How to Move Safely and Avoid Injuries When Relocating Within Philadelphia

Packing Tips Prepare for the Move

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If you want to relocate on your own and move safely at the same time, you’ll have to take up some precautionary steps. While a local move is often considered a routine procedure, it can actually lead to many serious injuries. To help you avoid any possible danger, we’ve created a thorough guide to take you through every precaution and possibility a move can bring.

Why Is It Important to Follow Moving Safety Tips?

A local move can be stressful, not to mention physically dangerous – maybe even more than you might think initially. Because moving stress gets your body to release cortisol, your functions can be somewhat curbed. Especially when you are to move on your own, you may try to do everything quickly, exchanging speed for safety.

If you spend considerable time and effort to pack fragile items, there’s no reason you shouldn’t spend the same on making sure you get to your new place in one piece as well. In order to be able to enjoy your going-away party as well as the first days in your new South Philadelphia neighborhood home, ensure you take all the precautions to get the move done without even a scratch.

The Most Common Moving Injuries

If you want to both move efficiently and unharmed, you need to know what injuries to look out for. The following are the most common injuries to avoid:

  • Back injuries – By far, the most common problem that can happen when you move large items is throwing out your back and straining muscles. As this is the main part of your body that allows the rest to function properly, it’s important to pick up and carry stuff wisely.
  • Broken limbs, fingers, and toes – When people try to move a piano or similar heavy, bulky things, it can so happen that it falls down. This can lead to breaking your leg or toes, or even an arm, depending on how you try to cushion the blow.
  • Knee injuries – Consider getting knee pads so that you protect this part of your body. Good lifting stems from knees, but one wrong move can lead to a serious injury.
  • Sprained ankles and tendons – A lot of going back and forth from the trucks to your new Philly neighborhood home easily leads to missteps and wrong placement of feet. Don’t run around trying to move in a hurry – you’ll move sooner or later, but it’s crucial you do it safely.
  • Cuts and scrapes – From paper cuts to those made by sharp objects like knives or scissors, cuts are such an easy injury to make. Luckily it’s not a big one, but you should have a packet of patches in your pocket just in case.
An X-Ray of a person who didn't get the help of Philly movers
Avoid injuries by taking on precautions or employing a professional company

Watch Out for Injuries When Packing and Stay Safe by Properly Packing Boxes

There are a few moving hacks that can significantly decrease your chances of getting injured while relocating. The first being not to overpack your containers. Actually, our expert experience shows that it’s less hazardous to pack your items in smaller containers than in bigger ones. While the latter might take you fewer trips to the trucks and back, lighter boxes will be significantly easier to carry and could cause less damage if they, for example, fall on your foot.

How Much Weight Should a Box Carry?

Whether you are about to pack dishes or something lighter, you shouldn’t overburden your container. The largest of your boxes should never carry more than 70 pounds, and the smallest ones can take up to fifty. Otherwise, they might be too heavy for your back and knees, and additionally, there’s a greater chance that the bottom of the box might break open. To avoid this happening, secure the bottom of each box with additional tape.

Packing Has Its Own Hazardous Potential

Packing up before you change your address is a relocation process to approach safely. If you decide not to employ Philadelphia moving companies’ packing assistance, you should get ready to use a lot of tools and equipment. Scissors, cardboard, and harsh paper are just some of the many that can lead to cuts. We recommend wearing gloves while you pack up glasses and other sharp or easily breakable items.

Moreover, some objects you will be dealing with can be dangerous on their own. Kitchen utensils, especially sharp knives, can lead to injuries if you don’t handle them properly. Make sure you create a mental note or even write it down on your to-do list to be extra careful when dealing with such stuff.

Two people carrying boxes
Think about the packing process thoroughly before you continue with the move

Make Sure You’re Ready for Hard Physical Labor

An important thing to do before you start relocating your stuff from the house to the truck (and vice versa) is to ensure you’ve taken all the safety precautions. You’ll do so by following the steps we proposed to a T. The steps are not hard to follow, and they could mean a lot.

Choose Wisely Your Outfit for the Relocation Day

Before you pack up your clothes, leave out an outfit for the day of the big move. However, think twice about what you’ll put on. The things you wear should be comfortable and efficient. No flowy dresses, long pants, or baggy sweatshirts as these might get in the way and even get you to trip while carrying a box. Wear form-fitting clothes, although nothing too tight. Your favorite old tracksuit, running shoes, and a t-shirt will do the trick.

Ensure You’re Well Rested, Hydrated, and Properly Fed

Think of the big relocation day as a difficult full-body workout, and prepare for it as such. You wouldn’t go to the gym to run on a treadmill and beat your personal record when you haven’t eaten or slept well the day before. That’s why you should rest well the day before the move, sleep at least eight hours, intake a lot of protein and water, and ensure your body is in its best spirits.

Some Warm-up Will Do You Good Before You Start Loading the Truck

If you don’t want a pulled muscle or your whole body feeling strained, it’s better to do some warm-up exercises before loading the trucks than after you’ve moved. The morning of your move, take out your yoga mat and get to some light stretching. It will shake up your muscles, bring your body heat up, and get you ready for all the hard work a move entails.

Depending on how long the move takes, make certain you make little breaks every once in a while to stretch out, eat and, of course, stay hydrated! For some stretching workout ideas you can do almost anywhere and at any time, check out the following video:

The Best Tips for Safe Handling of Boxes and Furniture

When it comes to picking up heavy containers and furniture and loading it onto the truck floor, there are a few steps and tips you should follow so that everything goes smoothly. This is the tried and true way our Philadelphia movers have done labor-only relocation for decades now, so if you want to know how to best lift containers, these are the steps you should take:

  • Always use additional tools where you can – The first tip we have is to search for a dolly, a blanket, and/or straps. There’s no reason you should lift the items you can drag around.
  • Weigh the box and see how sturdy it is – You should check the weight and bottom of each box before loading it. To weigh the box, bend your legs and slowly try to bring it up. If it is too much to carry, split its weight into smaller containers.
  • Keep your feet and shoulders in alignment – Once you ensure your containers are not too heavy, it’s time for the next step. Place your feet parallel to each other and in the width of your shoulders to have proper balance. 
  • Your knees should be bent and back straight – When you place your feet adequately, get into a half squat. With your knees slightly bent and your back straight, you will be able to properly lift the containers.
  • Lift from your legs – Never lift from your arms or your back, as this can lead to serious injuries. As bipedal mammals, our legs are one of the strongest parts of our body, so employ these when lifting too. Always be in a slight squat, even when you are bringing the box up to your chest.
  • Put down the items the same way you lifted them – Now that you know how to lift containers, putting down items will be nothing different. You’ll use the same logic, just the opposite way of executing it. When you decide where to put the box, get into a squat and slowly put down the box, keeping your back straight the entire time.

Be Attuned to the Way Your Body Feels

We always recommend you listen to your body before anything else. While these steps are the objectively best ways to carry heavy stuff, don’t follow them blindly. You are the only one who knows what goes on in their body, so the moment you feel something is off, take a break. There’s no use in going over your limits, only to later search for a physician to fix you up. Safety is not a thing you should neglect or forget about when you move without the assistance of a relocation company.

Philadelphia movers don't have to take as many breaks that non-professionals will
The best tip we can give you is that wherever you feel like it’s too much, you should stop and take a break

Don’t Avoid Asking Your Loved Ones for Help

Friends are for more than fun nights out clubbing and fancy restaurant dinners, so call them up in times of need. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of your friends’ disciplined gym habits and strength when relocating to a nearby West Philly neighborhood? And besides, some heavy furniture you won’t be able to lift all by yourself either way. So if you are definite about not employing companies that provide moving and storage in Philadelphia, at least contact some friends to help with the job – and ensure they too know what a safe move entails!

A man and a woman taking boxes into a new apartment
Friends and family can turn the process easier and more fun

The Only Way You’ll Move Safely Is to Hire Philly Movers

Truth be told, the only way you can ensure a safe move is by hiring one of the moving companies in Philadelphia. Relocation is no easy task, so it’s always better (and safer) to leave it up to professionals – those who’ve done in- and-out-of storage relocation so many times that lifting containers becomes second nature.

Our Philly movers and packers provide the best moving services in Philadelphia. Whether you require commercial relocation assistance or help when relocating an apartment, you can be certain we will provide you with the right services. As a Philadelphia moving company that has been around for more than two decades, we can claim without a doubt that our residential relocation is the best on the market. Even more importantly, you can be certain that our local movers in Philadelphia, PA, won’t destroy your relocation expenses budget. To get your free quote, as well as an answer to any question or doubt you may have, contact us today. Our customer support team will be eagerly waiting for your call!