How to Pack Dishes for Moving Without Making a Mess in the Kitchen

Packing Tips Prepare for the Move

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If you ever boxed up china for relocating you know how hard it can be to relocate them in one piece. If you are wondering how to pack dishes for moving because you want to avoid opening your container only to find bits and pieces of your loved mugs and new bowls, you’ve come to the right place. We share all of our abundant knowledge on how to navigate the entire process of boxing up china, from the materials you will need to purchase, to the boxing up order and special tips to make sure every fragile dish stays intact.

Where to Start Packing When You Are Moving?

Relocating can be overwhelming and it might not be easy to know where to begin when you are supposed to be boxing up your entire inventory. To create a structure for your move, you should begin by creating a to-do list. This will allow you to figure out everything you need to box up, and then all you are left with is to adjust the boxing up order to your own needs.

Deciding on when to start is dependent on many factors, including whether you decide to hire moving services in Philadelphia or not, as well as on how many rooms your apartment has and how much stuff will you need to box up. Ideally, you will want to leave two or at least one day for boxing up per room to avoid moving stress, so you don’t have to box up in a hurry and possibly even overlook some of the commonly forgotten things to pack.

Always start by boxing up the items you will not be needing regularly. For example, you will want to prepare your piano for relocating among the first things, since this is a bulky item you probably won’t need (or have time for) in the days leading up to the move. You will also want to box up books, CDs, and vinyl, leaving out only those you are currently reading or actively listening to. Whatever order you decide on, you will want to leave the kitchen for last, as this is one of the most important rooms in your home you can hardly avoid using daily.

Declutter Your Kitchen – Sell or Donate

Maybe you’ve decided not to transfer some things to your new home, and you’ve decided to sell or donate them. In this case, you might have to ship them somewhere further away from your Philadelphia neighborhoods. If you wish to know how to pack dishes for shipping, basically all you need to do is follow the steps we already laid out for you. The methods are the same, the only difference is that you have to be extremely generous with your packing materials.

Elderly coupe boxing up their dishware
Boxing up can be a breeze if you do it the right way

What Materials and Supplies Will You Need to Buy to Pack Dishes?

Before you even begin boxing up you will want to prepare a relocation expenses checklist to figure out if your budget allows for hiring one of Philadelphia moving companies. It’s important to do this among the first steps because by hiring Philadelphia, PA movers you will save up on boxing up supplies since the companies provide them for you. That being said, when considering hiring professionals, keep in mind that while paying for relocation service seems daunting, hiring professionals will save you money on supplies.

Which Boxing up Supplies Should I Buy if I’m Packing Myself? Crucial Tips

If you are boxing up your home yourself, there are a few things you should consider buying. However, before visiting your local supply shop, check if you already own some of these things so you don’t need to buy new ones.

  • Buy cartons and boxes in multiple sizes. You will need different sizes of cartons because you will want to box up plates, vases and other fragile belongings properly to avoid breakage. 
  • Secure enough tape and markers. You can’t seal your boxes without tape, and you definitely don’t want to be boxing up without markers. Markers are crucial for labeling your cartons, and boxing up can turn into a real mess really quickly without them.
  • Cushioning supplies such as newsprint sheets and bubble wrap. These are really important because they will keep your things safe – especially your kitchen stuff.
Carton with tape that marks its content as breakable.
Make sure to have all materials needed to inform your movers what is contained in your cartons

Best Alternatives to Save Money on Your Supplies Inventory

If you ever bought boxing up supplies, you know that this stuff can do real damage to your paycheck. If you haven’t – trust us that once you check out the prices you too might be asking yourself: how do you pack dishes for moving without paper? We are here to save the day with our ingenious relocation hacks that can help you simultaneously save money and make your move even more efficient. We present to you the finest alternatives for cushioning supplies:

  • You can save money by using an old newspaper. Old newspapers can be a lifesaver when packing dishes for moving on a budget. Their downside is that, if you don’t dry your things properly some newspaper ink might transfer onto them in contact with water, so dry everything properly before you start wrapping it.
  • Use clothes as a substitute for wrapping. Socks will be perfect for stuffing things like mugs and glasses to avoid breakage, and if you are wondering how do you wrap dishes for packing with clothes, we propose to use soft cotton shirts. Summer shirts are perfect because you can use a shirt per dish, by wrapping it around the item multiple times, and if dealing with things like mugs or pots, stuffing the remains in the inside of the vessel.
  • Blankets, pillowcases, and towels can secure your breakable belongings. Same as with clothes, using these will be amazing for packing dishes. If you enfold your belongings with these, you will be making your move more efficient, which is always a plus side.
A carton on different paper
You do not have to spend tons of money if you reuse materials you already have

What Order of Boxing up Is the Best Way to Pack Dishes and Plates for Moving?

Once you figured out how to enfold your things, it’s time to think about how to pack dishes when moving – specifically in which order to do this. If you plan on placing your items in one large container, you will want to place your cushioning material at the bottom of the container. Next, you want to wrap each item, both inside and out with paper or cotton materials.

The First Step Is to Place Larger Items at the Bottom

You want to start by wrapping up larger china, wide platters, and other flat pieces at the bottom of the container. In this way, you create a sturdy bottom layer that will keep the box safe once it is in the truck of your Philly movers. You want to wrap every plate individually and also place multiple layers of paper between every flat dish you are stacking. If it’s fine china you are stacking, be sure to double up on the amount of paper.

If you are relocating with a pet, keep in mind that you will want to keep your pet’s plates out until right before leaving. You will, of course, have to move your pet yourself, since movers won’t move pets. If your furry friend has nice bowls you don’t want to forget, you should put them away with your own pieces. In this case, you will want to get them a portable dish specifically for the move, so they are fed and have enough water for the big day.

Smaller Dishes Go Second in Your Box

You want to continue with the second layer made up of smaller things like smaller plates, saucers, and bowls which are not as deep. The wider and deeper bowls will make up the first part of the second layer. If you own plastic mixing bowls you don’t need to use up too much material on them, but can rather stack up to three or four at a time and then wrap them up. Smaller teacups might go in this layer, and these can even be placed into wrapped plastic bowls for extra protection. Be sure to fill up all your boxes to the top, to avoid any breakage or movement in the Philadelphia moving company truck.

Put Breakables in a Separate Container for Moving

Items you need to watch out for the most when figuring out how to pack dishes for a move if you want to avoid buying new ones are your more fragile favorites such as wine glasses. One of the best tips for boxing up wine glasses is to buy specific boxes for these, or even better if you saved the carton in which you got them to use it now as a container. You will want to roll all breakables in paper and tuck the rest of the paper inside. Don’t forget to fill the insides of breakables with cushioning material too, even if these will go in a separate container. For a visual guide for the process, check out the video below.

How to Pack Dishes for MovingIf You Want to Avoid Stress? The Best of Tips We Can Give Is to Call the Professionals

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