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2Philadelphia Movers

on 09-01-2018

Philadelphia, PA to Washington, DC

I phoned them up to get a quote to get an out of state transfer. I inquired for the quote in writing because function is paying for this move and I want to publish quotes in writing in order for it to be covered. I was confident this wasn't any issue. Well. A couple of days and several phone calls and still, nothing. I really don't feel as though written quotes are from the scope of practice for moving companies, therefore that I do not understand exactly what their problem is. Unacceptable.

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers

on 07-11-2018

Washington, DC to Washington, DC

Last weekend I moved with the help from Philadelphia movers. The two guy showed up very early and helped me move out quickly. They did great jobs, and really very nice. If I have any chances I would like to recommend to my friends and family without any questions. By the way, two people just walked around and saw the movers did good work. They came up and asked for the contact information from us. That's a nice experience.

Philadelphia Movers
Philadelphia Movers