7 Ingenious Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Relocation Easier

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Generally speaking, there are two groups of people, those who constantly strive to do things by the book and those who always seek some shortcuts and tricks to do something two times faster. Our moving hacks are your shortcut to success when it comes to relocating, and don’t worry, the chances that something goes wrong if you follow them are pretty much non-existent.

Whether you need to move in a few days or you still have weeks ahead of you, we have some helpful moving tips and hacks that will make your life easier during these hectic times. Relocations don’t have to be stressful, especially local ones, so every hack we present you with today is going to be one small victory on your road to a successful and stress-free relocation. You’ll probably say, “how did I not figure this out already” at least a few times while reading our guide because these tricks are simple yet genius. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How Can I Make Moving Easier? Just Follow Our Tips, and You’ll Be Good to Go

Whether you’re relocating to south Philadelphia or some of the finest west Philadelphia neighborhoods, you’re probably wondering what the easiest way to pack and move efficiently is. The truth is, there is not an easy solution. You’ll have to curate your own way to a successfully completed relocation, and our tips and tricks are just what you need to achieve it.

Couple on move-in day, with a lot of unpacked boxes
Your relocation day doesn’t have to be stressful. Our tips will show you how easy it is to have a good start

#1 Turn Your Old Papers Into Cheap Packing Materials

One of the most popular relocation tips is the one where you use towels, cloths, linens, and other soft fabrics for cushioning, and we also swear by it. However, there are more effective ways to fill in the empty space in your boxes and ensure nothing moves during transportation. If you decide to organize your important documents and do a bit of decluttering before you move out, don’t rush with throwing out all those unnecessary papers and magazines. If you have a paper shredding machine, shred them all but instead of throwing or recycling it, use it for cushioning when packing glasses and other fragile items.

Here’s a Bonus Tip, so You Don’t End up With a House Full Of Shredded Paper

If the idea of using a bunch of shredded paper gives you a minor migraine because you can already tell that you’ll be vacuuming those for days if you’re relocating with pets, don’t worry, we have another tip. Just place as much of them as you can in a plastic grocery bag and tie a knot. Then use these stuffed bags for cushioning, brilliant, isn’t it?

A pile of shredded-paper
If you like shredding paper for recycling, here’s another way to reuse it

#2 Say Goodbye to Leaks Because This Is the Best Way to Pack Your Liquid Toiletries

We assume that opening a suitcase and finding out that a shower gel or shampoo is all over your favorite stuff is everyone’s worst-case scenario on the first day of vacation. The same goes with relocations, and since you’ll probably already be under a lot of relocation stress, this is the last thing you need once you open your essentials bag.

However, there is a convenient solution for this as well. All you need is a bit of that kitchen plastic wrap. Just take the cap off, insert one layer of plastic wrap, close the cap, and voila, it is perfectly sealed and leak-proof now. You can rely on this hack when traveling too.

Know How to Protect Your Cardboard Boxes From Leaks Too

Whether or not you’re planning to leave your stuff in storage for a while, you have to keep in mind that cardboard is not waterproof, so even a minor leakage could compromise its durability. In case you have a box full of toiletries, cleaning supplies, or any other liquids, besides following the above-mentioned tip, wrap every bottle individually or put it in a plastic bag and tie a knot.

Essentials bag packed for moving
Pay special attention to all the liquids you’ll be transporting to your new home

#3 How Can I Move Cheaply? Make DIY Vacuum Space Bags

Vacuum space bags can save a lot of space and help you move efficiently, especially if you have a lot of winter clothing like chunky sweaters, puffy jackets, and so on. But, if you want to get the real deal, those bags can cost you a lot of money, since one or two will hardly be enough. If your moving expenses checklist is tight and you can’t afford to invest in those, not everything is lost. Here’s what you can do.

All you need for this hack is a garbage bag, rubber band, and a good old vacuum cleaner. You probably already assume where this is going. Get your blankets, jackets, or whatever you want to shrink and put it in a garbage bag, then insert the hose and hold it with your hand so it doesn’t touch the plastic. Once the vacuum suctions all the air, remove the hose and tie the bag with the rubber band.

compression Vacuum bags for relocation
DIY vacuum bags can save you a lot of money, time, and space

#4 Use Your Suitcases Instead of Boxes for Books and Other Heavy Items

Don’t rush with folding clothes into suitcases. We have a better idea. Did you wonder how to pack books or some other heavier items? Overloading a cardboard box is the wrong approach in this case because it will be too heavy for lifting and carrying, plus the cardboard could tear under so much weight easily. That is why we suggest relying on your suitcases because they have wheels, and we all know that is much easier to drag than to carry.

Moving Tips for Packing Books in a Box

If you still want to pack them in a box because you don’t have that many books, you can still do it, but try to follow some basic rules for packing books. For example, paperback books should be stacked horizontally, while hardcover ones should be standing upright. If you thought that using a box with handle holes is a great idea, it is, but only if you don’t plan on leaving it in storage. Keep in mind that those holes could serve as the grand entry for all kinds of rodents and moisture, which will destroy your books.

books for relocation
Use a suitcase to move your home library

#5 Use Jar Lids When Relocating Heavy Furniture

Are you feeling at least a bit confused after reading this title, or did a small light bulb just sparked above your head? Whether you’re wondering how to move a piano, a sofa, table, or pretty much any other bulky item, there are several things you can do if the object can’t be disassembled. One of the hacks to make relocating easier is to use jar lids as some sort of sliders. Place one lid under each leg, and you’ll immediately notice how things slide easier. Plus, you’ll be protecting your floors and furniture from scratches.

Add a Bit of Window Cleaner to Keep Things Going

Once all the lids are in position, spray your path a little bit with a window cleaner, and you’ll see how smooth relocating large items can be. It will be easier to push, and everything will be done in no time.

How Can I Make Moving Easier? Call Your Philly Movers

One of the most complicated aspects of residential relocations is dealing with all the heavy furniture, and the same goes for commercial relocations. So if you don’t want to risk damaging your floors, or expensive furniture, contact your movers in Philadelphia, PA, for their professional services and packing assistance.

jars with spices on a shelve
Feel free to use jar lids as sliders

#6 Cut Your Box Handles

We all know that lifting a box can give you severe back pain. If you’re now wondering how do I make painless moving, here’s what you should do, because, let’s face it, friends coming to your going-away party won’t be so thrilled about the idea to come over the next morning and help you carry all those boxes. So here is something you can do to make this task a piece of cake: cut some holes into cardboard using a knife. Be careful and try not to hurt yourself, but also try not to cut holes too close to the edge because it could tear easily.

Go Online to Find Free Cardboard Boxes

If you need a lot of cardboard, you should try finding it for free online instead of spending your money on brand new ones. There are numerous websites such as Freecycle and even Craigslist that could help you, just be patient and start searching on time.

a room filled boxes packed for moving
Cutting some holes will help you carry boxes with ease

#7 Locate the Sticky End of the Tape in No Time

This is by far one of the most annoying and time-consuming things you have to deal with, not only when you’re relocating, but when wrapping a gift, for example, or anytime you have to use the tape. If you don’t have long nails or patience, this can become nerve-wracking in seconds. So, how do we solve this problem? Easily, and all you need is a toothpick. Once you’ve cut your piece of tape, place the toothpick horizontally onto the sticky side, approximately one inch before the end. If the tape is wider, place the toothpick so that the one end pops up on the side, so you can easily pull it and get the tape.

Take a Look at This Video for Another Simple Yet Brilliant Trick

We mentioned using a toothpick, but the truth is that for this hack, you can use a lot of different things, so take a look at this video to see another idea, and who knows, maybe you’ll come up with your own solution.

Bonus Moving Hacks You Should Know

We said there would be only seven, but here are a few extra packing hacks for moving for all of you who kept reading till the end. You guys are really determined to become a real competition to professional Philadelphia movers, and we admire that, so here’s more of our tricks:

  • Create detailed labels,
  • Label every side of the box,
  • Stuff your shoes with socks,
  • Ice cubes can remove furniture dents from your carpet,
  • Leave clothes in dresser drawers,
  • Tape an X across your mirror,
  • Pack dishes such as plates vertically,
  • Wrap your necklaces around a toilet paper roll.
Couple at new home after relocation
With the help of these tricks, you’ll learn how to move to a new home more efficiently

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