How to Pack to Move in a Hurry and Survive Last-Minute Moving

Packing Tips Prepare for the Move

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Considering how stressful regular relocation can be, many can’t handle the pressure of preparing everything at the last minute. Thankfully, learning how to pack to move in a hurry will save you from all the disarray, allowing you to secure everything properly despite being on a tight schedule. If you are not sure what needs to be done, this guide will help you handle all the essentials.

If you feel like the entire thing is too much for you and you keep wondering how do you pack to move in a hurry, don’t hesitate to get some assistance. While calling up a few friends will undoubtedly help, hiring our professional movers is still the best option. As one of the top Philadelphia moving companies working today, we will make sure that all your belongings are neatly packed and ready for the move.

How Soon Before Moving Should I Start Packing?

Most relocation experts would agree that you should begin your relocation preparations about two months ahead of the move-in date. That being said, you only need to start packing about two to three weeks before the actual move. Postponing everything for the last week will cause you to speed things up, which means you might not have the time to secure everything properly. However, many can’t plan this far ahead, so how do you pack a last-minute move? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this guide, so keep on reading.

A man regrets not booking some moving services in Philadelphia
Delay the preparations will leave you with barely enough time to do everything

Secure the Basics Before Moving on to Anything Else

If you’re going to do everything at the last minute, start preparing the logistics right away. Whether you plan to hire Philly movers or DIY, securing transportation should be your top priority. Renting a truck or booking one of the moving companies in Philadelphia right away will give you enough time to finish other tasks on your to-do list, particularly if you have a large inventory.

It’s Best to Get Some Friends to Assist You

Considering the massive list of things you’ll have to do, don’t be afraid to ask some friends for help. Besides making the preparations easier, inviting a few people to assist will make the whole thing somewhat fun and maybe even enjoyable. They can assist you with everything from securing your computer and smaller belongings like pots and pans to cleaning the entire home. Just don’t force them to move large items or anything too heavy to lift. To thank them properly for everything they did, remember to throw a kickass going-away party once all the preparations have been finished.

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Inviting friends and family to assist you and dividing the workload will make the entire experience less stressful

Get Rid Of Everything You Haven’t Used in a While

Decluttering is one of the more important things to do before relocating, particularly if you own a lot of stuff. Getting rid of anything you don’t need will shorten the preparation process significantly, which is why you should go through your entire inventory before wrapping even a single item. If you’re having trouble deciding whether to keep something or give it away, think about how often you actually use the thing. Do not hesitate to dispose of anything you haven’t used in the last year.

Decide What to Do With the Things You Aren’t Using

If you can’t move everything to the new home, sorting will help you decide what to do with each item. To deal with all the unwanted belongings fairly quickly, place them in one of the following categories:

  • Sell – Anything still in good condition can often be sold online or through a yard sale. This is an excellent way to earn some money on the side, allowing you to save enough resources for professional moving and storage in Philadelphia.
  • Give away – If there’s some stuff your friends or family members could use, throw a going-away party and give it to them as a present.
  • Donate – Many of your unwanted belongings can find a new home when donated. Charities accept all sorts of donations, meaning you can donate everything from canned goods to furniture. Food is one of the most common items movers won’t move, so feel free to donate it if you have any left.
  • Throw away – This should be your last option, mostly reserved for objects that are damaged beyond repair, making them unusable.
declutter map on the napkin, near pen and a cup of coffee
Decluttering reduces the number of things that need to be packed, making it one of the best relocation tips out there

Get as Many Supplies as Possible Right Away

If you’re going out for supplies, it’s important to get all the necessary materials right away. Considering you’ll be rushing to finish all the tasks, going back to the store to resupply will significantly undercut your progress. You likely won’t have the time to do it either, so add everything you require to the relocation expenses checklist as soon as it comes to mind. Booking our movers in Philadelphia, PA, will save you from having to buy anything, as our packing services come with all supplies included.

Add the Following Things to Your Supply Checklist

Most of your belongings will require some protection. Although packing furniture is very different from securing fragile items, you’ll most likely have to get all of the following supplies and materials:

  • Boxes of all sizes,
  • Packing paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap and covers,
  • Blankets,
  • Tape,
  • Labeling kit.

Save Money on Supplies by Using the Stuff You Have Around the House as an Alternative

If you’re left with a ton of belongings even after decluttering, your relocation budget might not be enough to cover all the supplies necessary to secure them properly. Thankfully, there are tons of relocation hacks that explain how you can use everyday household items as alternatives. Packing plates with towels is already quite common, as it not only uses the item as a wrapping tool but also reduces the number of boxes needed to secure them.

Other dishes can also be protected in a similar fashion. For example, socks are particularly good for padding, making them an excellent alternative for paper when packing glasses. You can also save some money on boxes by storing belongings in suitcases, which are great for securing books, or by leaving everything in the drawers.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Get Some Supplies for Free

While everyday household belongings might replace some supplies, you’ll still require a decent amount of proper materials. Thankfully, you won’t have to buy everything, as there are many ways to get some relatively new supplies for free. The simplest option is to ask your friends, family, and coworkers if they have any leftovers they can lend you. If that doesn’t bear fruit, many stores are obliged to separate their packaging materials, meaning that you always find new boxes, paper, and sometimes even bubble wrap. There are also plenty of websites that offer all sorts of free supplies, like Craigslist and Freecycle.

A man thinking about hiring one of many Philadelphia moving companies
Make sure to get enough supplies right away, or you might have to revisit the store later

How to Pack to Move in a Hurry? Don’t Overthink When Doing It

As your main goal is to quickly wrap and secure each item, packing to move in a hurry will force you to skip most of the organization. As long as everything is packed correctly, it doesn’t matter if you have to pack shoes in the same box with some candles. Instead of dwelling on details like keeping similar objects together, try to fill out each box before setting up the next one. The same principle goes for the entire home, meaning you should always finish a room before starting the next one. If you’ve invited some friends, it’s best to split up the work by assigning each person a room they have to box up.

Considering you won’t have the time to keep a detailed inventory list of everything, try to label each box with general contents and the room it was packed in. Taking a few pictures of each container and the rooms themselves will also help, allowing you to rearrange everything as it was. Although this might leave you with plenty of things to do after relocating, at least you’ll know everything is secured and ready for transport.

These Tips Will Show You How to Pack for a Move Quickly

Now that we went over some general principles, you’re finally ready to learn some concrete tips on how to pack quickly for a move:

  • Clothes should be packed in large plastic bags directly, without taking them off of the hangers,
  • Towels, blankets, and any item made of soft fabrics should be used for padding or wrapping,
  • Drawers and dressers should be secured along with the objects stored inside them,
  • Books and anything heavier can be packed in a suitcase, making them easier to transport,
  • Taking pictures of electronics before unplugging anything will allow you to set them up much more quickly,
  • Using twist ties, rubber bands, or binder clips will keep the cables from tangling.

If you are interested in learning other similar tips, please check out the video below.

Remember to Prepare a Separate Bag With Essentials for the Moving Day

Anybody who wants to move efficiently needs to prepare a separate bag with essentials. It should include everything you might use in the first day or two, saving you from having to unpack every single box right away. Many necessities are some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, often getting lost in all the commotion. To avoid leaving them behind, make a list containing the following objects:

  • Personal toiletries,
  • Bedding, pillows, and blankets,
  • ID and other crucial documents,
  • A change of clothes,
  • Food and water,
  • A phone charger,
  • Some entertainment options.
A woman going through the contract she signed with professional movers in Philadelphia, PA
Make sure that all your essentials are packed before boxing up anything else

If You Need Help, Don’t Hesitate to Contact Philadelphia Movers

Even with the help of friends, doing everything at the last minute will expose you to a ton of relocation stress. If you are unable to handle the pressure, do not hesitate to hire our Philadelphia moving company to assist you. We provide all sorts of professional moving services in Philadelphia, allowing each and every customer to get exactly what they need. Besides the packing service, we also offer commercial moves and standard residential relocations, enabling you to move to a new location no matter which Philadelphia neighborhood you’re currently in. To learn more about these and many other services, contact us and request a free quote as soon as possible.