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If you are about to move and are looking for storage and moving services in Philadelphia, you should find your local Collegeville movers as soon as possible. Many Philadelphia moving companies work in the area, but you want to choose the most reliable ones. It could really make or break your entire relocation experience. So, let us introduce our Philadelphia moving company and tell you why you should choose us. We will start by giving you some information about the place.

Living in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

This is a borough in Montgomery County nestled on Perkiomen Creek and is a suburb of Philadelphia. It’s one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, and some of its neighborhoods are better than the best Philadelphia neighborhoods. Around 5,1000 people are lucky enough to call it home. Let’s see how you’ll like it.

Cost of Living in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Before we get to what it’s like to live here, we’ll tell you about the housing prices so you have them in mind when composing your relocation expenses checklist. The overall cost of living index is 118.8 per BestPlaces. That’s higher than the state average of 92.5, and the housing prices account for the biggest difference. The median home price is around $355,100. Renting is more affordable, and if you go down this path, you will face a month’s rent of $1,100 for a 1-bedroom apartment. Most people own their homes, but whichever approach you take – you will be living in one of the safest places in Pennsylvania.

Soak up the Small-Town Charm

This is a nice and cozy town that has that friendliness and slow-paced lifestyle of a small town. If you are looking to stay clear from the hustle and bustle but still be near the big city – this is the place for you. The community is welcoming, friendly, and the safety here is exceptional. If you have kids, you will be delighted to hear that the schools are highly rated with teachers who go the extra mile. If you are relocating with pets, this place is a good option as there are many pet-friendly places and families with pets here. All in all – if you are searching for that friendly, small-town vibe, you will find it here.

Things to Do Around Here

This is a pretty vibrant place, so you won’t get bored. There are stores, shops, restaurants, and shopping malls, of which the King of Prussia is the most popular. Those are the centers of activity in town and places people go to mingle. There are also plenty of fitness centers if you are looking to stay in shape. There are also many beautiful parks if you feel like enjoying a bit of peace and tranquility and relieving all the relocation stress. There are also great hiking trails like Perkiomen Trail. And Philadelphia is a 45-minute drive away if you feel like enjoying the big-city lifestyle every now and then.

Why Should You Choose Our Philadelphia Moving Company?

Before you can find the perfect place for your going-away party, you should make a to-do list and choose the right local team to take on your move. We are reliable Philadelphia movers that have been in this line of work for years. We treat each customer with respect and go up and above for each move and customer. If you are looking to move efficiently and not lose your mind in the process – turn to us for help.

Our Local Collegeville Movers, Philadelphia, Are the Best

If you want a professional team working on your relocation – you will choose our crew. Our crew knows the area well, has all the relocation hacks, and will give their all to make sure you receive a high-quality service. They can move your piano or help disassemble your furniture before they load it. They can even advise you what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are, so you don’t end up forgetting them. They will be at your disposal every step of the way.

Moving Services Our Collegeville, PA, Movers Provide

We are here to support all customer needs. That is our goal, and to achieve it, we’ve developed a set of services so each individual can choose according to their needs. Here are the moving services we provide.

Turn to Reviews for the Best Movers in Collegeville

If you are relocating for the first time – you would use advice from your friends and family. If none of them have moved, turn to reviews on reviewing sites. You will learn lots of things through these reviews. Most importantly, reviews from our previous customers will tell you why you should choose our movers in Philadelphia for your move.

Get in Touch to Get a Free Quote

Contact us if you want us to give you a free quote. Everyone interested in our services and prices gets a free quote – an estimate of cost for their particular move. You can get your free quote easily by phoning in or contacting us through our website. Think it over and get back to us when you are ready to be moved by true professionals. We will be ready for you.


What Our Clients Say

Philadelphia Movers did a great job getting me from a two bedroom house into a three bedroom house. The truck arrived on time, the movers explained to me about how long everything would take ahead of time and they also were careful with my property. Completed the job in about 4 hours which was more than reasonable given the amount of stuff we had. Philadelphia movers is fast, reasonably priced, and respectful of the furniture they move. The customer service staff are great on the phones too.

chael R.on 01/03/2018 from Lafayette Hill, PA to Lafayette Hill, PA. Source: Site

Philadelphia Movers were great!! We got delayed moving from Boston and so our movers, another company, weren't able to accomodate the time (not their fault). We contacted Philly movers at the last minute. The person on the phone was super helpful, booked us for just 2 hours later and quickly setup the deposit.

Nihit J.on 07/05/2017 from Cambridge, MA to Cambridge, MA. Source: Site

I moved out in Mid-June with Philadelphia Movers. The guys should up on time and ready to work. We had more stuff then they expected but that was no problem. Our stuff was loaded with into the truck tetris style from floor to ceiling and from back to front. They wrapped our furniture in plastic and handled everything with care. Would definitely recommend

Asaf H.on 14/07/2018 from Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA. Source: Site

These guys are unbelievable! We couldn't have done this without them, no question. John, Edward, and Komil are first class guys and did an awesome job. We had way too much stuff that we were lugging all the way across town and they were able to do it in just four hours. I'm forever grateful for all of their hard work. I recommend these guys bar none!! Thank you!!

Alex W.on 27/04/2018 from Manhattan, NY to Manhattan, NY. Source: Site

John and Shar were at my house at 4:15 when given a 4-5 pickup. They were efficient, careful, and quick with moving me out of my apartment on the 3rd floor of a row home. They took care of my belongings like they were their own and were very kind and professional! I called 24 hours before my move and the company was able to accommodate my short notice and come late in the day because of my work schedule. I will definitely use these movers in the future and let my friends know. Yelp also had a coupon and they were fairly priced.

Justine S.on 31/01/2018 from Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA. Source: Site