What is Bethlehem known for?

Bethlehem is known as a center of heavy industry and trade during the industrial revolution. It was also home to one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world. It was standing as one of the most powerful symbols of American industrial manufacturing leadership. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation was founded and based in Bethlehem and it was once the second-largest steel producer in the United States. This town was a pioneer to many productions, such as the first wide-flange structural shapes made in the United States. It manufactured construction for numerous skyscrapers that are a symbol of New York nowadays, as well as for major bridges.

Bethlehem today

Bethlehem is a great little city located in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania, with above 76,000 residents. Even though it is a big city, it can still offer a dense suburban feel to its residents. The community has a personal vibe and it is a very close-knit neighborhood. Even though it is a rather small town, there is a lot to offer when it comes to amenities and activities, such as different events, music festivals, parks, outdoor options, and restaurants. Bethlehem is a host of the largest free music festival in the county – Musikfest, which takes place every August. Celtic fest Old town charm is something that brings a lot of people coming to Bethlehem. New York is just two hours driving away and the city of Philadelphia is also close by. Food options are diverse and restaurants are just amazing.

Act like a tourist in Bethlehem

If you are wondering what else you can do in Bethlehem, we prepared a list of things that will make you feel like a tourist in your town. Fun is guaranteed!

  • Colonial Industrial Quarter
  • Who says that traveling back in time is not possible? Visit and explore the Colonial Industrial Quarter to learn more about production when Historic Bethlehem’s early settlers arrived, back in the 1700s. Today, see the original grist miller’s house and ruins of the butchery, pottery building, oil mill, and more.

  • Wind Creek Bethlehem (formerly Sands® Bethlehem)
  • If you are looking for fun and a bit of adrenalin, check out this place with exciting casino action, numerous dining options, such as Emeril’s Chop House and Buddy V’s Ristorante. That is not everything, you can enjoy shopping and live music since there are several nightlife venues.

  • Godfrey Daniels
  • This is one of the legendary venues that is operating since 1976. This iconic venue has live music, an intimate listening room with a go-to place for folk, bluegrass, acoustic blues, and old-time music. The best parts are the special storytelling sessions.

  • National Museum Of Industrial History
  • Marvel at more than 200 industrial artifacts at the National Museum of Industrial History, a Smithsonian affiliate. Housed in a century-old Bethlehem Steel electrical repair shop, the carefully curated exhibits offer a glimpse into America’s rich manufacturing heritage.

  • Hoover Mason Trestle
  • Hoover Mason Trestle is an elevated pedestrian walkway that offers breathtaking views. As the walkway winds through the furnaces and along the former narrow-gauge railway, you will see this historic industrial area from a whole new perspective.

    Cost of living in Bethlehem

    This historical area became a very popular place to move lately. Despite that, the median home value is still below the national average. If you decide to buy a home here, you will have to spend an average of $171,000, which is more affordable comparing to the national average of $184,700. Since the rent is just around the average of $949 and the average rent in Bethlehem is just above $1000, no wonder there is an equal number of residents who are renting and owning their homes. It is important for you to know that median household income is around the average, with just above $55,000.

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