Reasons to move to West Chester

If you are looking for a neighborhood that can offer you everything, from arts and culture, to business and education, we have the right recommendation for you – West Chester. There are numerous reasons to move to West Chester, but we will emphasize some of them that we find the most important.

  • Small town charm
  • West Chester has nearly 20,000 residents who are calling it home. Even though West Chester has a small town charm, at the same time it is close to Philadelphia. Not only Philadelphia, but to Wilmington as well. Some of the main reasons why this neighborhood stands out is walkability. You can take a stroll to buy groceries, and on your way finish some other errands. This small town is rated as one of top 10 best cities to live in Pennsylvania. Packed with family-owned shops and restaurants, you will have plenty of opportunities to have fun with your friends and family, but still you will have your peace here.

  • Nestled in Chester County
  • This small town is nestled amid the rolling hills of Chester County, and thanks to that you will have access to all the vineyards and nature around. If you are looking for the best way to spend your free time, the best thing you can do is check out Chaddsford Winery, which is one of the most well-known wineries. All year around, there are amazing fountain shows, cultural performances, floral, etc.

  • Commuting
  • No matter what the reason why you have to commute, whether it is a job, or looking for fun, you will have easy access to everything around. If you are looking for a convenient location to every other neighborhood, this is the one you should choose.

  • Job opportunities
  • Downtown of West Chester is a hub of economic development in the area. There are large and small businesses that are offering different jobs. National corporations that decided to move their headquarters to West Chester are medical, engineering, and supply companies. There are many options for any career option that you are looking for.

  • Education
  • If you are moving to West Chester with kids, you will appreciate the fact that West Chester is safe, affordable, and has quality education to offer. With 10 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 3 high schools, you will have the opportunity to choose where you would like your kids to study.

  • Shopping & Dining
  • With many things to do, historic buildings, mom and pop shops, there are also many restaurants you should check out, entertainment venues, shops, and similar. West Chester has numerous retail shops and boutiques, featuring a wide range of goods and services at different price points to meet every shopper’s needs. No matter if you enjoy upscale boutiques or vintage thrift shops, you will be covered. Even art galleries are selling handmade gifts. After a good shopping, there is nothing better than to stop by in one of many eateries around the town. Restaurants are amazing, they are offering diverse food, and tasty dishes.

  • Nightlife
  • The entertainment that West Chester is offering is numerous. Besides shopping and restaurant scenes, there is a very good nightlife scene. Live entertainment can also be found nightly at Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center, a downtown theater that hosts everything from music concerts and comedy shows to kids’ plays.

  • Community
  • Nightlife aside, in keeping a small-town charm, a heavy emphasis is on a community. You will love the fact that neighbors are always willing to help.

    Restaurants to check in West Chester

    Speaking of food, we are here to present you with the list of our favorite restaurants in West Chester.

  • For those who love to prepare their own food
  • Pete’s Produce farm has to offer a wide range of fresh products – strawberries, pumpkins, herbs, vegetables, garden plants, and much more. If you come here, you will have fresh meat and cheese from local suppliers as well. While shopping, get a fresh and warm pie, cookies or donuts. The farm is working 7 days a week.

  • High Street Caffe
  • This is a place that was established by Donny Syracuse and Jay Wenner, a musician and a chef. If you are looking for exotic dishes, like wild boar, kangaroo, ostrich, and alligator. Besides amazing food, you can enjoy wine, beer and cocktails. The place won numerous awards, so you should save the spot.

  • Four Dogs Tavern
  • The tavern is located in an historic building that took its name from a painting by Godefroy Jadin. You will enjoy an unusual venue while eating delicious food.

  • Penn’s Table Restaurant
  • The Penn’s table restaurant has been in business since 1976. It has changed hands twice since then but the welcoming atmosphere and good American food remain the same.

  • Andiario, West Chester, PA
  • Chef Anthony Andiario returned to his home town with a wealth of experience in the restaurant business. For eight years, he worked on a farm where he came to appreciate freshly picked vegetables, whole-animal cooking and preserving food for a winter larder. He has brought this philosophy to his restaurant and blended it with local traditions. Anthony sources fresh produce from the market, local farmers and further afield. The menu changes according to what is available. His wife, Maria, who runs the front of the house, has brought a European influence to the restaurant.

    Moving to West Chester

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