How to Pack Fragile Items – 7 Packing Tips You Should Know Before Moving to Your New Philly Home

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Once you start preparing for your relocation, there will be a task you can’t avoid – packaging fragile items. At first, this will seem like an impossible task. How to pack fragile items for moving without breaking any of them? Surely there must be some solution, maybe a trick that can help you? What is the best way to approach this?

You have nothing to worry about. Moving fragile items isn’t as difficult as you might think. Well, at least if you protect them adequately. Luckily, we can show you how to wrap fragile items to stay in perfect condition during transport. Keep reading for our tips and tricks on packing fragile items for moving.

How to Pack Fragile Items for Your Move to a New Philly Home or for Storage?

How do you package something that is fragile? Your local relocation will be complicated enough without worrying about your favorite wine glasses getting broken. So, you will have to find a way to protect breakable belongings from damage during transport. If you want to know how to move efficiently, we have your back. We’ll share our pro tips that will help you move to your new home in one of the beautiful Philadelphia neighborhoods.

How Do You Pack Fragile Items for Moving and Storage?

Whether you wish to move breakable stuff to your new home, or you require in- and-out-of storage relocation to get them safely to storage, the way you’ll be wrapping them is pretty much the same. This kind of stuff is not on the list of things movers won’t move, but even the most skilled Philly movers can’t do much for you if your set of plates or your paintings are not wrapped in adequate supplies. Let’s get started and check off one of the most time-consuming tasks on your relocation to-do list.  

Pile of cardboard packages waiting for Philadelphia movers
We have a solution for your problem. Let’s get to wrapping

#1 You Will Need Quality Supplies – Bubble Wrap Is Unavoidable

This is by far the best packing material for fragile items. That’s the fact. You should make sure to get enough of it before you get to wrapping dishes and other kitchenware. However, it’s not the cheapest material, and it will affect your expenses checklist, but it is worth it.

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items?

Besides the most popular wrapping material, you will also need to buy a few other things. Of course, you can try to get free boxes if you’d like to save some money. Still, it’s not exactly recommended for heavy, expensive china or glass – it’s better to have sturdy, quality boxes that can hold the weight of your breakable item and safely carry it to its destination.

You can try to ask in some bookstores such as Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Head House Books, The Last Word Bookshop, or Mostly Books – bookstores will likely have sturdy packaging since books aren’t exactly lightweight. Here are other materials that will be useful for protecting your belongings.

  • Paper,
  • Tape and markers,
  • Blankets,
  • Plastic wrapping,
  • Pliable cardboard,
  • Padding material such as styrofoam peanuts.

How Do You Pack Fragile Items Without Bubble Wrap?

Okay, let’s say you have to move in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to gather all the supplies you need. Can you improvise? Sure you can. There are a few things you can use. One of our top tips would be to use your blankets, towels, or clothes – we hope you’re not done with packing clothes. Besides that, regular wrapping paper is always an option.

Just don’t use newspapers. You will probably read about that so-called relocation hack, but don’t fall for it. The ink from the pages can severely stain your dishes, and you may not be able to wash it off. When wrapping pots and pans, for example, it’s essential to use clear paper – keep that in mind.

Man and woman putting a wrapped plate in a package
Bubble wrapping is the most efficient way to protect breakable things

#2 Start With Less Valuable Pieces So You Can Practise Your Wrapping Technique

Of course, the first thing you put in the box shouldn’t be your most expensive item. Trust us when we tell you that this is not as simple as wrapping books. You can’t just cover stuff with protective material and throw it in the box. That’s not how it works. Some techniques are proven to be efficient in protecting expensive vases, china, or stemware. We believe you want your stuff to survive the move to the new home, maybe one in those lovely west Philadelphia neighborhoods. So, be patient, and work slowly. Start from some random dishes no one cares about, so you’ll be skilled in wrapping once you get to your favorite wedding china or expensive wine glasses.

Don’t Rush – Feel Free to Take Your Time for Packing Breakables 

This is the key – packing glasses, bowls, vases, paintings, all of these require patience. Yes, you will be all packed for your relocation day. Don’t rush with these things. We are confident you can do it, and we know you won’t overlook the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

First, Prepare Your Boxes

Whatever goes in the package, it should be comfortable and surrounded by plenty of padding materials. So, place a layer of crumpled paper on the bottom of each box you will fill, just like you would do when wrapping shoes. Additionally, you should tape the bottoms inside and out, and maybe even the bottom third of the sides, so the box can’t fall apart from the weight. Don’t be shy with the tape – it’s not expensive, and it can help a lot.

Teapots on cardboard on the floor, packages around them
Kitchenware and other breakables will require a lot of energy, but you can do it

#3 Don’t Rush With Wrapping and Packing Dishes, Here’s How It Should Be Done

We already mentioned that you should start with the least valuable stuff, but let us add this: when it comes to dishes, it’s often wise to try to wrap plates first. Why? Well, they are pretty easy to transport, so you should be mentally prepared for more complex tasks such as large bowls later on. 

Here’s a Technique That Will Keep Dishware From Breaking

The most important thing is bubble wrap, of course. Cover the dish on all sides, and tape it so that it stays in place. Then, place it in your carefully padded box and fill it with other dishes. But, don’t overpack – dishes are hefty. Also, we must mention that dishes should always be placed vertically in the package. This is crucial! Otherwise, they will simply break one another on their way to the new home. Don’t forget to fill the residual space with cushioning.

Dish Barrel Should Be Your Box of Choice for Dishes

Dish barrel is a genius little hack for those who don’t want to bother with regular boxes. It is more effective, and it will lower your relocation stress, but also more expensive than the regular ones. If your budget can take it, by all means, go for it. The barrel is designed to store dishes inside of it just like you would put them in the dishwasher. You won’t have to think twice about your dishes – they are safe in the dish barrel.

Plane view of the colorful dishes on the table
Keeping your dishes safe during the move isn’t an easy task. There’s a lot of work

#4 Be Extra Careful With Stemware As It Is Especially Breakable and Needs Extra Protection

Do your wine glasses require some extra attention? Yes, absolutely. They are very easy to break, and that would be a shame. Let’s prevent it by paying extra attention to them. What shall you do? The previous principles we talked about should all be applied here, but with one addition. Like in life, you never want your glass to be empty. Fill it with crumpled paper, and then have them wrapped like usual. Residual space, even a tiny bit, is your enemy. It allows stemware to jump around during transport, which is something you never want. 

Wine glasses upside down on the table
Never put empty wine glasses in boxes. Fill them with papers

#5 Make Sure Your Pictures and Paintings Are Well Protected

Pictures and paintings count as breakable things, don’t they? You need protection for them, as well. So, when it comes to framed photos, if the frame isn’t too big, you can put it in the standard package. Of course, you should cover it with bubble or plastic wrapping. Also, it’s crucial to place crumpled papers between each frame. Same as always, residual space must be filled.

How Do You Move Large Paintings?

The chances are that your paintings can’t fit in a cardboard package. If you’re wondering how to transport them, we have a simple solution for you. If they are wrapped correctly, they can be loaded onto the truck independently – no cardboard needed. But, the emphasis is on the word correctly. What is the proper way to have paintings wrapped?

You need to cover the frame with a blanket. Next up is the layer of plastic wrapping, and if that’s all secured well, you are free to move any painting on its own. Blanket and plastic will do all the work, and your pictures will continue to be lovely decorations in your new house. Check out this video below for professional’s instructions on how to protect your house decor during relocation.

#6 There’s a Special Method for Wrapping Oddly-Shaped Pieces

How do you wrap a fragile object with an irregular shape? Something like a vase or a breakable decoration? Worry not – it’s not much more challenging to do than dishes. There’s only one additional step before you place the wrapped item in the package. Here’s when you’ll need that pliable cardboard we added to our list of supplies. You want to cut the cardboard in one piece that is enough to cover all sides of the item or cut it into two parts that can be put on the opposite sides and cover the thing like two pieces of bread in a sandwich. Then, tape the cardboard tightly so that the piece can’t fall out of it, and it’s all ready for placing in the package. 

Wrap Vases in Enough Protective Supplies

The materials vases are made of are quite gentle, you already know that. So, what can you do to keep them safe? Besides the obvious stuff, like keeping your pets away while wrapping, so they don’t break anything (it’s not easy to move with pets, we know), you can add an extra layer or two of protective material of your choice. The more, the better. You want your crystal or glass to be cozy during the transport, don’t you?

Person placing a vase on top of peanuts in the package
Vases are some of the most beautiful decorations, so try hard to keep them safe

#7 Don’t Forget to Label Every Box

This is a common mistake. People do everything by the book, wrapping, taping, everything on the list. And then, when the work is finally done, they overlook a small but essential step that is labeling your packages. It’s one of the most common things you forget to do when you move.

But, it’s a silly mistake, and you only need a few seconds to label each package. Movers have to know that they should pay attention to packages with breakable stuff. You should write things like fragile, breakable, handle with care, etc. Additionally, you can add an arrow to show which side of the package is up, so it’s not accidentally turned upside down.

Man labeling a cardboard package
Label, label, label. It’s a crucial step!

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