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Get the Best End-to-End Moving Services with the Best Packers and Movers

If you need end-to-end moving services, that will include packing, transportation, and moving - you should take into consideration hiring the best packers and movers in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Movers is a company with years of experience providing packing and moving services. Thanks to our dedicated teams of movers and packers, we have created a pleasant atmosphere in which our clients can feel safe and comfortable during one of the most stressful life transitions!

What Can Movers and Packers Near You Provide You With?

There are many different types of moving services available. We’ve noticed that many people assume that by hiring moving companies they expect to receive both professional movers and packers, and they are quite surprised to learn the difference between those.

Unlike many other packing and moving companies nearby, Philadelphia Movers is making sure to explain our services thoroughly and make sure the clients fully understand what they are deciding to do. Most importantly, we stand out by the fact that we don’t charge anything additional in order to provide packing services as well!

We are experienced, fully licensed, and insured, so you can rest assured that the movers and packers providing the services are truly professional specialists in the moving industry.

The Quoting Process With Our Moving Company Philadelphia

When you decide to reach out to our packers and movers, our sales representatives will be there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They will make sure you are familiar with the ways we provide our packing and moving services. But no worries, you don’t need to memorize all the details - we will be sending them over in writing over email!

Quotes for our packing and moving service are characterized by two main things - they are nonobligatory and free! All we will ask you before estimating the number of movers and packers who will assist you are the details about the move itself.

Things such as the size of the move in square feet and the number of bedrooms, inventory lists for your office packers and movers, zip codes of the pickup and delivery locations, whether are there any stairs or elevators, or maybe any heavy items - are the things that are crucial for estimating the number of movers and packers needed.

Another great perk when hiring Philadelphia Movers is that our packing and moving specialists will also be able to provide you with the packing materials! You can choose whether you’d like to purchase the packing materials from us or elsewhere, of course. But if you are about to purchase them from us, rest assured that you will receive the premium-quality of packing supplies!

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Book Your Packing and Moving Services in Just a Few Steps!

If you have taken some time to consider the plan we’ve created together and you found our offer satisfactory, it is now time to officially place your move on the schedule of our local movers!

The deposit you will be required to leave in order to make a reservation for the packing and moving services will be applied towards the total price of your move. Of course, we understand that plans can change for various reasons, which is why our cancelation policy is quite flexible! We base our success on our client’s satisfaction, and this is the main goal of our teams of movers and packers!

We will also make sure to confirm all the details with you and send everything over so that you can review it and let us know if there is anything that was left unclear. Unlike so many moving and packing companies across the country, Philadelphia Movers makes sure everything is transparent and clear.

Let’s not forget that there is also an option for online booking for all of you who would like to enter the world of benefits of the Mod24 platform registration and membership! By using this moving platform, you will be able to get many bonuses and discounts not only for this upcoming move but for your future packing and moving projects, too!

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Is It Possible to Get Affordable Moving and Packing?

Yes! Claiming that prices for hiring packers and movers nearby are cheap would be inaccurate, but we definitely think that it’s realistic to find professional packers and movers at affordable prices. Bear in mind that you are hiring professionals for both packing and moving, which means that you will only open the door at the beginning of the day, and everything else will be handled by them - it does sound good, doesn’t it?

Nureek and Lado were excellent. They arrived on time and moved so quickly once they got to my apartment. They finished within the estimated time and wrapped up all of my furniture carefully. Very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend requesting them if you use Philadelphia Movers!

Richard Fadok

Packing and Moving By The Hour

The best part of hiring packing and moving services from Philadelphia Movers is that we don’t charge extra for packing services! There are no additional charges or extra fees of any kind! We may need more people involved in order to complete the job entirely, but you can rest assured that everything will be done within our all-inclusive hourly rates.

Prices for moving and packing that are all-inclusive cover:

Tools and equipment

(all the tools needed to perform the move will be brought, as well as the dollies for easier loading and unloading);

The service of disassembly and reassembly

(any furniture pieces that need to be taken apart in order to be safely moved will be, and of course, they will be assembled back at the delivery address);

The crew of the best packers and movers

(the correct number of movers and packers will be estimated based on the details mentioned in the quoting section);

Trucks according to their move size

(one or more trucks, based on your needs and ideas);

Basic coverage insurance

(any potential damages will be taken care of thanks to the Basic Coverage Insurance)


Bear in mind that, while you can purchase the packing materials from our company, they are not a part of our all-inclusive package. Our packers and movers will charge for each item used at the end of your move.

Treat Yourself To the Best Packing and Moving
Services Nearby

There is rarely something else that could make your moving day smooth and simple than hiring a team of experienced packers and movers. If you wish your moving project to be taken care of by a team of professionals, you are in the right place!

We would love an opportunity to show you why our previous clients have characterized us as the best movers and packers! Feel free to give us a call at (267) 238-0489, send us an email at info@philadelphiamovers.col, or fill out the moving quote form on our website, and make the first step towards the best moving experience yet!

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