The Ultimate List of Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack for Moving

Packing Tips Prepare for the Move

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Relocations might cause a lot of stress. No matter how hard we try to pull everything out carefully, something can still get out of our control. If you think about the most commonly forgotten things to pack on time, you might prevent some potentially problematic situations. Think about your relocation as a challenge – the more you invest, the more you are going to get out of it. In this convenient article, you’ll find out interesting information about memorizing techniques, belongings you might skip in your packing process, and easy ways to prepare them for the move.

If you have many responsibilities and you aren’t capable of going through this process alone, hiring professional Philadelphia movers might be the best option for you. Trained and knowledgeable professionals can offer you excellent services and help you achieve your goals on time.

What Not to Forget When Packing? Start by Organizing Your Move

One of the most important steps you should take at the very beginning of your relocation process is making a good and substantial to-do list. You can also make a separate relocation expenses checklist where you can include all of your potential costs and payments, especially once you start gathering supplies and equipment. Things not to forget when packing should also be included in your checklist. That’s one of the best ways to include them in your move. If you’re still unsure what those belongings are, you’ll find more information later in this article.

What Should You Not Pack? Deal With Unused Items and Declutter

Once you decide which one of the amazing Philadelphia neighborhoods is ideal for you and you find your dream home, you should start thinking about your new space. For example, consider which furniture pieces will fit your new space, which pieces are too bulky, or which ones are damaged or broken. You should also go through your storage inventory and decide if you can sell or donate some belongings you don’t need. If something is in bad condition, this is the ideal time to throw it away.

What to Pack When You’re Going on a Trip? Thinking About This Will Make Your Relocation Easier

Thinking about things you have to bring with you when you are going on a trip might be an easy way to remember some important belongings. These objects are something you should definitely take with you, no matter if you are relocating or going on a trip.

In case you are relocating, you can put all of the below-mentioned belongings in your essentials bag and keep this bag close to you during your move. If you are relocating with pets, insert some of their belongings and extra food in this bag as well. For example, people usually don’t remember to bring:

  • Glasses or contact lenses,
  • Keys,
  • Documents,
  • Medicines,
  • Laundry bag,
  • First aid kit,
  • Umbrella,
  • Lip balm,
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Power cords.
Person writing a list
Make a list of essential belongings

Start With Packing Storage Inventory and Hand Pick Items That Aren’t Worth Relocating

What did I forget to pack, you might wonder once your relocation day starts approaching. To avoid unnecessary mistakes, start by packing your storage inventory. There is usually stuff you don’t need daily, so it won’t be harmful in any way to prepare them for the move as soon as the process begins. If you have some tools and objects, you think you might need later in the process, keep them out of this, but remember to bring them with you once the process is over. Some of the basic tools can be in your essentials bag, in case you have to use them as soon as you get to your new home.

Woman with boxes and a checklist
Storage inventory should be first on your checklist

Don’t Forget About Your Valuable Belongings, Toiletries, and Other Things You Don’t Use So Frequently

Valuable belongings are something people usually keep hidden in their closets or safe, so you don’t come across these objects often. Unfortunately, that’s the main reason people sometimes don’t remember to bring them when they’re relocating. Ensure you include them in your list and organize them before the move. If some of these belongings are delicate and you don’t know how to pack fragile objects, gather proper materials to protect them or hire professional Philadelphia movers for packing assistance.

Jewelry and Valuables Are Often Kept in Hidden Places

Expensive and emotionally valuable jewelry is often kept in a private place in our home. This can be a jewelry box under a bed or some other place you find convenient. Remember to bring your jewelry with you once you leave your home and ensure it stays in a safe place during the relocation process.

Documents Can Be Inside Drawers We Rarely Open

Important documents are something that we should always keep in a safe place. You should also consider reorganizing your documentation before the relocation process begins. If you keep your passports in one place, bank data at another, and medical records in the third drawer, consider putting all of these records in the same box and keep it close to yourself.

Check your mail and old recipes, and get rid of documents that are out of date. Other stuff you should have close to you are passports, insurance documents, rental applications and other records, home ownership papers, and a contract with your relocation company.

It’s Not Unusual That People Leave Their Toiletries and Shower Curtains Behind

Think about your bathroom, precisely the way it looked once you moved in. If your shower curtain wasn’t there and you added it later, there is no reason to leave it there. You can easily take it off and bring it with you if it’s still in good condition. Also, remember to take your toiletries. These objects are something we usually keep in our bathroom until the very end of our stay, so it’s not unusual that people skip them before leaving.

If you have plenty of unused toiletries and unopened bottles, there is no reason to leave them behind. If some containers are opened, be careful when you pack them and ensure that they stay closed. Once you secure their lids, put them in a plastic bag before putting them inside the box. This could minimize the risk of something getting damaged if some of the bottles spill out. Some of these items should be in your essentials bag. 

Toothbrush in a glass
Toothbrushes and toothpaste are often overlooked

House Plants Are Often Forgotten

Having many plants at your home is amazing. You get the chance to take care of them and admire their growth and flourishing. In order to have a piece of your old paradise once you get to your new home, you should also bring your plants with you.

People sometimes look at them as something connected to their home, so they don’t even think about taking them away. This is possible if you rely on some good packing techniques to protect your plants during transportation. If for some reason you can’t bring them with you, consider giving them to your friends or family.

Plants in pots
Bring your houseplants with you if possible

Take Your Lightning and Technical Equipment

Some objects you should also include in your packing list are lighting equipment such as lamps and other technical devices and cords such as chargers and other plugins. Just do a little tour of your home and check every plugin. If there are some devices you think you’ll need until the very last day, add them to your list, and don’t forget to take them when the relocation day finally comes.

You should gather the proper equipment and quality supplies that will secure them from getting damaged. For example, you should use a lot of cushioning and protective materials such as bubble wrap. Once you wrap a fragile item with a wrap, secure it with tape and put it inside a secured box. Ensure that you label this box with visible labels that say “fragile.” This video shows how to protect your lamp for a move.

Don’t Forget to Take Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and microwave ovens are often unconsciously considered as a part of your kitchen, so naturally, you don’t even think about taking them with you. Just stop for a minute and think about this again. Microwave is something that you’ll definitely need to heat your food, especially during the first couple of days at your new home. And you wouldn’t want to wake up on a busy unpacking day without a cup of coffee waiting for you – so a coffee maker is something you shouldn’t skip packing. Obviously, you’ll also need to pack plates and pack glasses using the appropriate methods and supplies.

Take your kitchen appliances with you

How Do You Not Forget Things When Packing?

One interesting psychological research showed that walking through a doorway triggers the brain to forget. Now think about leaving your home for good. This strong impression might trigger some severe memory issues. As explained in this research, a doorway is a sort of “event boundary” in our minds, so once we go through them, we make a separate episode of activities. The study was focused on the difference between relocating objects in one room and relocating things between two different rooms, and the conclusion was that people were three times more likely to forget what they wanted to do once they went through a doorway.

Best Memorization Techniques

How to avoid this? As we mentioned before, have a checklist and set up reminders, and you can never have too many of them. If you’re a visual type, posting a sticky note on a visible place in your home is a good way to remind yourself of some important tasks. You can also set alarms on your phone for every action you need to take.

You should also get some quality rest to refresh your memory. Relying on short-term memory is good only if you’re taking some actions immediately, but in a process where many unexpected tasks might occur, we don’t recommend this. These convenient relocation hacks will definitely help you move efficiently and avoid moving stress.

Decluttering plan
Decide what to do with your belongings

Think About Items You Borrowed and Those That Are Somewhere Else

If you borrowed some stuff from your friends or you gave them some of your belongings earlier, your going away party can be a perfect opportunity to exchange these objects and take your belongings with you. If you previously took some books from the library, remember to return them on time.

Pick Up Your Clothes From Dry-Cleaning

Another typical mistake you should avoid is leaving your clothes dry-cleaning a few days before relocating. Sometimes, when people are in a hurry and have a lot on their mind, they skip their regular routines – so if you regularly take your clothing to a dry cleaner, add taking them back to your to-do list.

Return borrowed books and take yours

Hire Professional Movers in Philadelphia, and They’ll Remind You of Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

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