How to Pack a TV for Moving to Your New Philly Neighborhood Like a Pro

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No one actually enjoys relocating. It’s a long process that requires you to learn all these new skills, and one of them is how to pack a TV for moving. Because we want to help you get through this process in the easiest way possible, we’ve created a guide with everything you have to know to complete the task successfully. Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks for dealing with your favorite entertainment device.

How Do You Pack a Flat-Screen TV for Moving?

TVs can be very expensive and fragile at the same time. Their fragility, size, and peculiar shape call for special attention while packing this electronic for a move. So, in order to help you learn how to pack TVs for moving without breakage and damage, we’ve devised a thorough, all-encompassing plan that will ensure you pack this fragile item well and get it to reach your new Philly neighborhood home intact. By following our to-do list, you can be sure both you, your TV, and all its accessories will move safely. First, you’ll have to obtain some packaging equipment, though.

 A device located in a living room that Philadelphia movers will relocate
Make your future living room feel like home by getting your TV there intact.

In Order to Pack Your Flat-Screen TV, You’ll Need Some Packing Supplies and Materials

Before you get to figuring out how to pack a TV for moving, you’ll have to go through some preparatory steps first. We recommend that you visit one of the best packing supplies stores in Philly to obtain everything you’ll require. Of course, if you decide to hire one of the Philadelphia moving companies, you can skip this step altogether since the Philadelphia moving company you choose to hire will get you all the necessary packaging supplies. If you still choose to go to a supplies shop, here is a list of supplies you’ll need:

  • Boxes in multiple shapes and sizes,
  • Small plastic bags and boxes for accessories,
  • Wrapping materials like bubble and plastic wrap,
  • Specialized blankets,
  • Labeling materials and markers in vivid colors.

Know the Product Manual Inside Out and, if You Can, Use Original Packaging

Of course, we recommend having the product manual on you at all times when dealing with your device. In case you lost it or threw it away, don’t stress. The product manufacturer probably has the manual for your specific product available online, for free. So, visit their website and download the PDF file. Additionally, if you managed to store the original packaging of your device, now would be a great time to take it out. 

How to Move a Flat-Screen TV Without a Box it Originally Came in?

If you don’t have the original packaging stored away in your home, don’t worry. You will still be able to find an adequate container for your device. Just make sure to have its dimensions on you when shopping for supplies. Additionally, you might be able to acquire a specialized TV kit made for wrapping and transporting these devices specifically. These kits come with packaging that has solid and layered walls to protect your device, even without further protection.

How Can I Move My TV Without a Box?

If you are, for whatever reason, unable to obtain an adequate container for your device, there are ways to go about this problem. While we do strongly recommend finding a container suited for your device before changing your address, you might be able to use a replacement in the form of relocation blankets. Is it the safest option? Well, no, not really. However, with a lot of wrapping and securing materials, it can work.

A woman tapping up a container
It’s a good idea to find a container that fits your device as perfectly as possible

Prepare Your Television for Relocation

The first step in figuring out how to pack a television for moving is preparing its accessories and additional parts. However, before you start taking off parts and unplugging cords, we recommend taking photos of how everything is set up. This will help a ton when you get to all the things you will do after you relocate, such as assembling and setting up your TV set.

Start By Unplugging Cords

Begin by unplugging all the cords and organizing them. The power cord is the main one your TV set surely has, but you might have a few more cables to deal with as well. In case any USB devices are plugged in, make sure to secure them as well. You might want to obtain a plastic bag for storing all of these. A relocation hack we can recommend is using cord organizers, in addition to the plastic bag, so as to have all your cords properly separated and ensure the most efficient move of your device. 

Remove the Base of the TV for Easier Handling

Whether your device is set up against a wall or is standing on a cabinet, it will have its own kind of base that allows it to stand how it does. So, before you move, you’ll want to remove the base or the legs of your device. Get a screwdriver, and don’t forget to consult the product’s manual. Use a little plastic container or a bag for the screws you remove. This will help avoid any relocation stress because you’ll know all parts are secured together, and none of them will get lost. 

A blue TV cord
 Get all your cords well organized and stored for transportation

How to Pack a TV for Moving: Start By Carefully Wrapping It

Because the TVs nowadays are super breakable (especially their screens), it’s crucial to spend some time and effort on wrapping your device. First off, you’ll want to protect the corners of your device. You can do so by using TV kit foam pieces for corners that can be adjusted to the size of your television. Ensure the corners are secured with tape so that they don’t move. After that, take your bubble wrap and enwrap the entire device into multiple layers. Once again, tape it well for security.

Protecting the Screen Is Important When Moving

If you can, try finding a flat-screen TV cover. It is a pouch perfectly matching the size and width of your device that can easily be placed on it (and easily taken off afterward). And most importantly, when you get to unpack your things, you’ll see the screen cover has saved your device from scratches and dirt of relocation. For more information on how to wrap your device, check out the following video.

Know How to Place a Wrapped Device in a Box

After you’ve disassembled your device and managed to secure it, it’s time to figure out how to pack a TV inside of a box. You want to be sure your device is standing upright. You might require a helping hand or two to do this, so when you throw your going-away party, ask your friends if they will be willing to assist you with this task. Place the device inside of the inner section of the container before putting it into the outer one. 

The Best Method to Ensure Your Television Is Safe Is By Filling the Box While Packing the Device

The container you’ll be using might still have some leftover space inside when you put the device into the box. If that turns out to be the case, take the TV out once more and fill the container with a thin layer of cushioning. When you put the television back into the container, you’ll want to throw in more foam peanuts, so there is no space for the device to move. Finish this step by taping up the container well to ensure that your device reaches the new South Philly neighborhood home in one piece and without any damage. 

Proper Labeling Can Save Your Device From Damage

Although the shape and size of your container imply what is stored inside, you’ll still want to label the container. In this case, even more important than naming the object which is stored is to write up ”fragile” on the box. Use either a marker or tape with wording on it. That way, the tape you use to seal the container will have multiple purposes, and you can kill two birds with one stone. So, whoever ends up helping you load the truck will know to be extra careful with the object they are dealing with. With adequate instructions, whether you get help from Philly movers or your friends, you can be sure the job will be well executed. 

Philly movers taking a labeled container to a truck
Labeling is one of the most important steps when it comes to relocating your items.

Carefully Load the Box Onto the Truck

When loading the device onto the truck, it’s crucial to keep it upright at all times. An upright position will ensure that any vibrations that might arise in transportation don’t impact your device. And although you’ve taken all the safety precautions in wrapping your object, it’s never a bad idea to take on a few more. 

If you are unsure how to move a TV safely in a truck, we recommend you do so by placing it between larger objects, such as mattresses. Such flat and sturdy things will serve as buffers for your device and ensure it doesn’t have space to tip over and fall down while in transport. 

Can You Lay a TV Down When Moving It?

If you’re looking to learn how to move a flat-screen TV in the safest way possible, placing it down in the truck might not be the best option. You are bound to take furniture and use the truck to move large items, so avoid the option of anything heavy falling over your TV. In trucks, even items that have been secured by straps can shift and cause a mess, so instead of trying your luck, put the device upright.

How Do Moving Companies Move TVs?

When you are dealing with difficult items, having professional assistance on hand is truly life-saving. Just like you wouldn’t dare move a piano on your own, you might want to consider hiring pros for the relocation of your favorite entertainment device. Not only will the professionals dealing with local moving and storage in Philadelphia already have all the necessary supplies, but they have a lot of experience when it comes to tasks like this. 

Luckily for all of us, TVs are not on the list of items movers won’t move, so you don’t have to worry about this task if you don’t want to. While Philly movers probably won’t do much other than the process we already sketched out, they will know how to do it safely, quickly, and efficiently. So much so that you won’t be able to resist tipping the movers who helped you turn this nightmare task into a true breeze. So if you are in doubt about going through this process on your own, contact a local mover today.

Professional working for moving services in Philadelphia with his packed containers
There is a reason professional assistance exists – it’s because experts know how to do the job best

Movers in Philadelphia, PA, Will Move Your Device in the Safest and Easiest Way

The biggest recommendation we can give you, whatever type of a move you are dealing with, is to call local Philadelphia movers and packers the moment you decide on a West Philly neighborhood home. And out of all the moving companies in Philadelphia, we know the right one for you. Our all-encompassing residential relocation service will ensure both packing assistance and a truck to get your boxes where they need to go – whether you are apartment relocating or require in- and-out of storage relocation.

If you need different moving services in Philadelphia, we can also provide you with commercial relocation service or labor-only relocation assistance. When it comes to relocation, there’s nothing we can’t do! So, don’t waste a second more and contact us today to get your free quote. Our friendly customer service is waiting for your call.