How to Write a Moving Expenses Checklist and Stay Within Your Budget

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Even if you have moved several times, if you plan to change your place of residence again, you will need a moving expenses checklist more than anything. If you think you can keep the calculation in your head, you’re wrong. That way, you will make a lot of mistakes. You can never create a fully precise checklist since there will always be some unplanned spendings. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make it. Budget planning will help you keep things under control as much as possible.

A relocation expenses list can serve as a useful guide you should follow on this journey to keep track of all your spendings. There are so many aspects of relocation that require you to spend some of your savings, so although you’ll need enough savings to hire one of the moving companies in Philadelphia, there are so many other things that you should count in. But don’t worry, in the end, we’ll share some budgeting tips with you, so you can actually manage to save some cash during these hectic times.

Moving Expenses Checklist – Where to Start?

Many wonder is there a checklist for moving, well, if you write it there will be one. If you want to avoid the unnecessary relocation stress when relocating to some of the finest Philadelphia neighborhoods, the most important thing that will help you predict the budget is to decide whether you want to hire Philadelphia movers or work on your own. Your decision depends not only on the money you have but also on some other circumstances. The relocation price also depends on the season and the day, whether it is a weekend or a working day.

A couple organizing books
Decide whether to hire a relocation company or do everything by yourself

How Do You Calculate Moving Costs When Relocating Without Professional Help?

If you decide to relocate by yourself, keep in mind that it could end up being more expensive than hiring one of many Philadelphia moving companies. Although packing books and clothes is not too complicated, electronics and other fragile items can become an absolute hell. One thing is for sure – it will take much more energy and time than when you entrust that job to professionals.

What Are Some Major Expenses You Should Keep in Mind?

Although this can be a cheaper option, relocating by yourself is pretty stressful and can cost you a lot of money. It is so easy to spend more than planned, so ensure you have enough money for these essentials:

  • Packing materials,
  • Transportation,
  • Insurance,
  • Fuel.

Pro tip: sell or donate everything you don’t want anymore. Get rid of everything too bulky or unnecessary. Don’t pay for the packaging and transportation of things you don’t use.

Packing Supplies

If you want to pack and relocate a household by yourself, one of the first things on your relocation to-do list should be the supplies. These are the ones you can’t go without:

  • Boxes,
  • Paper or newspaper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Labels,
  • Permanent markers.

You can also get some of these supplies for free by asking for free boxes at your local store or online on websites such as Freecycle. If you plan to relocate things on your own, the expected price can be lower. If you are not sure how to pack dishes for relocating, better leave it to professionals, because if you end up with a pile of broken dishes, you’ll have to spend some extra money on new ones, the same goes for packing plates and other fragile items.

However, keep in mind that some things, such as moving the piano, are more challenging. When loading large items into the truck, more workers will usually be required. If you live alone and don’t have someone to help you, consider hiring professionals to bring things to your new home. It’s better to pay someone who will do it for you than to take a risk and get hurt.

A man and a woman lifting a bed
Taking out the furniture is challenging

What Are Some Typical Moving in Costs When Hiring Philly Movers

Before organizing a moving away party, decide which movers in Philadelphia PA you want to hire. It is best to ask for a few quotes, compare them, and then choose which offer suits you best. The more stuff you have, the higher the cost will be. Keep that in mind if you plan a residential relocation and investing in a professional packing service. Commercial relocations are more specific so that the costs can go up in no time.

Additional Services, Like Packing, Will Increase Your Budget

The price will be higher if you want an additional service, as some from the list below:

  • Relocation insurance,
  • In and out of storage relocation,
  • Disassembling and assembling furniture,
  • Packing services.

All extra services will significantly affect your wallet, so check if they are necessary. Before signing the contract with the relocation company, ask for all the details. You will avoid misunderstandings and additional unplanned fees. Some companies additionally charge:

  • Cancellation fee,
  • Bulky items fee,
  • Extra stops fee,
  • Hoisting,
  • Stairs,
  • Long carry distance.

Unexpected Costs

Some of them are typical, but unfortunately, there are also unexpected ones. We all know that relocation is a complex process, and things often go unplanned. If you are late with packing, you may have to pay for storage or buy some extra supplies last minute. Many things can complicate your life, so ensure you have some extra money just in case your new home needs some repairs, painting, or remodeling.

Professional movers putting things in a truck
Let your relocation go without stress

More Additional Costs You Should Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that you have to relocate not only things but also yourself and your family members. Add fuel or ticket prices to your list of payments if you travel by bus or train. Relocation with pets is pretty challenging, and keep in mind that animals are on the list of items movers won’t move. You should ensure you have a transporter or place your pet in a hotel for a few days until you’re done with relocating and unpacking.

Deposit, Insurance, Real Estate Agency Fees

If you want to rent a home, it will be necessary to leave a deposit for it. Its amount depends on the value of the property and the agreement with the owner. In any case, this is an amount that you should not forget when planning a budget. Maybe you’ll also have to pay a pet or utility deposit. When making a list of expenses, add insurance to it. It depends on the type and coverage, so the price varies.

The correct information will save your dollars in the calculated frame. Based on USA Today, about 14% of the United States population moves each year at least once. If you are among them, you bought or rented an apartment, remember that you have to pay a real estate agency fee. Whether you paid it in advance or it is just waiting for you after relocation, keep it in mind and add it to your list.

Relocation checklist
Deposit, insurance, and taxes will increase your costs

How Much Should I Budget for Moving Expenses?

Before you start planning your relocation, you need to save enough money. Ensure you have enough for a deposit, the first three rents, real estate agent fees, and other charges. Write down all the amounts you need for different things. It is best to keep a detailed overview of your monthly payments. This will allow you to predict the approximate amount in the following month.

It is better to have a dollar more in your wallet than to borrow later. In any case, savings are welcome. Moving expenses list is very important, and if it’s not enough, you could end up in debt. Take enough time to make it. In the video below, you can find some relocation hacks and tips on how to save money to relocate.

Cleaning and Remodeling Your New Home

Many forget to add home cleaning to the list of expenses. You should clean your new house before you start unpacking everything. If it’s a big house in the west Philadelphia neighborhood, you’ll pay a high amount for cleaning. Don’t get into a situation where workers put your things in dusty rooms. If you are relocating locally and have enough time, you can clean it yourself. This will save you money as well.

Even if your home in the south Philadelphia neighborhood is pretty new, maybe you’ll want to repaint a room or do a bit of remodeling. Painting doesn’t cost a lot, but maybe the roof, fence, or something similar needs to be repaired. Every planned and unplanned repair reduces your budget, and you need to be aware of that. Also, consider replacing the locks, installing a smoke detector and a security system.

Furniture and Appliances You Need to Buy

Many people use relocations as a great opportunity to replace some old furniture and appliances, and that requires some extra money too. If you decide to move everything after all, luckily, furniture isn’t among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. But even if you transfer your old furniture and electronics to a new home, there is a great chance that you will still have to buy something new.

Tips for Saving Money

If you’re not really the best with managing your finances you can easily get carried away and spend way too much, but there is a way to prevent that too. With the help of these tips, you can learn how to relocate efficiently and reduce relocation costs:

  • First of all, ask relatives or friends to help you pack, transport and unpack items.
  • Schedule a move for a working day when the relocation price is significantly lower.
  • Instead of bubble wrap, use towels, crumpled papers, or kitchen cloths to protect things.
  • Track all your spendings for a month to see how much exactly you are spending and if there are some unnecessary costs you could cut.
  • Find free boxes to carry your belongings. Instead of buying new ones, use some old ones.
  • Compare the offers of different relocation companies and choose the most affordable one. Read the experiences of those who have already hired that company on the forums.
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Start saving on time for your upcoming relocation

If You Are Still Unsure Whether to Hire a Relocation Company, Give Us a Call

Now that you know how to make moving out expenses checklist, decide whether you’ll do it yourself or with a relocation company that offers local moving services in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Movers is a reliable mover that will go the distance. With years of experience in the business and in your area, whether you need packing assistance or some additional services, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will advise you and make an offer that best suits your needs.