Moving in With a Girlfriend – 5 Tips for a Happy Start of Your Life Together in Philly

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Moving in with a girlfriend might seem terrifying for all of those who are perfectly comfortable living alone. But this change can also bring many benefits. If you decide to follow your heart and take this important step for your relationship, this article will help you learn how to deal with all the possible inconveniences. Obviously, you’ll need to make a compromise here and there, but you can still enjoy every moment of living together with your chosen one. 

Is It a Good Idea to Move in With Your Girlfriend?

If you started wondering should I move in with my girlfriend, you are probably ready for that step. Sometimes, people are scared of this moment because it takes a lot of courage and brings many risks. It is easier to stay in a good relationship if you’re not seeing your partner 24/7. However, this can also lead to an illusion that you two are a perfect match, only to discover years later that you were actually in delusion. 

Most women do not look their best all the time, and that’s one of the things you’ll have to get used to. She can get moody, nervous, and fight with you about something you find unimportant. If you still love her at the end of the day, this can be a good sign that you’re ready. Do relationships change when you move in together? Absolutely, but will it be for better or worse depends solely on you two.

Couple after a fight
When the road gets tough, you’ll have to compromise

#1 You’ll Need to Know Your Partner Well Enough in Order to Feel Comfortable About Moving in Together

How long should you be dating before you move in together? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Sometimes people click after the first day and stay together until the end of their lives. In other cases, people try staying in dysfunctional relationships for ages and hope that the other person will change eventually, but that never happens. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of moving in with your girlfriend, getting married, or starting a family, those are all positive changes. So how long should you wait to move in with your girlfriend? Follow your heart and other signals – if you do not feel annoyed with her habits and love that she spends time at your place frequently, that’s a good sign that you’re ready for the next step. 

Be Honest and Ready to Talk About Your Expectations 

One of the biggest problems that might occur when people move in together is that they are unaware of other people’s expectations. This can be even the smallest thing, but they can still lead to a big difference. Some of the most important conversations you should have with your soulmate before taking this step are the ones about parenting and housing. Where are you going to live, and are you planning to have kids in the near future? 

Sometimes, women misread these signals and think that their partner is ready for starting a family just because he asked her to move in with him. That’s not completely true. There can be many other reasons for couples to take this step – for example, if one of you lives in West Philly and the other one is currently living in a south neighborhood. You could be waiting hours just to meet once or twice a week, so living together might help you become closer and see each other more often, like every day.

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#2 You’ll Have to Make Compromises 

Your single life was probably filled with many exciting events and hobbies, and that’s how things are supposed to be. You probably met a lot of girls, went out with your friends every weekend, or had them over for long and loud gaming nights. Unfortunately, some of these things need to end here. Especially if your girlfriend is working early in the morning and can’t sleep because you and your buddies are screaming at each other. 

You’ll have to make a compromise and see if she’s fine with having your friends over on Friday, for example – if she doesn’t work on Saturday. If you kindly ask her to plan this in advance, she might be as well thankful because she’ll finally have the time to catch up with her friends as well. It’s a win-win situation, and both of you will be much happier.

Try Changing Some of Your Annoying Habits

Think about this carefully – as much as some of us would want that, your girlfriend is not your mother. She doesn’t have to stick with you no matter what. Not even your mom does. She can tolerate you until one point, but no one should tolerate your annoying habits of leaving dirty socks all around the house or not washing the dishes. Sometimes, we forget that the other person might have completely different habits. 

Now imagine you are that person and your partner leaves used mugs all around the house and never washes them. Feel annoyed already? You don’t need to magically know your partner’s habits, but you can ask her about them. If she notices that you are trying to change for her, she might be more willing to make some changes too. 

Let Her Figure Out What She Wants

Fixing your bad habits is one thing, but her bad habits can also lead to significant levels of relocation stress. What if she spends her monthly savings on new clothes and can’t afford boxes and other packing supplies? You probably won’t be so happy about it. If she doesn’t think that’s a bad thing and she wants to keep doing her own thing, while the only person changing is you, you probably shouldn’t be spending the rest of your life with this person. Relationships are supposed to be opportunities for both people to grow, and if one of them is refusing to change for the greater good, he or she is probably not ready.

Couple fighting
What if something goes wrong after moving in with my girlfriend? Learn how to communicate and avoid awkward situations

#3 Sharing Responsibilities Is a Big Deal

If you are planning to spend a life together, you’ll have to deal with many responsibilities together. That’s the way things are supposed to work in a healthy relationship. Managing to still have separate lifestyles is probably not going to be possible once you start living under the same roof. You’ll split food, bills, bedsheets, a TV, and who knows what else. It is important that you make some agreements about the essential stuff before you start fighting over unimportant stuff. Creating a list of chores is not really necessary, as it only puts additional pressure.

Organize Your Move Like a Couple 

For example, splitting responsibilities can start as soon as you start packing for a move to a new space. If she knows all the cool relocation hacks for packing fragile items, and you happen to know how to pack books – helping each other to pack can be a great way to start a life together. She can continue with packing dishes while you take care of less delicate stuff, such as packing clothes

Not only will the whole process be much easier, but you’ll both feel like you made a great decision. Go through everything on your to-do list and decide which tasks will be your responsibility and which is hers. You can also work on some tasks together and have a relaxing walk together with your dog if you are relocating with pets

Couple looking at the contract they signed with Philly movers
Doing everything together from day one is the way to go

#4 Talk About Finances as Well

This is one of the hot topics – maybe you already went through it, but if not, you shouldn’t postpone it. You should be aware of her monthly income, savings, and how you two will share expenses. No matter how much they earn, some people simply don’t feel comfortable with sharing their bills – but this is the moment to learn and decide how to do it. Let’s start with your relocation expenses checklist

You probably already went house-hunting and found a few options better than your current home. But the final decision is up to both of you. How much are you willing to pay for your dream home, and how will you two share expenses after moving in? Who will be responsible for buying furniture and how will you decide about the priorities – is the newest PlayStation really that important or should you buy a new bed first? 

Couple painting a wall together after relocating with Philadelphia movers
You can help each other daily and make the smallest moments amazing

#5 Don’t Forget to Plan Some Fun Activities Just Because You’re Now Living Together

Now, this is something many couples lose once they get stuck in the daily routine with work, kids, and other responsibilities. Don’t let this happen to your relationship, and keep the spark burning by constantly planning new, interesting adventures around the best Philadelphia neighborhoods. Living with your girlfriend won’t be boring if you go out sometimes and explore new places together.

Romantic Things to Do Around Philly

What are the best options for romantic dates around Philly, you might wonder? Here are some ideas that you can turn to in case you notice you two are getting stuck in a routine: 

  • Ice skating at Waterfront Winterfest at Blue Cross RiverRink,
  • Love Letter Tour is one of the things that will definitely keep the romance going,
  • Dream Garden is another location you can visit with your soulmate and enjoy breathtaking mosaics, fountains, and shopping. 

Check out this video for more exciting options for fun dates with your loved one.

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