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5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 06-09-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Movers was great. They were fast, professional, careful, timely. They called when they were outside. The best part was that we threw a couple last minute curveballs outside of the original list of items and they complied with no issues! Of course I made sure to tip them extra for the extra work. If you're looking for awesome and affordable movers you've found them.

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-20-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

These guys are fantastic. Fast, professional, careful and great customer service. Just call them! Prices are fair, got my stuff safely to where it was going - I'm very happy!

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-12-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

If you have concerns about using this company for your move - don't. Just call them.

Philadelphia Movers


Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

The Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

PNC Park
115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

Pittsburgh Local and Long Distance Moving Companies by Philadelphia Movers

Have you been planning on moving from Pittsburgh for a long time? Perhaps it’s a recent decision, and you’re moving because of a job opportunity you just can’t miss out on, as many people move because of their career. No matter why you’ve decided to do it, at the moment you must be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the whole moving process. If you want it all taken care of efficiently, and without it costing you an arm and a leg, remember that you can find professional Pittsburgh local and long distance moving companies which can help you with the relocation. One of the best moving companies you’ll find is Philadelphia Movers , which can provide you with some top-notch and affordable moving services.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re planning on relocating just around the corner, or if you’ve set your sights on moving long distance, for example if you’re moving to another state. We have helped out thousands of customers over the years in the relocation business, and just like we did for them, we’ll make your relocation a hassle free experience as well. The whole relocation will look very daunting, especially if you’re moving for the first time, but you won’t have to worry about anything, knowing that you’ve hired an experienced moving company for the job.

Our local and long distance moving services

We will be glad to take care of every step of the moving process for you, and save you all the hassle of relocation. We’ve developed some of the most reliable moving services over the years, and you’ll have variety of them to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving long distance, or locally in Philly, you can always count on our moving services. We’ll be completely dedicated to your relocation, and will do our best to make it a smooth and stress free experience. If you’re moving into a new home, and want all of your household items transported to your new house or apartment, you can count on our residential moving services. We also offer corporate moving services, if you’re looking for an efficient way to get all of your office equipment and supplies shipped across the country.

While our experienced movers are taking care of your relocation, you’ll have the time to handle other matters. Like notifying your customers that you have moved offices, or checking out your new neighborhood, if you’ve moved into a new home. We can also take care of the packing, which usually takes a lot of time, and needs to be organized properly. You can count on our packing crew to make sure that your belongings are packed safely for the move. But keep in mind that there are some items we can’t pack, nor ship, due to them being too fragile, or priceless. Things such as money, personal documents, or any hazardous belongings, you can get a full list of non-allowable items on our website, or you can give us a call and find out that way.

Our moving services can cover the whole moving process, and you’re welcome to contact us if you’d like to find out more about them. Not only that, but our friendly staff will be glad to answer any of your questions. No matter if you’re looking for advice on your moving plan, or moving tips to make your relocation easier. We can also give you a moving quote, or you can get one on our website, where you can also check out the reviews left by our previous customers. You’ll see for yourself that our moving services are both affordable, and high quality, and won’t have to keep looking for professional Pittsburgh local and long distance moving companies.

Once you are ready to relocate, don’t hesitate in giving Philadelphia Movers a call , and we’ll be happy to take care of the whole moving process for you.

Philadelphia Movers