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Every relocation has its positive and negative sides. It is important you’re aware of things you want to achieve, and making a good moving to-do list might be really helpful in doing it. Once you write down your goals, you’ll be able to see things much clearer. Defining every step you have to take will pull you closer to your main goal – successful relocation. 

This article will help you decide about your priorities and making the right decisions. It will also remind you of time management and some organizational methods. One of the first steps you have to take is to decide if you need to hire a professional company for assistance. Finding the right movers can be challenging, but once you know what services you are going to need and what your budget is, this search can be much more productive. Read this text to find out more about other important things you have to include in your moving list of things to do and take off.

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving and How Do I Start Preparing to Move?

If you want to move efficiently, it is essential that you start preparing for this process on time. A month before relocation happens is more than enough time to take all of the needed actions. If you know about the relocation sooner, even better. You can take all these actions but spread them throughout a longer period.

Decide About Your Needs and Priorities

The first thing you have to do is to determine your priorities – where do you want to relocate, and what are the criteria for your future neighborhood. After deciding on these questions, you’ll also have to find the right home. Philadelphia neighborhoods you consider relocating to should be safe and include all of the amenities you find important. Also, you should think about the distance from your work and the schools your children could attend. Anything else you find meaningful should be considered as well.

Couple looking at the laptop
Define your goals and decide about things you want to accomplish

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

There is no one universal checklist or to-do list for moving because every move has its individual aspects and terms. A listicle of things to do when moving should include everything you find important for your specific situation. Some of the things you should write in your checklist include a moving inventory list where you can list all of the belongings you want to relocate as well as your budget and professional services you need. If you want to buy some of the equipment, you should also make a relocation expenses checklist, where you can include all expenses. You should set precise dates and make a schedule for every day, depending on how much time you have.

Money and a wallet
Write an expenses checklist

Your Moving To-Do List Should Begin With Finding Reliable Movers in Philadelphia

Finding reliable relocation companies can be more challenging than you might think. You have to be aware of potential relocation scams and items movers won’t move while looking for the right companies and solutions. You should think about the services you need when it comes to packing fragile items or relocating a piano. If you don’t know how to pack books for relocation or how to pack glasses, it is probably best to hire professional Philadelphia movers for help and require their packing services. They can also show you some interesting relocation hacks and remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Plan Your Budget Weeks Before the Move

You should be aware of potential financial losses you might experience, especially if you don’t take the right actions on time. The more you wait to hire professional companies, the harder it will be to find affordable solutions. Most of the Philadelphia moving companies can offer you a free quote, so you’ll know the estimated price of your move and the services you requested. Knowing that information can help you calculate other expenses and make further decisions.

Decide What Items You Want to Relocate

If you’re planning to relocate some valuable belongings, you should consider getting insurance for them. You should also think about every other item in your home and how it is going to fit your new place. Is your sofa too big for a new living room? Are other furniture pieces in good condition, or they have to be replaced? When you decide about this and know exactly what and where you want to move, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

Professionals on duty
Decide what items you want to relocate to your new place and find the right company

Things You Should Do Few Weeks Before the Move

What should I do 3 weeks before moving? After hiring a professional Philadelphia moving company, other actions you have to take are transferring your utilities, changing your address, and making other arrangements related to your work and other responsibilities. You should also organize important documents and start thinking about packing materials you’ll have to gather in the nearest future. 

Make Arrangements Related to Your Job, Insurance, Babysitter, Doctors, and Friends

Once you know the exact dates of your move, you should notify your employer about them. Try getting a few days off, so you can focus on your move correctly. You should also think about other arrangements, your health insurance, children, and pets.

In case that you have small children, you should also consider booking a babysitter a few weeks in advance. If you’re relocating with pets, think about asking your friends to take care of them on the day of your move. If you plan a going-away party, this could be an ideal opportunity to talk with your friends and family and ask them for assistance with different activities.

Change Your Address and Transfer Your Utilities

Changing your address should also be on top of your list. This is essential on many levels. Once you change your address, you’ll be able to transfer your utilities. There is no need to pay utilities for one same month in two different places. Also, check if the previous owners of your new homemade necessary changes.

Start Decluttering

Another important thing to do a few weeks before the move is decluttering. We previously mentioned that you have to decide what items you want to relocate, but what about those furniture pieces that are not suitable for your new home? If they’re still in good condition, you can always sell or donate them to those in need. If you decide to sell some of the storage inventory, you might even get more money to add to your relocation budget. If you want to get rid of some things like old mattresses, you might also have to make arrangements with curbside collection services.

Decluttering plan
Think about items you can sell or donate

Gather Proper Packing Materials

Moving and packing list should always include getting proper packing materials. If you already know what items you have to pack and secure, it should be easier to find appropriate equipment. Supplies most of the people get include:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Plastic boxes,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Cushioning materials,
  • Tape,
  • Labels.

Start Packing as Soon as Possible – Begin With Storage Inventory

Once you gather all the needed materials, you should start preparing right away. There is no need to leave the packing of storage inventory for the last few days. You’ll have other more significant tasks in that period. Storage inventory is something that you don’t use daily, so nothing should stop you from packing these items first. After that, you can continue with other inventory, such as books, seasonal clothing, and ornaments. Things you should pack last should be items you use daily, and you should prepare a separate box for them. Just one more thing – don’t forget to label boxes, especially those that contain fragile objects.

Woman and a package
Gather suitable equipment and start wrapping

Last Week Preparations

If you followed all the steps mentioned earlier in this text, the last week of your preparations shouldn’t be very busy and stressful. Confirming your bookings and arrangements you previously made would definitely help you avoid relocation stress, and any potential rearrangements should be made at least a week in advance. Call your service providers and check if everything is going on as planned. This is your last chance to find other solutions. Another thing you should do in your last week is cleaning your home.

Once you have packed most of your belongings, it will be easier to approach dusty corners, so the cleaning process should go much faster and smoother. This is also a period when you can disassemble some large and bulky furniture pieces to pack them easier. During the cleaning and disassembling process, you might notice that some things are broken, so you should take this chance to make minor repairs.

Prepare a Box With Essentials For the First Day

The final week of your preparations is a period when you should pack a box with essentials. This box or a bag should contain all of the items you use daily, such as toothbrushes, other toiletries, clean towels, clothes, maybe some extra food for your pets. Chargers, phones, and laptops should be packed here as well. If you need anything else, feel free to include it as well. This is important because these belongings will be by your side as soon as you get to your new home, and we’re sure you’re going to use them right away.

Couple is packing
Prepare boxes with essentials for a first day

What to Do When the Big Day Comes?

Once when the big day finally comes, you should be ready to meet your movers and give them instructions on things you find essential. You should protect your floors from potential damages and make sure nothing can prevent your helpers from doing their job. Check for potentially dangerous road obstacles on staircases and outside of your home. If you’re relocating during winter, make sure there is no snow or ice in your front yard because this is potentially dangerous for professionals who are carrying heavy and delicate objects. If you’re pleased with their services, don’t forget to tip them according to your possibilities.

Inspect Your New Home Immediately

A list of things to do when moving into a new house should include doing a little tour and checking if everything is there. We’re talking about the inventory you moved from your old place and things you expected to find there as well. If some things aren’t working correctly, such as switches, water taps, or there is some damage in the house you weren’t aware of, make sure you notify the landlord right away. Check this video to see how to inspect your house.

Whole Process Can Be Much Easier if You Decide to Hire Professional Movers in Philadelphia

We already mentioned that hiring the right moving company in Philadelphia can be a lifesaver in challenging relocation situations. Our moving services in Philadelphia include residential relocation and also commercial relocation services, ideal both for your home and business company relocation. Contact us if you’re interested in our services, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and offer you timely assistance. We can also provide you a free quote, so you’ll know expenses you can include in your checklist.