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5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 06-09-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Movers was great. They were fast, professional, careful, timely. They called when they were outside. The best part was that we threw a couple last minute curveballs outside of the original list of items and they complied with no issues! Of course I made sure to tip them extra for the extra work. If you're looking for awesome and affordable movers you've found them.

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-20-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

These guys are fantastic. Fast, professional, careful and great customer service. Just call them! Prices are fair, got my stuff safely to where it was going - I'm very happy!

Philadelphia Movers
5Philadelphia Movers reviews star

on 02-12-2019

Philadelphia, PA to Philadelphia, PA

If you have concerns about using this company for your move - don't. Just call them.

Philadelphia Movers


Ironton Rail Trail
The Ironton Rail Trail is a rail trail that spans 9 miles in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Atlas Cement Company Museum
1401 Laubach Ave, Northampton, PA 18067, USA

Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park
1200 Willowbrook Rd, Northampton, PA 18067, USA

Northampton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies by Philadelphia Movers

Time is running out and you did not pack your household goods. You are about to relocate but you don’t have a clue how to handle the relocation pressure and all that fuss that circulates around you. Well, this is just the beginning, and a lot more is there to come and you need a good plan and strategy to manage the entire move without stress. More than that, you will need someone experienced to help you with the overall organization. Just because you are moving locally , it does not get any easier and we know that. As your advisors, we want to help you relocate properly. Philadelphia Movers have performed a number of local moves and they know their business. Let us be there for you with our unconditional devotion and readiness. As your Northampton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies , we will give our best! We are among the best local and long distance moving companies. You do not have to go around and look for other local or long distance moving services - we have you covered.

Have you already planned out the moving process? Things do not always work out the way you thought they would and we know that. Accidents and unpleasant events may occur, such as a flat tire for example. Do you really want this additional stress on top of everything else that you have to do? We are sure not. Therefore, reach out to us and assign the entire moving process to a professional who knows how to tackle each segment of the local move. Our movers usually plan everything thoroughly. They have backup plans and solutions to all kinds of scenarios. Besides, did you know that we charge minimal amounts for the help we offer? That’s right! Unlike numerous cross-country moving companies which take advantage of their customers, we do everything in style and for a level-headed cost. There are no hidden fees when working with us; everything is transparent to our customers.

Moving features

We know it must be hard for you to leave Northampton behind. Nevertheless, if you have firmly decided to do this, do not look back and prolong the move. The sooner we know the moving date, the easier it will be to relocate everything. Our schedules are busy and we like to plan ahead everything that we will do. Some of the services our professionals offer include:

● Moving equipment
● Modern trucks
● Residential relocation from point A to point B
● Customer-oriented team
● Moving tips
Free moving quote
● And a lot more.

To have a proper estimate, we advise you to be as specific as possible and enter all the moving information. Our team has to scan through your home and make a note of all those delicate objects. We need an observation before we bring the packing supplies. You can be as involved in the relocation process as you choose to. If you want to learn and gain experience, just join our packers, if not, we will take care of everything for you!

For some additional information, reach out to us and we will help you out! As one of the leading Northampton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies , we have everything under control!

Philadelphia Movers