How to Pack Pots and Pans When Moving Your Kitchen to a New Philly Neighborhood

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Boxing up a kitchen isn’t particularly difficult. However, the abundance of diverse cookware can turn the task tricky.  In order to box up your cookware with the least effort, you should dedicate a bit of time to learning how to pack pots and pans. And what better way to do so than with our short and sweet guide that’ll teach you all you need to know.

How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving?

Packing pots and pans comes with a few advantages in comparison to boxing up dishes of other types. Because of the materials cookware is made of, most saucepans are sturdy and hard to damage. However, some saucepans, such as Teflon ones, if scratched, could become poisonous. Whether saucepans you are dealing with could be considered fragile items to box up or not, it is important to secure them properly. Before we start, let us introduce you to the process at hand. You’ll want to make certain to go through the following steps and ensure each cookware item will reach your future Philadelphia neighborhood home safe and sound:

  • Decluttering cookware thoroughly,
  • Acquiring packing supplies and equipment,
  • Cleaning your cookware,
  • Wrapping them up and placing them inside containers with appropriate padding.
 A girl who knows how to pack like movers in Philadelphia, PA
If you follow these steps, your cookware will be boxed up in no time

The First Step Should Be to Declutter Your Kitchen Space

If you aim for an efficient move, you have to be on top of picking and choosing what to keep and what to throw away. Many have a tendency to hoard cookware until their cabinet becomes similar to that of a middle-sized family restaurant. However, if you declutter promptly, you’ll be able to make extra cash, save up on boxing up supplies as well as on the cost of hiring Philly movers.

What to Do With Items You Declutter?

If you aim to exchange your old saucepans for additional cash to reach your relocation expenses checklist, consider reselling these online or via a garage sale. This is a wise thing to do before a move, especially since new quality cookware isn’t cheap – meaning that you can earn quite a bit of money. Of course, first, make sure the objects you are selling are in good condition.

Another option is to gift or donate these things. In Philadelphia, there are places you can donate kitchenware and other household goods you might declutter before a move. We recommend checking out the Military Order of the Purple Heart, where you can donate various things to Philly’s veterans and their families. The Order has multiple drop-off locations and even an option to schedule a pick-up at your address. For tips on how to approach the declutter of your cabinets, check out the following video:

Obtain the Necessary Materials Required for Packing

Depending on the size of your leftover inventory, you’ll have to acquire a number of various boxing-up supplies and equipment. Keep in mind that if you hire professional Philadelphia movers, they will provide you with all of these supplies. To pack dishes and cookware on your own, you’ll need the following:

  • Boxes in multiple sizes – Buy multiple cardboard containers you’ll be able to place your stacked cookware in. These will keep them safe from breaking and damaging and make it easier for movers in Philadelphia, PA, to load and unload them from the truck.
  • Cushioning materials like bubble wrap and packing paper – Wrapping materials are not crucial just to box up glasses. As mentioned, cookware is fragile in its own ways, so obtain everything required to wrap it up properly.
  • Tape and markers for final touches – Tape, especially that which has ”fragile” written all over it, will secure your containers and inform whoever is carrying them to watch out for its content. If you can’t find this tape, take markers to mark it as fragile, and don’t forget to write to which room it belongs.

If You Wish to Save Money on Packing Pots and Pans for Moving, Look for Free Alternatives

If you are boxing up to move in a hurry, you might find that you’ve forgotten to do a few things for the move, one of them being to obtain supplies on time. Additionally, materials are known to be expensive, and truth be told, if there are free alternatives that will do the job just the same, why wouldn’t you use them? Here are some things we have in mind, but feel free to get creative with your substitutes:

  • Reuse boxes you already own.There’s no need to visit a packaging shop located in one of the South Philadelphia neighborhoods just to obtain expensive boxes. Reuse those you already have at your place, or visit a local bookstore and ask for free ones. 
  • Find cushioning alternatives in your closet. Yes, you can take socks, towels, and cotton cloths to wrap up and fill up your kitchenware. Newspaper pages can also work as a substitute for boxing up paper.
  • Check your home for things like scissors and duct tape.Don’t worry that you’re using slightly less sharp scissors or tape, which is not intended for this. They’ll do the job just the same.
A girl who knows how to pack like movers in Philadelphia, PA
Box up like a pro with these materials

Clean Up Your Cookware Before You Box It Up

While it may seem logical to leave the cleaning for the list of things to do after a move, try not to skip this step. Once you begin unpacking and settling down, there is a grand chance that you’ll still be under a lot of relocation stress. And your other obligations, professional or family ones, or even those towards your dog if you are relocating with a pet, aren’t going to wait. While your cookware might get a bit dusty in the transport, still clean it now, just in case you get too busy with moving large items around your new place and don’t have the time to clean them up properly.

A saucepan with a cut-out aubergine inside
Cooking in saucepans after a move will be much easier if you clean them now

How Do You Pack Pots and Pans to Move Efficiently?

Start by securing your stuff with the cushioning materials first to avoid any scratches. You should begin by wrapping every object in a few layers of paper before you continue further with the process. Just place a few sheets beneath the pan and try to put some around it, avoiding the handles.

How to Wrap the Lids?

Lids are next on the menu, as cookware at hand is unimaginable without these. Take your bubble wrap (or the kitchen cloth if you prefer) and place it around the lid. Next, turn them upside down and put them over the pot. Contrary to popular belief, it will help you keep the lids with their bottoms so that they don’t get mixed up later on.

Is It Ok to Stack Pots and Pans?

Yes, it is. Stacking your cookware is a perfect relocation hack that will help you save some space. You probably already have these things stacked in your kitchen cabinets, so you can follow the same order. If not, we have a few stacking recommendations for you.

First off, if you are dealing with cookware with one long handle, be sure to align the handles. This way, the box you’ll be using can be as narrow as possible without having to use up any extra space needlessly. Another rule is to always insert a sheet of paper or other cushioning material between two objects.

How Do You Pack Lids If You’re Stacking Cookware?

If you opt for stacking, you won’t be able to use the strategy we previously discussed regarding lids. While you’ll be able to turn the last one in the stack upside down, the rest will have to be packed up elsewhere. You can either put them in a separate box, stacking one on top of the other separated by paper, or you can place them inside of the container with the stacked cookware.

If you put them on the side, you’ll avoid mismatching tops and bottoms. To avert having incompatible parts in one place when placing the tops into a separate container, take stickers and match elements that go together. Unpacking will, without a doubt, be infinitely easier this way.

Don’t Be Stingy With Padding Boxes

When you place a container full of stuff into a truck of one of the moving companies in Philadelphia, there’s a chance it’ll shift around. Bumps on roads occur, and this isn’t something you can avoid. So whether you are boxing up plates, cookware, glasses, or any other dish, be certain the box that contains the items is well padded and cushioned.

Before you place your dishes in the package, fill up the bottom of the container with crumpled paper or cotton materials. Once you place your stacked items, be sure you put in either foam peanuts or socks on the sides so nothing can move around. Before you close up and tape the container, lift it and shake it a bit. If there’s no sound, you can finally call it a day and lock up the packet.

The Final Touch Is to Label Your Containers Properly

The cherry on top of all this hard work you’ve done is to label containers. This is how you’ll be sure that employees of any Philadelphia moving companies you choose to hire will know precisely how to handle your things and where to place them. Use markers in eye-catching colors to write on the three sides of the cardboard, so they can see the instructions however the package is picked up.

A labeled box ready for Philadelphia movers
Don’t forget to label your cookware containers

Remember to Leave Out Your Essentials ‘Till the Last Minute

Boxing up cookware differs from boxing up books in one crucial thing, and that is that you have to utilize it quite often, pretty much until the last day. One commonly forgotten thing to pack is an essentials box filled with stuff you’ll use as soon as you move. You probably won’t feel like unpacking your entire kitchen the moment you move in, and you might want to avoid eating take-out every day for a week or two. So, have a container ready with everything you’ll need to survive the first few days in your new home. This means plates, cutlery, a small saucepan for scrambled eggs, some glasses, and the like. Don’t forget a sponge and detergent as well.

Essentials for after dealing with moving and storage in Philadelphia
Leaving out just a few essentials for after the move will turn your life around

Invest in Moving Services in Philadelphia to Ensure a Simple and Easy Packing and Relocation Process

If you are keen on changing your address, there’s only one thing left for you to do, and that is to find proper moving and storage in Philadelphia. While the process we described is an easy one compared to that of boxing up a computer, a move, in general, is no walk in the park. To ensure your most significant problem this season is what drinks to get for your going-away party, hire our Philadelphia moving company!

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