How to Change Your Address When You Move – The Ultimate Checklist

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If you moved recently or want to organize your upcoming relocation without making any common mistakes, you should definitely think about the ways on how to change your address when you move. This particular task isn’t very complicated, and there are several different ways to do it. However, problems that might occur if you forget to do this can be serious, so follow our guide and prepare on time.

If you have to plan the whole relocation process on your own, you must be aware of many responsibilities that come with this process. In order to efficiently achieve all of your goals, you might have to consider hiring professional Philadelphia movers for assistance. They can offer you efficient solutions that will save you precious time and energy.

Moving Comes With a Lot of Responsibilities and Skipping This Step Is One of the Most Common Mistakes People Make

If you never moved before, you might think that relocating is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, this process can get difficult from time to time, so it is always a good idea to hire professionals for assistance. You’ll have a more efficient move and achieve everything from your moving to-do list much faster and easier – not to mention the lack of moving stress. They can also remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack and show you some professional relocation hacks, so there is no reason to go through this process all alone. They can stay in charge of relocation-related responsibilities while you get the other important stuff done, like learning how to update the address to prevent unnecessary complications because that is one thing you have to do on your own.

What to Do When Changing Address and Who to Notify?

As we mentioned before, missing this step or skipping it on purpose can bring many troubles and complications. It is essential that you make these changes in advance firstly because of your mail and other official documents that you need to update, such as ID, driver’s license, and many others. Here’s a brief list of organizations and people you should inform timely about relocating and changing your location:

  • Insurance company,
  • Banks,
  • Internet, cable, and phone providers,
  • Magazines you’re subscribed to,
  • Clubs and charities,
  • Friends and family,
  • Other service providers.
Girl with packages
 Include every service provider or a magazine you’re subscribed to on the list of people to notify

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

This might be a good question, especially if you’re preparing for a last-minute move. It is preferable that you make the necessary changes at least a week or two before the move. If you postpone this and do it later, it might cause some of your mail to still get to your old home, and you miss out on some important information. On the other hand, if some of the mail still gets to your old place and you make the necessary changes afterward, the postal service can still forward them to you. If you have plenty of time ahead, there is no reason to do this even months in advance – just ensure you enter the exact date of your relocation.

Person opening letters after finally relocating to a new home with Philadelphia movers
When should I change my address when moving? Make these changes as soon as possible

What Do I Need to Change My Address on When I Move?

If you are making a relocation expenses checklist and you are worried about potential costs and fees needed to finish this process, you can relax. According to the USPS, if you are relocating around Philadelphia neighborhoods, this will cost you only $1,05. Keep in mind that if you’re making online changes, you are also going to need an email and a valid credit or debit card to complete this process. 

Now that you are aware of the fact that this won’t cost you a lot at all, you can invest more in packing assistance. Whether you have trouble packing books on your own or don’t know how to pack plates for relocation, professionals can take care of that. Just ensure you check what items movers won’t move and leave the rest of the hard work to professionals.

Post office sign
How do you change your mailing address when you move? File a request online or visit the nearest post office

How Can I Change My Address?

There are not many options when it comes to places to change your address when you move. The fastest way to do this is to go online, and after a few clicks, you’ll get an instant confirmation of a job well done. Prepare to fill out a short online form, and answer some questions such as where is your new residence located, account numbers, passwords, a phone number, and so on. 

But if you like to do these things in person and wonder where to change your address when you move, the answer is – the nearest post office. Ask for the Mover’s Guide packet. There you will get a PS Form 3575. You need to fill out that form and give it back to the counter worker, but you can also drop it in the mailbox outside. You can expect to receive a letter of confirmation within five business days at your new address.

How to Submit a Request When Relocating to a New Home With a Family?

If you are not relocating alone but with your family, there is no need for each member to update their personal info individually when you can simply add their names to your online form. There is just one catch – all of you must have the same surname, and if not, you can simply fill out another form for the member with a different surname. Take a look at this video for a brief recap of the entire process.

What Is the Best Way to Notify of Address Change and Who to Inform First?

State tax agencies and federal revenue agencies are both important to notify about changing addresses. Luckily, you can also do this simply by filling out the online form on the IRS official website. Every state has different regulations, but if you are relocating from West Philadelphia neighborhoods to some of the South neighborhoods, all you need to do is to check for the latest information on the Pennsylvania state government website.

Transferring utilities is also one of the most important steps – you don’t want your bills to pile up or to pay the one from previous owners, so ensure you both went through this procedure correctly. This applies to your water, gas, phone, internet, or anything else you have attached to your current home.

Ensure You Notify Social Security Administration

This is also an important step, especially if you get any kind of social security benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) should be notified about your relocation. You can update your data on their website by filling out their online form or contacting their customer service.

Your Bank and Other Financial Agencies Should Also Be Noted as Soon as Possible

This update should be very easy – just ensure to contact your bank or card provider, and they will let you know what’s the fastest and easiest way to do this. If you have a credit reporting agency, credit union or an investment account holder, or any other type of financial provider or agency, you should also consider informing them about your new home location – you don’t want to miss out on some important information they might have for you.

You Have to Notify Your Insurance Providers as Well

There is no need to risk and mess up this one. It is essential that you notify your insurance provider if you are making changes so that they can transfer your policy to your new residence. This can be your health, car, or life insurance provider, or anything else you find important. The easiest way to update your health info is by visiting their website and following a few simple steps.

Electric bill
 Don’t forget to notify all important organizations and institutions about the upcoming change

Your Friends and Family Should Also Be Informed About These Changes

We get that you are busy with all the procedures you have to take on official government websites, but don’t forget about your closest people – friends, and family. They might want to send you a birthday card or postcard from their exotic vacation. The easiest way to notify everyone is to simply write a short email with new info and send it to all of them.

You Should Also Notify Your Employer

Your employer is another person that should be interested in these kinds of changes for many reasons. If you have arranged transportation to work or if they have some company’s insurance for you. Don’t forget to notify your employer and prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Guy on the phone
Don’t forget to inform your family and friends

Update All Your Memberships and Subscriptions Connected to Your Former House Number

For example, if you are a member of some charitable organization or a club, you can email them about your relocation and let them know where they should send any mail they might have for you. This also applies to magazines, newspapers, and any other subscriptions you might have. If you regularly get mail from them, it should be easy to remember to do this. This might also be a good opportunity to let someone know you’re no longer interested in their promo materials and newsletters, so you can unsubscribe from it before the move.

 Person leaving letters in a mailbox
If you’re subscribed to some monthly magazines or anything else, they should be noted about your move as well

Now That You Know How to Change Your Address, When You Move, Ensure You Move With the Best Philadelphia Movers

The last but not the least step of a successful organization is investing in professional assistance. Luckily, you don’t have to waste your time searching because our movers in Philadelphia are trained experts who can offer you many convenient services and easy solutions for different relocation needs. Our professional movers in Philadelphia, PA, can help you move a piano or offer you timely assistance if you have trouble with packing dishes or other fragile items from your home. You can hire one of the best Philadelphia moving companies for residential moving services and let them take care of your belongings while you take care of transferring utilities and other important tasks. Contact us right away to get a free quote and turn your move into a much easier and more enjoyable experience.