Media PA – is it a good place for living?

Media is rated as one of the best places to live in Delaware County. If you are looking for a small, yet vivid town, this might be the right choice for you. With just above 5,000 residents, Media can offer you a peaceful life ideal for those who want to settle down. Now, let’s move on with some interesting facts that might be important when making a big decision.

  • Weather
  • The Media PA can offer you one of the most pleasant weather in Pennsylvania. Even though you can expect plenty of rain, with about 43 inches per year, but there won’t be a lot of snow. Almost two-thirds of the year is sunny – always sunny in Philadelphia. The ideal balance of hot days and wet days is great for those who love diversity.

  • Education
  • When planning a family or when moving with a family, the schools are a big theme for thinking. In Media, you won’t have to worry about that, because schools are rated above the average. Some of them are Indian Lane El School, Rose Tree El School, and Glenwood El School. All elementary schools are far above the average when it comes to testing scores and preparedness because teachers invest a lot in providing the best education. Even if you are pursuing higher education, there are a dozen colleges and universities within 25 miles. Some of them are the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, the prestigious Swarthmore College, Delaware County Community College, and Neumann University, among many others.

  • Cost of living
  • When it comes to numbers, you need to be aware of how much is going to cost if you want to live in Media. The median household income is $71,300. Living in Media is about 25-30% more expensive than the national average. The average home price is $409,000. When it comes to groceries and transportation is around 15% more expensive than the rest of the US. If you are considering renting your home here, you will have to spend around $1,325. Since we are talking about numbers, you should know that the median age in the town is 40.

    Bonus fact: If you are wondering what is Media’s most famous resident, the answer is the comedian and actress Wanda Sykes. If you see her around, don’t be surprised.

    What is the best neighborhood in Media?

    Depending on what you are looking for, there are many neighborhoods in Media that you can choose from. Some of them will offer a vibrant lifestyle, the others are quiet and mature for those who want to settle down. You can be close to shopping, and action, while there are neighborhoods where you will have more space.

  • Rose Tree is one of the most affordable neighborhoods Media can offer. There are numerous families that have chosen Rose Tree to settle down. You will find fairly affordable apartments. This neighborhood has many parks to offer where you can enjoy sports, concerts, and more.
  • Moylan is located in South Media, and it is one of the most prestigious and expensive neighborhoods. Homes are older and built in the 1940s to the 1960s.
  • Garden City is a blue-collar neighborhood that can offer ranch houses dating to the 1940s. A large community is designed around Helford Park and you will have where to enjoy with your kids.
  • Media has to offer many more neighborhoods, these are just some of them. You can choose based on your budget, needs, and preferences.

    Interesting things to do in Media

    Regardless if you are moving with your kids, friends, and family, Media can offer the excitement and charm of a small town. You will find no shortage of fun attractions in the Media to keep you busy all year-round.

    If shopping is one of your favorite activities, you won’t have to leave the Media to find it. There are many places where you can enjoy it – Rite Aid, CVS, Wawa, Media Farmers Market, Fine Wine & Good Spirits, and the Media Shopping Center.

    The usual choice for a date night in Media is Spasso Italian Grill where you can enjoy many amazing dishes. You shouldn’t miss Pinocchio’s restaurants, which is one of the oldest restaurants, and definitely one of the best. Also, you can choose from a wide selection of craft beer. During the summer you have to experience the famous Dining Under the Stars event during the summer.

    When it comes to outdoor options, there are many parks as beautiful oasis close to the urban city center of Philadelphia. From playgrounds to fishing, hiking, and farms – you can find it here.

    Museums are one of the top educational attractions in Media and they can tell you stories of veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

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