How to Tip Movers in Philly When You’re Happy With Their Work

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If you are in the middle of planning your Philly move, you are probably considering everything relating to moving and storage in Philadelphia. Where to find the right Philadelphia moving company? How to avoid scams? And last but not least: how to tip movers? Let us help you answer this question so you can be sure your Philly movers will know you are satisfied with the service they provided.

Learning How to Tip Movers Can Be a Sensitive Topic

Anyone who ever hired moving services in Philadelphia had to stop and wonder about tipping the relocation specialists at least once. The topic can be an uneasy one, to say the least, as conversations regarding money are generally not too comfortable in our society. However, because such important conversations are not common, it can be hard to know which amount a person should provide to the workers they employed. One thing’s certain – if you had professional assistance that got you to move efficiently to your new home and can afford to show gratitude to those who provided it, place sweetening the deal at the top of your relocation to-do list.

Is Tipping Movers in Philadelphia, PA Mandatory?

Let’s get one thing out of the way – tipping a professional team is never mandatory. However, it is common and appreciated, as is providing tips to any service worker. It’s pretty easy – if you are happy with the provided service, you should reward those that provided it. After all, a move is one of the most stressful experiences in life, so if somebody helped you avoid relocation stress, don’t let showing your appreciation be a thing you forget to do when you move.

On the other hand, we know that whether you have to pack to move in a hurry or not, a move is expensive as is. A relocation expenses checklist eats up most of your savings, so when it comes to additional costs, no one is thrilled to spend on them. Be that as it may, if you decide to provide a financial reward to the team that moved you, there is such a thing as giving too little as well. Don’t worry, we’ll disclose all the relocation hacks when it comes to tipping your moving team so you don’t end up either under- or overpaying them.

Alt-text: One of the Philly movers showing a thumbs up
Whether a move takes a day or an hour, a reward for a good worker is always welcome

How to Know if You Should Tip the Service Providers?

If you are happy with the way a crew helped you pack dishes, took your items to storage, loaded boxes on their truck, and moved large items to your new home in the West Philadelphia neighborhood, you should give them a few extra bucks. As you probably know – packing fragile items and relocating large objects isn’t a simple job – which is why you hired professionals in the first place. Although it is their job to do the work, meticulous packing and being extra careful on their part so that everything is perfectly moved is some extra work that requires a bonus.

When you are evaluating and compensating the crew’s work that helped you change your address, take the working conditions into consideration as well. If you are relocating to another Philadelphia neighborhood in the winter or fall seasons, when rain and snow make the move even tougher, take into account that the workers had to work extra hard to make the move possible. And the same goes for the scorching hot summer days. If you can afford it and recognize that a person worked hard in tough circumstances – it’s only fair to reward them.

Sometimes, It’s Completely Understandable if You Choose Not to Reward the Moving Crew

On the other hand, there are situations when it’s completely valid that you don’t give out tips. If you are dissatisfied with the way the workers did the job, you don’t have to reward them with extra cash. Unfortunately, many customers (13,000 annually according to Better Business Bureau) end up posting negative reviews and complaints because they are dissatisfied with the service they got. Whether they ran into a relocation scam or just had an unprofessional experience in general, these situations do happen. Here is a list of possible scenarios in which you might want to skip on tipping the workers:

  • Your possessions were damaged, broken, or destroyed in the process,
  • Not all your items made it to your South Philadelphia neighborhood home or storage unit i.e. things went missing, were lost, or stolen,
  • The move didn’t go according to plan and the process took more time than initially agreed upon because of the punctuality of the workers,
  • Packers and movers showed up without any prior notice,
  • A mover was disrespectful, rude, or violent while working.
A man disappointed by the way movers in Philadelphia moved him
If you don’t like the assistance you got, you are not obligated to give extra cash to the workers

How Much Do You Tip Local Movers? The Best and Most Common Ways to Approach the Bonus

Now that you know when you should and shouldn’t reward workers, let’s answer the million-dollar question: how much do you tip a packing crew? How to know what amount is an appropriate one? Well, there is no one definitive answer. There is a range of bonuses, as well as different approaches to the preferred methods of paying them out.

An Apartment Guide survey shows that, while most customers – 71% of those questioned – chose to reward their movers, the amounts given differed. The majority of respondents – 39% exactly, decided to give tips amounting to 10% of the relocation cost, while 22% made that amount twice as bigger – giving them 20% of the entire cost. Around 23% decided on a flat rate per person, and 17% gave an hourly rate per mover.

Providing Flat Tips

The main pro of this approach is that you won’t have to do much calculating. It will also allow you to more easily keep track of your expenses. Depending on how long the move takes and how much you enjoy the service, we recommend the following flat amounts:

  • $20 per mover for a local move that doesn’t last more than half a day and isn’t too complicated
  • $40-$60 per mover for a full-day local move with more complex matters

A flat rate can also be an hourly one. Our recommendation for an hourly rate is $4 to $5 per mover per hour. In case you are exceptionally happy with the provided service, you can increase the price to $6-$8 per mover for every hour they worked.

Tips Calculated as a Percentage of the Entire Relocation Cost

Percentage tips can work for a local move, as the fees are not sky-high. As previously mentioned, people often provide a 10-20% tip, the same way you would in a restaurant. However, lowering the range from 5-10% of the complete cost can also work if you are not high on cash.

Check Out the Company’s Policy

Many companies will have a recommendation of the amount and the way you should provide it stated on the website. So if you are still hesitant about the whole process, check out the website of the company you plan on hiring. In case they didn’t state clearly the information you wish to gather, you can always call their customer support. They can provide you with information about the policy and preferred protocol if there is one.

A man giving money to a mover for moving services in Philadelphia
You can calculate the rate you’ll provide yourself or ask the companies how they usually go about it

What to Tip Movers: Are There Other Ways to Show Appreciation Besides Cash?

If the company doesn’t have a preferred protocol, the best way to reward the moving team is to give them cash. While other methods of payment might also work, this is surely the easiest one. In case you don’t feel comfortable handing out bills in envelopes, you can send the money to a bank account.

As previously mentioned, companies often have preferred methods of payment. Some of them will have a tip line dedicated solely to this. In case you, for whatever reason, need or want to have proof of how you spent your money, you can send it this way or give out a check. Likewise, if you need a tax deduction, this will be the best way to approach tipping. Before you do, however, take a close look at the bill you get from the company. Some (although a small number) of them include the reward in the final bill.

Whom Should You Give the Money To?

And then, there is always the question of whom exactly you should give the money to. While there isn’t one definitive rule, the best way to go about it is to give each worker the same amount on site. You can place the bills in an envelope to make the encounter less awkward. Remember that while you might find this whole thing weird and uncomfortable, the workers will be glad about the reward they get.

If you feel way too uncomfortable to go up to every person and give them their share, consider the option to give just one of them the money for everyone. While this is the least painful method for you, you won’t have any control over what happens to the money. Although we don’t want to be negative, there is a possibility that the one worker won’t split the cash equally.

If You’re Low on Cash, Show Your Appreciation in a Different Way

In case you are relocating for the first time and are barely making ends meet, you may not have enough money to provide the workers with some extra cash. If this is the case, try to show your appreciation by ensuring they have everything they need while working. The survey previously mentioned shows that 88% of customers provide the workers with some type of refreshment, ranging from a beverage to an entire meal.

A move is physically exhausting manual labor that can take hours, not to mention a lot of energy. Packing furniture and relocating it is no easy task. While there’s no reason you shouldn’t provide the crew with refreshments, in case you aren’t able to reward them with cash, you should try to be extra attentive in different ways. If you are unsure of what they might want, just ask them. Tell the crew which options of refreshments you have and can provide them with, such as a sandwich, some tea, water, or coffee, and let them decide.

A jar of coins for tips
While cash is the most common method of reward, there are other ways to show your appreciation

Timing Is Important: Do You Tip Movers When They Load or Unload?

Typically, giving workers cash isn’t a thing you do before you move. You might be asking yourself whether it is a good idea to give them a reward of sorts midway through the job, somewhere between packing your pots and pans and placing them in your new kitchen. While this type of motivation might be kind-hearted, we recommend leaving a thing like a reward to be something you do after a move.

There is a good reason why this is the case. As previously mentioned, if you hire one of the wrong moving companies in Philadelphia, you might realize too late that you are not satisfied with the service you received. If you wait until the move is completed you’ll actually know if an additional fee was deserved or not. Once you’re sure the workers did everything as previously agreed upon and that the entirety of the load reached your apartment you can go about providing tips for everyone.

Moved boxes and items
It would be best to provide a reward once you know your things have been safely moved

You’ll Need One of the Best Philadelphia Moving Companies to Make the Move Easier

Although rewarding workers for their labor is an awkward encounter, don’t skip hiring a moving company because of it. You’ll want someone to help you pack your computer or move all those heavy items so that you can enjoy your going away party in peace. And you won’t even spend time searching for a relocation company, because we are here to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Our employees will do the job so well you won’t question for a second whether they deserve a reward – and we have a bunch of reviews to prove it. From our residential moving to the best commercial moving services in town, you can be certain that whatever type of assistance you need, we’ll provide. If you only require assistance in the form of manpower, we offer great labor-only services. And if you wish to take your things to storage, make sure to check out our in-and-out of storage relocation. To obtain your free quote, contact us today. Our friendly customer support is waiting for your call!