Do you have to move locally in the near future because of a job opportunity or due to just a craving for a change of surroundings? If so, then be sure to work with our company! Philadelphia Movers has been in the local moving business for a while now which is why we definitely know our practice and how to get your goods safely to their new home in Philadelphia. Our team will also make sure that all of your goods get the care they require. We treat every relocation the same when working with our company and we come up with a unique moving plan for all of our clients. Customer support is available for you 7 days a week, so make sure to give us a call if you have any questions related to your local move. Depending on your home size, we might recommend performing packing one day, and moving the other day. 


Our company can provide you with a full moving service that includes all you need to give you the freedom to relax from packing your items, transporting them, and finally placing them where they should be once we get to your new destination in Philadelphia. 


Now, let’s talk about packing

The full moving service will give you the chance to have our team pack your items for you and also provide you with packing materials if needed. We charge our packing boxes just per item used. In case you would like us to use your supplies, that is completely fine with us. 


There are many types of items, and these types are treated differently. One shouldn’t pack an object made of glass in the same way as an object made of steel, on the other hand, a sharp object made of steel deserves a different treatment than a dull one made of the same material. If a knife isn’t secured properly, this may cause harm to both the packers and the clients, and it is the responsibility of our team to make sure that this doesn’t happen.


The actual moving

We will start your move by making sure that all your goods are packed accordingly so that we can start loading and transporting it. We will size the truck that is going to be moving your goods depending on how many it has to carry during the process. Our movers with a truck are not coming empty-handed, we will bring all necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble back your furniture. We will make sure your belongings are safely wrapped and padded with our moving blankets and plastic wrap. Even though we charge for our packing boxes, wardrobe boxes are free to use during the move, and all of your clothes will be transported that way. 


There are some limitations, of course, so here’s what you should know. We cannot risk moving an item that is likely to cause damage to its surroundings or an item that we are not trained to handle. We cannot move a grand piano or a safe heavier than 400 lbs. We also don’t offer services for dental and medical equipment. An object such as a dental engine deserves to be handled by a professional who won’t end up misaligning or damaging it in the process. So, we can take your TV off the wall, but cannot risk damaging the wall by removing its holder. In the end, it all depends on the situation; if we establish that an item can be safely moved out, we will do so, but if it cannot, we won’t take responsibility for it.


Go ahead and give Philadelphia Movers a call when you would like us to begin planning out your move. Also, reach out to us to have the date set up and if you have any questions or concerns about your move in general or on the services we offer. Our team is thrilled to be assisting you on the journey to your new home! Getting a quote is free, so why would you hesitate to reach out to us!