5 Tips That Will Help You Throw the Most Epic Moving Away Party in Philly

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Planning a moving away party is one of a few fun parts of the relocation process before leaving your old home, and if you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, you can rely on some of our ideas for going-away parties. We’ll try to remind you of all the necessary steps you should take to ensure you have a memorable celebration with all of your friends and family and have an amazing time.

How Do You Throw a Moving Away Party?

Wonder how do you throw yourself a going-away party? If you never organized parties at your place before, your relocation might be a perfect opportunity to gather all of your beloved friends and family members. There is no better way to say goodbye to your old place and spend some memorable moments with your closest ones.

To become a successful event planner, you need to think through all of the preparational and organizational steps that are usually required. That means you need to think about food, drinks, decorations, and everything else you find important for this event. It would help if you started by writing a to-do list with all tasks and making a relocation expenses checklist to help you stay within your budget limits.

Reasons to Make This Gathering Are Countless

These parties are a good opportunity to say goodbye to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and everybody else who was an important part of your life during the period you lived in a particular neighborhood. If you meet many amazing people and you’re relocating in a hurry, you’ll hardly have enough time to see each one of them to say goodbye, which is one of the reasons to throw a gathering.

What Do You Do at Farewell Parties?

If you are creative, these parties can be filled with many fun activities, games, challenges, and small ceremonies that you and your beloved guests will remember. So, without further ado, let’s jump to some fun ideas that will turn you into Great Gatsby – the greatest party maker of all time.

Unicorn shaped pinata
Feel free to go crazy with decorations if you like theme parties

#1 Start By Making a Guest List – This Is Going to Make Other Parts of Preparation Much Easier

If you wonder how to throw a moving away party successfully, you should start by making a guest list of all the people you want to invite. If you live in a small apartment and have a large group of people you want to invite, that could be a problem. Is it possible that all the people from your guest list can sit comfortably in your living room?

Another thing to consider is their taste. If you know the type of music your guests listen to, what they like to eat and drink, every other part of planning will go much easier. Also, ensure you prepare your moving away party invitations and send them to all of the guests at least a week in advance to ensure they don’t plan something else for that day.

A guest list and a laptop
Write a guest list and start sending out invitations in advance

#2 Choose a Location Based on Your Budget, Preferences and the Number of Guests

If, for example, you’re located in some of the west Philadelphia neighborhoods, and your home is already a mess, you can choose a different gathering spot. Also, if your guest list is long and the apartment too small, there is no need to invite everyone to your home – the best thing you can do is to rent a space suitable for these kinds of events. 

If you’re still keeping the get-together at your apartment, you need to pick which rooms are suitable for your event. Those of you living in a house can even plan an outside gathering and organize a backyard BBQ if the weather allows. At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget and personal preferences.

People sitting around the table in the backyard
Your backyard might be a perfect fiesta location if the weather conditions allow it

#3 Get All the Necessary Supplies and Decorations

One of the best relocation hacks that will definitely save you from relocation stress and help you save the time and energy you need for your relocation-related goals is to rely on plastic utensils, plates, and cups. Some of the things you should get include:

  • Plastic cups,
  • Plastic or paper plates,
  • Plastic knives and forks,
  • Paper napkins,
  • Balloons,
  • Photo props,
  • Banners and memory jars.

Once your fiesta is over, you can throw everything in the trash and save yourself the trouble – not to mention the fact that you maybe had a lot of trouble with packing dishes and don’t want to unpack them for this event. If you have trouble with packing plates or don’t know how to pack books, you can always hire professional Philadelphia movers and enjoy their amazing packing assistance.

If You Choose a Theme for Your Going-Away Party, Ensure Your Decorations Matches It

One of the cool ways to spice up your gathering is to set up some theme – you can go with regulars such as black and white parties, the ’90s, or something more eccentric if you know your guests will be up for it. If so, you should definitely consider getting some decoration that will follow the theme style to ensure a great atmosphere. One of the good stores for these things and decorations is Dino’s party center, located in South Philadelphia.

You can also let your creativity flow with the best party ideas for someone moving away, ask some friends to help and make DIY decorations as well. Another cool idea is to set up a photo booth type of corner or other space in your home that will be additionally decorated, so you and your guests can take some memorable photos.

You Can Prepare a Small Goodbye Gift for Every Friend – Perhaps Things You Don’t Need or Don’t Know How to Relocate

One of the things you should do is to give some gifts to your friends – preferably some items they can have as a memory of you and the amazing times you had together. These can be some small but memorable gifts such as books, photos, stuffed animals, DIY gifts, or anything else you can think of.

You can buy some new things or use something you already have at your home as a gift – this can be some of the items movers won’t move, or you don’t want to take with you for different reasons such as plants. If your favorite palm grew too big over the years, so you can’t bring it with you, you should ensure it gets a new home at your neighbors’ place.

Decorated living room and gifts for a farewell event
Moving away party decorations and gifts will heat up the atmosphere

#4 Consider Interesting Food and Drink Ideas for Your Farewell Event

Going to get some food and drinks for your event is something you mustn’t forget. Depending on the type of gathering, you can pick up some fancy wines from local wineries or settle for craft beer and sausages from local breweries – it is up to you. If your event has a theme, ensure that the food follows. You can also find some amazing desserts around local Philadelphia neighborhoods or simply order a pizza – whatever makes you and your guests happy.

There are many catering options for finger food in Philly, so if you don’t have the time to bake and DIY because your kitchen is already packed, we suggest you order something. You don’t have to be a cocktail master to learn how to prepare great homemade martinis, just do a bit of research or ask one of your friends to help you with that.

Table with beverages
Don’t forget to order some delicious food and get your favorite drinks

#5 Goodbye Party Games Will Ensure Everyone Is Having Fun

Long gone were the days when we used to play the good old board games, but this is a perfect opportunity to renew your high school skills and have some funny moments with your friends. After giving a toast and hopefully skipping tears and sad parts of the farewell event – it’s time for the most interesting part of the night. Some of our suggestions are these exciting games:

  • Roast and Toast – A game in which people are sitting in a circle and sharing their best and funniest memories with the host and end the story with a toast.
  • Blindfolded Guessing – This is another cool option where you can sit in the middle of the room blindfolded and try to guess which one of your guests is touching and holding your hand, obviously without speaking. The pressure and uncertainty of the situation will lead to funny situations and laughter, so prepare yourself to burst into tears once again.
  • Beer Pong – This one is the classic, but always an exciting game. It’s always better to play this game outside to prevent spilling beer on your carpets – in case you didn’t pack them already. Rules are already well-familiar – split into teams and let the games begin.
  • Truth or Dare – This is another interesting and classic game that can lead to funny situations and memory-sharing moments you will cherish.
  • Never Have I Ever – You can use some of the online generators with questions for this one and see how much you really know your closest people. Add some alcohol to this, and entertainment is guaranteed for everyone.

If you and your crew already play most of these regularly, then this video might help you get more ideas and try some new things.

While You Plan Your Moving Away Party, Leave All the Hard Work to Professional Movers in Philadelphia

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