How to Prepare for the Move-Out Cleaning When Moving to a New Home in Philly

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It’s no secret that move-out cleaning is not something most people enjoy. After all, once you’ve packed an entire house and moved all your boxes to a truck, the last thing on your mind is to clean a place you no longer even live in. Although it might be a dreaded task, it is an important one. This is why we’ve created a perfect guide to help you get through cleaning in no time.

Why Is House or Apartment Move-Out Cleaning a Crucial Task You Shouldn’t Avoid?

Once a person is done dealing with packing, moving, and storage in Philadelphia, the main thing on their mind is to throw the best going-away party Philly has ever seen. And it makes sense – a move is a lot of work that is most often infused with an abundance of relocation stress. However, after all, that you’ve done, you owe yourself some closure – and procrastination today might mean you’ll be feeling anxious after you move.

How so, you might ask? Well, the answer is simple. Basically, you aren’t going to be dealing with move-out house cleaning out of boredom or even the goodness of your heart. First and foremost, you’ll be doing it to enhance your relocation expenses checklist. If you want to get the deposit from the previous place you lived in before you move to a different West Philadelphia neighborhood, you’ll have to leave home in pristine condition. So, while we know it might be time and effort-consuming, you shouldn’t avoid a deep cleanse.

A woman who needs the help of movers in Philadelphia, PA, and of a cleaning company as well
Although you might not enjoy scrubbing and vacuuming, there’s a good reason people deal with this task

The Materials You’ll Need to Wipe, Dust Off and Mop Up

Before you get started, visit your best local supplies shops to get a few necessities. Some things like a mop and vacuum you probably already have, and stuff like cotton cloths you can make for free out of old shirts and pajamas. Here is an all-encompassing checklist of supplies you should have with you once you start the deep cleanse of your soon-to-be former home:

  • A vacuum and a feather duster,
  • A mop and bucket
  • Multi-surface concentrate,
  • Disinfectant,
  • Some cotton cloths and sponges,
  • Gloves and a surgical mask,
  • Oven cleaner,
  • Glass stain remover,
  • Furniture polish.
A woman holding a box of cleaning supplies
Before you get to work, you’ll require a few supplies

How to Best Clean Your Home?

Doing a deep clean means you are thoroughly cleaning your home, which means a whole lot more than just dusting off a few visible surfaces. After you’ve packed the furniture and managed to move your large items, you’ll be left with empty spaces that (to be honest) a mop probably hasn’t touched in ages. Well, we recommend you look at a few motivational videos, toss your hair in a bun, put some energizing music on and get to work. And here is how we recommend you approach it best.

Always Approach Cleaning Your Home From Top to Bottom

Take it from experienced Philly movers: the best strategy for house cleaning after moving is to begin cleansing the space top to bottom. This is actually the ultimate relocation hack for a deep clean. The thing is if you start your cleanse from the floor and all the way up, all the dust you approach on your way up will fall down. However, if you start with the top, there won’t be any leftover residue once you’re done.

So start with the highest surfaces like curtain rods, shelves, and wardrobe tops. After you’ve vacuumed the spider webs and dusted off everything, you can work your way down to the cabinets and the kitchen island. Last but not least – you’re left with floors and corners. Before you know it, you’ll be done with the vacuuming and dusting parts of your to-do list and can continue to do other tasks.

An apartment ready to be cleaned before one of the moving companies in Philadelphia gets there
The top-to-bottom strategy is one of the best tips you’ll find on this checklist

For Excellent House Move-Out Cleaning, You Should Deal With One Room at a Time

We have another recommendation for you: just like you approached the packing by boxing up one room at a time, the same way you’ll want to approach your thorough cleanse. Once you’ve taken everything out of your home, you should start from your living room and bedroom and then continue to the kitchen and bathroom spaces. There’s a greater chance you’ll need to use the latter rooms in the final minutes of your big move, which is why leaving them for last makes more sense. Before you move, we want to direct your attention to some things that are commonly forgotten when relocating and doing the final cleanse.

Ensure the Walls in Your Home Are in a Pristine Condition

Walls are usually not a thing you would think to wipe down. However, their bad shape is one of the most common reasons people lose their deposits. If you are an art buff, then chances are you decorated your walls with posters and paintings in the past. Know that leaving tape residue and holes from nails in walls might create problems with your landlord. So, consider filling holes up with filler and repainting the rooms be a thing you do before you move. Although it may seem scary, know that the skills you obtain now might come in handy in the future.

How to Deal With Living Room Furniture

If you are a smoker, or you allowed smoking in your place, the furniture might’ve appropriated unpleasant odors. You’ll want to take a dry-wash product to get rid of any smells and stains on your couch, and if they are truly stubborn, consider using a steam liner. Don’t forget to vacuum the sofas and armchairs as well. In case there is wooden furniture or furniture with wooden parts in the apartment, wipe it down thoroughly and check for damage. If you notice any scratching, know that furniture polish can get the stuff looking brand new.

The Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen

Once you’ve figured out how to pack dishes and ensured all the china plates are packed up properly, you can get to cleansing the empty kitchen space. Following the top-to-bottom logic, you should start by cleaning high surfaces like fridge and cabinet tops with some soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Afterward, you should continue wiping down the insides of these appliances. If you plan on hiring a Philadelphia moving company to move efficiently, make sure you check out which items movers won’t move and figure out what to do with leftover food, which is commonly located on such lists.

Wiping Down the Bathroom Before You Move Out

The bathroom is where you’ll want to take out your disinfectant. Since the toilet hosts most of your germs, you’ll want to spray each and every surface, including the sink, shower, and washing machine top. After you leave the disinfectant to work its magic for a few minutes, you can continue vacuuming the bathroom tails. The final touches will be to change up the toilet brush and toilet seat.

Mirrors and Glass Surfaces Have to Be Sparkling

Trust us when we say that you won’t be dealing with glass items only while figuring out how to pack glasses. Whether your home was one with lots of light or not, there’s a high chance it houses a few glass windows. Before you change your address, ensure the view from them is crisp, and the windows, as well as other glass surfaces and objects sparkling as if they were new. With a cloth and a glass cleaner, you will get the job done in no time. Just be certain, if your apartment is on a higher building floor, you take on all the safety precautions when working with windows!

A person polishing a window
Don’t be lazy – ensure each corner gets the attention it deserves, and you’ll get your deposit back!

Watch Out for Allergies and Irritations if You Are House Cleaning After Moving Out

Working with so many different chemical cleaners and concentrates, not to mention the dusty and moldy surfaces, might cause various irritations and allergy-like reactions. If you are a person prone to such side effects, take safety precautions seriously. Experts recommend using a surgical mask and gloves so that any contact with chemicals is reduced to a minimum.

Additionally, if you can, try to find someone who will assist you. In case there is no one in the household who can take up all this hard work, consider hiring professional cleaners to do a deep cleanse of your apartment. For more tips on how to deal with allergens if you have asthma and/or allergies, check out the video below:

What’s Included in a Move-Out Cleaning Service?

If you’re considering hiring professional cleaners to do the heavy lifting for you, we won’t judge you. Before you get your wallet out to pay for one of the top 10 house cleansing services in Philly, you should probably know what you are paying for. Although each customer has their own idea of cleanliness, as well as tasks they find important, here is a checklist of the most common obligations you could avoid doing if you pay professionals:

  • Gathering necessary supplies and equipment,
  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors,
  • Wiping down and dusting off each remaining surface,
  • Disinfecting of the bathroom spaces as well as of kitchen appliances in and out,
  • Getting your windows and glass surfaces cleaned.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Whole House Cleaned by Professionals?

Every place in every Philadelphia neighborhood is a story for itself, which is why it can be hard to figure out the exact price you’d have to pay for this type of service. However, statistics can tell you what the range of costs companies might charge you for their services. It seems that the minimal cost you can count on amounts to about $119, while the maximum one will be around $400. An average cost most homeowners paid for a professional service sits somewhere between the two and amounts to about $259.

A professional cleaner vacuuming
Scout a few professionals and compare their prices before you pick one

For a Stress-Free Move, Make Sure to Hire Moving Services in Philadelphia

Did you know that relocation is considered to be among the three most stressful experiences a person will go through during their lifetime? And it’s no wonder since a local move entails a lot of different types of work. In order to relieve your stress and direct focus on things like hosting a successful garage sale, we recommend you consider hiring professional packers and movers in Philadelphia, PA. 

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