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5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 06-09-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Movers was great. They were fast, professional, careful, timely. They called when they were outside. The best part was that we threw a couple last minute curveballs outside of the original list of items and they complied with no issues! Of course I made sure to tip them extra for the extra work. If you're looking for awesome and affordable movers you've found them.

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-20-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

These guys are fantastic. Fast, professional, careful and great customer service. Just call them! Prices are fair, got my stuff safely to where it was going - I'm very happy!

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-12-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

If you have concerns about using this company for your move - don't. Just call them.

Philadelphia Movers


The Arboretum at Penn State
in the Centre County, Pennsylvania

Palmer Museum of Art

The Nittany Lion Shrine
University Park, State College, PA 16801

State College Local and Long Distance Moving Companies by Philadelphia Movers

Do you want to leave State College and relocate to another city nearby? Or perhaps you’ve decided to leave Pennsylvania altogether and move across the country? You might be looking for a better job or you’re following your partner. You might be looking for better education opportunities for your children. Whatever it is that made you decide to relocate locally or long distance, we’re here to help you make that happen. In the sea of State College local and long distance moving companies, you need a dependable one, which is why we suggest you pick Philadelphia Movers.

Since we have been in the moving business for many years, we have the necessary experience to make your moving process as comfortable as possible. In fact, we can take care of every single step of it if you need us to. In that case, you just need to ask for a full moving service. But even if you don’t need us to do absolutely everything for you, we can still help you a lot with our top-notch moving services, some of which are listed here, so keep reading.

Moving services when moving with Philadelphia Movers

Our experience has taught us that packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of relocation, so professional packing is our most popular service. Even if you do have enough time to handle packing on your own, it’s still better to leave it to professionals and you can relax knowing your belongings are in safe hands. Our movers and packers have been trained to take care of all kinds of items, so they are certainly more competent than you and your friends to handle your fragile and expensive glassware, for instance.

When you opt for us, you can also count on our crew to bring all the necessary moving supplies, including moving boxes, moving blankets, bubble wraps, and so much more. Our high-quality moving supplies are sturdy enough to keep all your items in place during transport so that we can avoid any damages that could happen otherwise.

You can also leave it to our crew to load and unload your boxes, as well as to unpack them upon arrival to your new home. That way, we save you from all the heavy lifting and you’ve got enough time to spend with your loved ones and focus on all the good sides of moving.

Residential and corporate moving

Don’t forget that all the previously mentioned services apply to both residential and corporate relocation, so whether you need us to move your house or your business, we’ll be able to do so. And be sure your expensive office equipment will be delivered intact to your new address.

Moving quote

Finally, if you’re wondering how much all of these are going to cost you, we can answer that question, as well. Your only part of the job is to give us the necessary information about your local or long distance move and based on that, we’ll give you a free moving quote that will help you determine your moving budget even before you set the moving date.

If you have all the details you need and you want to get the moving process started, now is the perfect time because you have one of the best State College local and long distance moving companies by your side. For those of you who want to read a bit more about moving before taking any further steps, we suggest this useful website. Contact us to set the date. We can’t wait to embark upon this moving adventure together with you.

Philadelphia Movers