Is Drexel Hill a good place for living?

Drexel Hill is one of the best-rated suburbs in Philadelphia to live in. With a population of over 28,000 people, you can find this neighborhood to be pretty diverse. On the other hand, Drexel Hill is a safe, quiet, and peaceful neighborhood ideal for those who want to settle down, especially with kids. Schools in the area are highly rated and they will offer a high-quality education to your kids. The community is close-tight and you will have a chance to meet all of your neighbors pretty fast and easy. Since the community is small, you will have everything needed on the palm of your hand, because the neighborhood is walkable. And believe us, there is much to do here! From different restaurants, cafes to outdoor places, parks, etc.

The best part about it is that it is very affordable to get a home in this cozy neighborhood. The median home value of $182,100 makes it more affordable than the average USA home.

Things to do in Drexel Hill

Even though Drexel Hill is a small community, there is much to offer. Check out what we picked for you!

  • Museum
  • You will have to spend only 20 minutes driving to visit one of the kid-friendly museums, such as the Please Touch Museum or the Academy of Natural Science. The Please Touch Museum is especially interesting for kids because it offers interactive exhibits designed to encourage children to play and learn. It allows kids to role-play and improve their reading skills. The Academy of Natural Science on the other hand features a diverse collection of exhibits, from dinosaurs to butterflies. There are also educational programs but in a bit different way.

  • Parks
  • There are many outdoor options, such as Cobbs Creek Park that features a recreaation center, seasonal ice skating, hiking trails, and much more. Ridley Creek State Park is a huge park that offers hiking and biking trails and fishing. You can also try out horseback riding here. Not to mention picnic areas and playgrounds for kids.

  • Zoo
  • Philadelphia Zoo is a 20-minute drive from Drexel Hill, in the heart of the city’s Fairmount Park, two miles from downtown. There are more than 1,300 different animals that you can see here. Not only animals, but there are numerous rides that your kids will love. The zoo also has an indoor butterfly garden. If you want to host a party, you can rent the space here.

  • Arts
  • You can always spend a night watching a show at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center. There are various performances, such as plays, symphonies, and much more.

    Historic sights

    The Lower Swedish Cabin on Creek Road alongside Darby Creek is possibly the oldest log house in North America. The cabin is believed to have been built by early Swedish settlers who were part of the New Sweden colony. The cabin was most likely built between 1638 and 1655, but the exact year is not known. Log cabin architecture was a major contribution of the colonial Swedes. European settlers from other countries copied this style of housing, and the log cabin became popular all across America.

    Collen Brook Farm is a historic home and associated buildings located at the end of a lane off Mansion Road at Marvine Avenue in Drexel Hill. The original house and barn were built about 1710 by Abraham Lewis. It was most recently acquired by Upper Darby Township in 1989.

    Thornfield, the boyhood home of Thomas Garrett

    Thornfield, the estate of famed abolitionist and Quaker Thomas Garrett, lies on Garrett Road (named for his family, who were among the earliest settlers of that part of the township) and Maple Avenue in Drexel Hill. Garrett resided here before 1822 and would later work as a station master in Wilmington, Delaware, the last stop on the Underground Railroad. In 1956, the Thornfield estate was purchased by Caroline and Walter Isard, active Quakers who moved to the area when Walter founded the Regional Science department at the University of Pennsylvania. Caroline went on to found the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia together with other concerned citizens in the area. As of 2014, the estate is owned by Randal T. Rioux. It is currently undergoing restoration, along with renovations necessary to preserve its history and allow for modern capabilities.

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