How to Pack Clothes for Moving Before Going to a New Philly Neighborhood

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If you want to have an efficient and successful relocation, you must be wondering how to pack clothes for moving? It is essential to do this on time – otherwise, you risk getting lost in piles of shirts, jeans, jackets without having a clue what to do. Luckily, we got you covered. In the following article, we’ll share with you many interesting tips and ideas that will make the process of packing clothes very fun and productive. 

What Is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving?

There is no one best way to pack clothes when moving. This whole process requires a lot of different steps you should take if you want to move efficiently and avoid getting relocation stress. There is no need to turn your relocation into a nightmare by procrastinating. The sooner you start, the better. This process is not very complicated and hard, but it might take more time than you thought. 

Don’t forget you’ll want to save the last few days for other important responsibilities such as move-out cleaning. The sooner you begin, the more time you’ll have to decide what to do with items you’re not going to keep. For example, you can sell some pieces and increase your budget for relocation services and decide to hire professional Philadelphia movers. So, without further ado, let us show you how to pack clothing.

It Is Essential to Start on Time – You’ll Have Other Things to Handle Later

Organizing a successful move is never easy since it requires a lot of time and energy. After choosing one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods for your new home, you should start by writing a good and substantial to-do list. It should contain all the steps you’re going to take during this process. Apart from organizing your wardrobe before the move, you might also want to organize important documents in advance and change your address. You should also consider hiring professional movers in Philadelphia for assistance – the whole relocation process will be much easier, especially if you are relocating in a hurry

Wardrobe box packed with items
You should organize your wardrobe and prepare to move

Declutter and Decide What You Need to Relocate 

Most people struggle with their wardrobes all the time because many tend to keep a lot of pieces they don’t wear frequently or ever. When the time for reorganization comes, we always have something better to do, and then we end up with a messy closet that makes it easier to forget about having some things. This is an ideal opportunity to declutter and decide what things you’re going to get rid of and what you’ll bring to your new home in one of the West neighborhoods. Take everything outside, don’t forget your shoes, and be honest with yourself while reorganizing. These are some questions that you might find helpful during the process:

  • How often do I wear this?
  • Is this comfortable?
  • Will I ever wear this shirt?
  • Is this too worn out, and I don’t want to wear it in public?
  • Do I have too much stuff that I keep and don’t wear?
  • How much space I’m going to have in my new wardrobe?
  • Should I leave some of the seasonal stuff in storage?

Decide What to Do With Clothes You Don’t Need or Use

Once you go through all the stuff and ask yourself previously mentioned questions, you should end up with two large piles – one of them is the stuff you’re going to get rid of. You can make separate categories for this one as well. If some of the things are new or even have a tag still on, you should try selling them. Consider organizing a garage sale where you can also sell some other stuff from your home. 

You can also decide to donate some pieces – Philly AIDS Thrift and GreenDrop are some organizations you should keep in mind. If they are not close to your home, you can try finding some other donation places closer to you. One of the last things to do is to throw away completely useless pieces – or make cleaning cloths out of them. It might be wise to use them to clean a new apartment before you move in

Sort Your Clothing in Different Categories 

You should also sort the pieces you’re going to keep and relocate. This is especially important if you have a small wardrobe in your new home, so you’ll need to think carefully about how to organize everything, so it all fits. These are some convenient categories you can rely on when sorting your collection:

  • Season,
  • Delicacy,
  • Material,
  • Type.

You can also come up with your own sorting method. As long as you find it convenient and it helps you find everything you need at the desired moment, it is all good. Also, don’t forget to leave something clean and comfortable to put in your essentials bag for the big day. 

Box with stuff to declutter before relocating with movers in Philadelphia
Decluttering is one of the essential steps before you learn how to move clothes

Next Step: Get Suitable Packing Supplies 

Once you know how much stuff you’ll be relocating, it is time to jump to the next step – getting supplies that will help you protect your stuff. Like every other person, you probably also have some casual and some fancy attire. You can sort everything in the same way, or you can simply use moving bags for clothes that you find more delicate and valuable and use other methods to protect everything else. Some of the things you should get from a local store are:

  • Cardboard containers,
  • Specialized wardrobe boxes,
  • Vacuum bags,
  • Plastic tape,
  • Markers for labeling. 

In order to prevent overspending, you should make an expenses checklist and try finding some free supplies online on websites such as Freecycle. You can also find some convenient things at your home and consider our tips for using them appropriately.

A packed suitcase with shoes instead of a box
One of the best ways to pack clothes is to use suitcases

Try Some of the Popular Folding Methods to Save Space

Are you curious about interesting folding methods that will help you save a lot of space? Once you pick out your favorites and learn them, you can also continue using them after the relocation. Your towels and wardrobe will always look well sorted and organized, not to mention the joy when you start preparing your suitcase for traveling. You’ll never have to worry about lack of space or something getting wrinkly again. Some of the cool methods you can test are:

  • Japanese folding method,
  • Folding board method,
  • Draped folding method,
  • Tailored folding method,
  • Creased folding method,
  • Smooth folding method. 

Some of these methods are very easy to master, so take a quick look at this video and start practicing right away.

You Can Also Use Garbage or Vacuum Bags Instead of Boxes to Pack Clothing

Packing your things in cardboard cartons is one of the most common ways to do it – no matter if you’re packing books or trying to protect something fragile, these are always convenient. Luckily preparing your clothing for a move is slightly easier than packing glasses and other fragile items. Clothing pieces are soft and unbreakable. That’s why you can put them in plastic bags and save pricey boxes for other, more delicate stuff. 

Wonder how do you pack bulky clothes for moving? You can rely on garbage bags as one option but another, maybe even more convenient, solution is vacuum bags. These will help you save a lot of space, which can be vital if you have many coats and puffy jackets. Once you vacuum out the air from these bags, they will become at least three times smaller in size – in that case, you can relocate much more. 

Instead of Using Boxes for Packing, Pack Your Suitcases

Have a lot of quality suitcases that you need to relocate to your new home? Well, why not make them useful during the process? Remember how you want to bring your entire closet when going on a very long vacation, but you know you can’t? Well, now you have to bring it all, so you’ll have to squeeze in as much as possible. We recommend you test a few folding methods to see which one will be the most economical in terms of saving space. As suitcases are usually thicker and provide better protection than other packing materials, you can use them to carry more delicate pieces.

Clothing sorted in a box by Philadelphia movers
The best way to pack clothes for a move is to use some of the popular folding methods for saving space

Don’t Forget to Label Everything

One of the most important tips for a successful relocation is labeling – this is crucial when you have a lot of boxes or different types of containers with clothing. If you already sorted your collection into categories, you can write the names of those categories onto boxes. For suitcases and garbage bags, you can use a piece of wide tape and then write the category on it. 

We don’t recommend using sticky notes as they will probably fall off easily, and you won’t have a clue what is where. By labeling your boxes, you’ll also know that pieces inside aren’t breakable, so you will know how to handle them and not mistake them for those where delicate dishes are packed. This is an essential step if you have a lot of containers to load because you can easily lose track of everything and get confused. 

Woman placing a shirt into a carton
You should label every box according to the type of items inside

If You Don’t Know How to Pack Clothes for Moving You Can Always Hire Professionals for Assistance

If you don’t know how to pack clothes when moving or think that this process will take too much of your precious time, you should probably consider hiring professionals for assistance. If you want to avoid potential relocation scams, hiring one of the trustworthy moving companies in Philadelphia might be a smart solution. As a reputable company, we can offer you convenient local relocation services, fast and safe solutions for all of your relocation needs. Relocating your household inventory can be much easier if you contact our Philadelphia movers and get our residential relocation or convenient apartment relocation service.

Our skilled packers and movers can show you outstanding moving hacks andhelp you move everything. Whether you’re relocating pots and pans or have trouble relocating a piano, our Philly movers do it all. If you don’t know how to pack electronics or some other fragile belongings we can also offer you a convenient packing service. For any type of heavy lifting, our labor service might be the best solution. Another great option from our offer is the in- and-out-of storage relocation service. This one can be amazing if you’re looking for the best way to move clothes and want to store seasonal pieces in a storage unit of your choice. Just contact us for everything you want to know and start your move right away.