as you get here.

Considering its location – right next to Philadelphia, you will get the chance to live in a peaceful town with many things to do. It will be simple for you to find things to do – many parks, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Also, there are many shopping centers, such as Willow Grove Mall. Even though the town has many interesting to offer, it still maintained to keep a close tight community feels where neighbors love to help each other.

What makes Abington great for families with kids is highly rated schools. The school district is one of the best in Philadelphia. As we already mentioned, the town is safe overall, and you won’t have to stress out when it comes to the safety of your kids.

Things to check out once getting to Abington

  • Outdoor activities
  • Abington has to offer many outdoor activities. No matter if you enjoy biking, hiking, or jogging in the park – you will have the access to them. There is also the Briar Bush Nature Center which is an amazing place with such friendly people and rescued animals. If you want to enjoy a nice picnic with your family, you will have plenty of opportunities.

  • Abington Arts Center
  • When it is nice weather you should check this place out. You will get a chance to enjoy beautiful art. This small gallery and museum is a hidden gem of Abington and there are no many people around. You can purchase a gift here since there is a small shop.

  • King and Queen
  • After a long week of working, is there anything better than treating yourself to a spa? King and Queen can offer you everything, from relaxing massage, hair, nails, skincare, etc.

  • Restaurants
  • When it comes to food options – Abington has a lot of tasty options to offer. No matter if you are looking for traditional American food or looking forward to experimenting with food, you will have your opportunity here.

    Abington in numbers

    Population: 55,300

    Median home value: $277,400

    Median rent: $1,208

    Median household income:$91,636

    Homeowners: 80%

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