Perkasie History

We should start with the name of Perkasie, which was derived from the Lenape Unami phrase that stands for “One who goes to the place to crack nuts”. The Dutch and Swedish that were on this land before British settlements, couldn’t pronounce the word with an r and it stuck. That is how the name was established.

When it comes to newer history, a very big fire happened on June 8, 1890, and this fire destroyed twelve buildings. People united in order to stop it and helped firefighters. Less than a month later, a committee appointed by Perkasie Borough Council met to form the Hope Fire Company. One month later the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad presented the Fire Company with a tire for a steam locomotive driver wheel for use as a fire alarm. This was installed in a cupola of the Groover building.

When it comes to the industry, between 1920 and 1950, a factory in Perkasie produced millions of hand-stitched major league baseballs.

After the fire, many historic buildings were burned down and that became known as The Great Perkasie Fire. But, we didn’t explain how the massive fire started. Two 12-year-old boys were playing with a lighter near the coal bins behind the Shelley & Sons lumberyard at Seventh and Market Streets. The fire was fought by about 300 firefighters who came from over 50 fire companies in three counties. Among the historic buildings lost were the American House and the Moyer-Kantner Funeral Home, both dating from 1870; the Herstine Building; and the J.G. Moyer building. The latter was photographed for the cover of the July 7, 1945 edition of The Saturday Evening Post, an artistic rendition of a Fourth of July parade by John Falter. Despite the size of the fire, no fatalities were reported.

Historic sites that are here today are the South Perkasie Covered Bridge that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Pearl S. Buck House at Green Hills Farm.

Living in Perkasie

Perkasie is a suburb of Philadelphia that attracted over 8,500 residents to move here so far. Living here is amazing, for those who can afford it because the cost of living is higher than the average in the US. Many young professionals move to Perkasie seeking a career opportunity.

Perkasie is something special when it comes to the relationship between people. Once you move to Perkasie, you will see it yourself, your neighbors will be ready to help whenever or with whatever you need. There are numerous community events as well.

Perkasie is a safe community that has a very low crime rate, so it is perfect for families with kids to settle down. Schools are highly rated as well, and teachers are doing their best to offer the best education.

Moving to Perkasie

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