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If you feel like you need a change in your life and you have decided that this suburb is the right one for you, consider hiring our professional Kennett Square movers. Why bother going through everything on your own when you can sit back and relax while professionals do all the hard work instead of you? Learn more about their services in the following text and find out more information about this lovely place.

Things You Should Know Before Relocating Here

Relocations are never easy, but they can be much easier if you know that place you’re relocating to has something interesting to offer. Luckily, you should not be overwhelmed with relocating stress if you decide to come here. This place is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World, with numerous mushroom farms producing almost half of all the mushrooms in the country. So, it is a great place for starting a business if you’re interested in starting something only our own. Besides that, this is a very safe and pleasant community with good schooling options and amenities. It might be perfect for you and your family, so don’t hesitate for too long. Another great thing about Kennett Square are its affordable real estate prices, making it the perfect location for potential home buyers.

Home Prices are Considered Affordable

Plan on buying real estate and looking for some affordable options? This place offers that as well. Judging by the reviews, the real estate market offers a lot of great opportunities for homebuyers. The median home value is about $260,000, and the median rent is $1,100. You should include these prices in your relocation expenses checklist. On the other hand, the median household income in this area overcomes the national median income.

Reviews Show That This Area Is Safe and Great Place for Families

This friendly suburb offers a safe environment and many interesting activities suitable for young children. In case you’re relocating with kids, this place should be one of your top options. According to Niche, local schools serving this area are highly rated. Some of the most recommended public schools are Kennett High School and Bancroft Elementary School.

You Can Explore Interesting Amenities at Your Free Time

This lovely area is full of amenities that are definitely worth seeing. You can start with the famous Auburn Valley State Park and admire its calmness and amazing environment. Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery is also an amazing location worth visiting. If you enjoy afternoon walks, Anson B. Nixon Park is another option to keep in mind. If you’re moving with pets, take them out for a walk here. For history lovers, the Marshall Steam Museum & Friends of Auburn Heights can be the first stop.

Hiring a Professional Philadelphia Moving Company Might Be the Best Decision

There are a few things you should know about relocating with our company – we offer safe terms and always try our best to understand our clients’ needs and meet them. Unlike with some other moving companies in Philadelphia, if you choose to move with us, you’ll move safely and efficiently, without any risk of becoming a victim of a moving scam. Our team of professionals can help you pack glasses and other household belongings, show you some useful packing and moving hacks, and overall upgrade your relocation experience. Our online reviews show we have a long list of satisfied clients, so go through them and see what sets us apart from other Philadelphia moving companies.

Local Relocation Services Offered by Our Kennett Square Movers

We can offer you various local relocation services suitable for every occasion and type of relocation. Whether you’re relocating your entire home, office or need someone to transport your goods to storage, we can do all that and much more. Here’s a summary of all the things our Philly movers can do:

Our Movers in Kennett Square, PA, Also Offer Labor-Only Moving Services

If you need help with handling heavy and bulky furniture, for example, with relocating a piano, this service might be a suitable option. Labor-only moving service is ideal if you need our team of professional Philadelphia movers and their experience in carrying and handling all sorts of goods.

Contact Us and Request a Free Quote

If you’re worried about expenses and want to calculate everything in advance, one of the smartest things you can do is to request a free quote. Just pick up your phone and call us to get your quote and calculate all the expenses right away. Another thing you should check is what items movers won’t move and ensure you dispose of them adequately. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, and we’ll try our best to help you in a timely manner. There is no need to hesitate – your local moving adventure can be a smooth one if you choose to move with us.


What Our Clients Say

Philadelphia Movers did a great job getting me from a two bedroom house into a three bedroom house. The truck arrived on time, the movers explained to me about how long everything would take ahead of time and they also were careful with my property. Completed the job in about 4 hours which was more than reasonable given the amount of stuff we had. Philadelphia movers is fast, reasonably priced, and respectful of the furniture they move. The customer service staff are great on the phones too.

chael R.on 01/03/2018 from Lafayette Hill, PA to Lafayette Hill, PA. Source: Site

Philadelphia Movers were great!! We got delayed moving from Boston and so our movers, another company, weren't able to accomodate the time (not their fault). We contacted Philly movers at the last minute. The person on the phone was super helpful, booked us for just 2 hours later and quickly setup the deposit.

Nihit J.on 07/05/2017 from Cambridge, MA to Cambridge, MA. Source: Site

I moved out in Mid-June with Philadelphia Movers. The guys should up on time and ready to work. We had more stuff then they expected but that was no problem. Our stuff was loaded with into the truck tetris style from floor to ceiling and from back to front. They wrapped our furniture in plastic and handled everything with care. Would definitely recommend

Asaf H.on 14/07/2018 from Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA. Source: Site

These guys are unbelievable! We couldn't have done this without them, no question. John, Edward, and Komil are first class guys and did an awesome job. We had way too much stuff that we were lugging all the way across town and they were able to do it in just four hours. I'm forever grateful for all of their hard work. I recommend these guys bar none!! Thank you!!

Alex W.on 27/04/2018 from Manhattan, NY to Manhattan, NY. Source: Site

John and Shar were at my house at 4:15 when given a 4-5 pickup. They were efficient, careful, and quick with moving me out of my apartment on the 3rd floor of a row home. They took care of my belongings like they were their own and were very kind and professional! I called 24 hours before my move and the company was able to accommodate my short notice and come late in the day because of my work schedule. I will definitely use these movers in the future and let my friends know. Yelp also had a coupon and they were fairly priced.

Justine S.on 31/01/2018 from Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA. Source: Site