History of Bensalem Township

When learning about Bensalem, we should start with the name of the township that comes from references made by settler Joseph Growden, who named his estate Manor of Bensalem in honor of William Penn and the Semitic term for peace. Originally, it was named Salem, and the first syllable Ben was added in 1701.

The area of Bensalem Township was likely distinct by 1682 and it appears on the Holme Map, but without the name. The boundary between Bensalem and Philadelphia county was fixed 3 years later, in 1685. The report, after a jury of thirteen men, was formed to define boundaries, says that “All the lands between Neshamineh and Poquessin, and so to the upper side of Joseph Growden’s land in one and to be called ‘Salem’.” This is where we can first see the name appears. The name that we know today was noted in 1701.

The population of the area was first a few Dutch and Swedes, then later a larger influx of English, and then additional Dutch settled the area


Bensalem is the southernmost township in Bucks County. It is bordered by the Northeast Philadelphia section of the city of Philadelphia to the west and south, Croydon and the rest of Bristol Township to the east and northeast, the borough of Hulmeville and Middletown Township to the north, and Feasterville, Trevose, and Oakford in Lower Southampton Township to the northwest. This is its geographical location, but if you want to move here, more importantly, is to know that everything will be close to you. Bensalem offers a lot of amenities within the township and around. Just across the Delaware River, there is New Jersey.

Is Bensalem a good place for living?

Bensalem is rated as the 85th small city to live in, by Money Magazine. They took into consideration jobs, schools, crime, health care, and leisure and culture options. Many residents from Philadelphia county decided to relocate to this small town because it has all the conveniences of a major city, but with the suburban peaceful vibe. If you enjoy nice, quiet walks with your family and pets – Bensalem is a great place for that. This suburb is very safe, so you can see many neighborhood kids playing together and parents walking their dogs together. That leads us to the community. Bensalem is a very tight community where neighbors are friendly, considerate, and helpful when needed. It won’t be hard for you to meet new friends once you move to Bensalem. This amazing community feels makes Bensalem great for raising a family and settling down. Schools are highly rated and there are several schools that you can choose from.

When it comes to entertainment – there is an activity for just about anyone. Bensalem is packed with restaurants that serve amazing food and there are various food options for everyone’s taste. Within a walking distance, you will have everything needed for a cozy life – supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, hair salons, dry cleaners, etc. You won’t have to go to a big city in order to enjoy shopping, because there are shopping malls in Bensalem. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, there are many natural features such as Barnsleys Ford, Mill Creek, Neshaminy Creek, Neshaminy Falls, Partridge Point, Poquessing Creek, and White Sheet Bay. You can gather your family and enjoy hiking or choose your favorite picnic spot and enjoy delicious food with them.

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