Welcome to this historic town – Havertown

The town was found back in 1681 and since then it went through many different stages and developments. Therefore, there are many historic sites here.

Fun facts through history:

  • The Haverford Road is one of the earliest roads laid out by city ordinance. It dates back to the years when the town was founded. The right year is not possible to determine, but it varies from 1687 to 1703.
  • The Trolley line in this town opened the ranch from Lianerch to Ardmore. Llanerch first appears as a small community with numbered streets. Darby Road is called Coopertown Road. A commercial rail line, now removed, served Boyle Fuel, Lobb Lumber, and the Swell Bubble Gum factory up until the 1960s.
  • LIanerch is the first planned community of this town.
  • Brookline was not the first one planned, but it was the most fully executed.
  • Havertown had three phases when the Irish arrived. This fact is important for its history because they were buying land and helping the community to develop. Today, Haverfordranks in the top 60 of census-recognized municipalities nationwide in percentage of the population with Irish ancestry.
  • Havertown is the birthplace of Swell Bubble Gum, founded in 1947.
  • Living in Havertown

    If you are looking for a diverse and interesting community to live in, while still being able to have a peaceful family life, you should consider Havertown. This is a suburb of Philadelphia with a population of just below 50,000 residents and it is rated as one of the best places for living in Philadelphia. There are numerous bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks where you can enjoy together with your friends or family. The community is close-tight, and they will welcome you warmly once you decide it is time to move here. Most of the residents of Havertown bought their homes in order to settle down for a long period of time. On the other hand, it is perfect for families because it is a safe community with amazing public schools.

    Thanks to its good location, you will have easy access to all the other places around, so even when you explore everything in Havertown itself, you will have plenty of other options as well.

    Things to do in Havertown

    Havertown has a long and impressive history, and therefore you will find many interesting buildings and landmarks, such as a Gothic mansion with Victorian gardens dated 1750. This place was visited by George Washington and added to the National Register of Historic Places. Today, this is one of the most important museums and community centers here. Closeby sits Nitre Hall, built in the 19th century and decorated in the Empire and Victorian styles with colonial exhibits on display.

    Various dining options are located in West Chester Pike where you can find anything that comes to your mind – seafood, steak, fast food, pub grub, and much more. After a reach and tasty meal, don’t forget to wash it down with a pint of ale at one of the Irish bars.

    Haverford’s Shopping District will offer you anything that you are looking for when it comes to shopping.

    When you’re feeling hungry in Havertown, head to nearby West Chester Pike, part of Pennsylvania Route 3, which intersects the community. There, you’ll find dining options to suit all budgets, including seafood, steak, fast food, and pub grub. Wash your food down with a pint of ale at one of the many Irish bars in the Havertown neighborhood. Alternatively, shop ’til you drop at Haverford’s Shopping District for new wares for your home or your closet.

    Buying a home at Havertown?

    Homes for sale in Havertown include an assortment of single-family homes, apartments, and spacious detached properties with landscaped lawns. Many of the houses are older and replete with beautiful architectural details, sporting the Wissahickon Schist stone and mortar exteriors for which the area is well known. The neighborhood’s central location makes it popular for commuters who want to live the suburban life but need to travel to downtown Philadelphia for work. When it comes to the price, the median home value is around $327,000, while the average rent is $1,400. Considering that the average household income is way above the average, $107,494, no wonder most of the residents here are the owners of their homes.

    Moving to Havertown

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