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Who Are the Best Piano Movers Nearby? We Are!

If you are about to hire some piano movers, this item must represent a significant thing to you. You may be the one playing and enjoying the beauty of the creative process and skill yourself, or it may be your loved one. Even if you’re not actively playing, piano owners enjoy having this item, and it is a very dear thing to them.

Piano moving services provided by professional piano movers should be the first idea that comes to your mind for organizing a piano relocation. This is why Philadelphia Movers should be your first choice regarding a crew of piano movers nearby.

Hiring Philadelphia Piano Moving Company

Professional piano movers should be your first choice when it comes to relocating pianos. Any attempt at piano moving on your own may end up in a disaster! Pianos are too delicate and heavy to carry with no proper training or equipment.

Even though friends and family would gladly volunteer as piano movers, we certainly wouldn’t recommend risking the safety of anyone included in the process - especially not when there are piano moving specialists ready to do it in a professional manner!

A Philadelphia moving company that can give you a hand on this matter is certainly Philadelphia Movers. Years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers are behind us, and they are guarantee of the quality of our piano moving services. While Philadelphia Movers excels at residential moving, let that not trick you into thinking that piano moving projects aren’t easily handled by our specialists with no issues!

How Much Does a Piano Moving Company Nearby Cost?

The price for hiring piano movers will depend on the number of Philadelphia piano movers you will have. This number is estimated by many details that are involved. Unlike a residential move, piano moving is much more specific. While errors are never welcomed, errors with piano moving can be specifically difficult, as well.

Size And Type Of The Piano

We have decided to train our movers in piano moving since we noticed that we often come across pianos in residential spaces. Most commonly, upright pianos are the type of piano our clients have, and this is the only type of piano we can help you move - for now.

We are currently working on expanding our expertise to other piano types as well. However, we are a serious Philadelphia moving company, ad we take all the measles in order to make sure your piano will make it to the destination without a scratch!

Other Items Involved

Even though you can only hire our piano movers to help you with the piano, in reality, our guys are more commonly hired to perform a bigger moving project or as full-service movers Philadelphia. So you can expect that the number of crew members will be different if they are moving piano only, or if that is part of a more complex moving project!

Professional Piano Movers Will Handle This Delicate Item With Utmost Care

Moving delicate and heavy items requires a lot of skill, as it is one of the greatest challenges in moving. Luckily, opting to hire professional piano movers who can handle this type of moving in a safe and timely manner will save you a lot of trouble.

Hiring our Philadelphia piano movers you can rest assured your move will be handled by experienced, fully equipped, and prepared movers who will have the appropriate plan for any circumstances they may encounter.

If you still aren’t sure whether you should rely on a crew of piano movers nearby, we just want to have to wonder why would you risk damaging your piano or hurting yourself, when you have the best piano movers nearby who can give you a hand.

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If you are interested in the process of making a reservation with Philadelphia Movers’ piano movers, we have great news! The process is simple and quick, as we have made sure to organize the process of quote obtaining and creating reservations to be customer-friendly and time-saving!

Movers were phenomenal. They re been on time. Fast and efficient. They are really hardworking and professional. Very thankful for what they did to me. Highly recommend!

Lela Goffe

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If you wish to request a quote for piano moving services - you can either give us a call at (267) 238-0489, send us an email, or request a quote online by filling out the simple form on our website! Either way, our Sales Agents will help you create the best, tailor-made piano moving plan in no time!

The main perks of using us as your local piano movers are, just like for any other type of moving services performed by Philadelphia Movers

  • All-inclusive rates
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • Hourly-based prices with 3 hours of minimum
  • Nonobligatory piano moving quotes.
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Make a Reservation for Piano Moving Services in a Few Clicks

When it comes to placing your reservation on our schedule - all you need to do is choose the date and the time! You can place your deposit to secure the spot with our piano movers over the phone or online! If you decide on using the Mod24 platform for booking the move, you can even become a member and enjoy using many perks for your upcoming move, as well as future ones!

When Hiring Our Philadelphia Moving Company,
Please Bear In Mind…

First of all, bear in mind that we are bonded, insured, and fully licensed Philadelphia moving company. Our piano movers are hand-picked, experienced professionals with decades of experience in the moving industry.

Our Representatives are constantly being trained into assessing the adequate number of piano-moving professionals, who will be able to handle your item with ease.

Lastly, unlike many other piano movers nearby, we don’t want to accept jobs just for the sake of accepting them - unless we can make sure to complete the job professionally, we would rather not accept it. That is why we ask you for your understanding as to why our piano movers can currently only help you with upright pianos.

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