7 Tips for Moving Large Items to Your New Philly Home

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Once you start preparing for your local move within Philly, you will inevitably run into this problem – how to move something heavy on your own? Is it even possible to handle moving large items without the assistance of professional movers in Philadelphia? Truth be told, it is manageable, but it’s not easy work. Then, is it worth your time, energy, or health? We are here to answer all that for you.

Although undoubtedly possible, transporting hefty belongings is a demanding task better left to professionals such as our Philadelphia movers. If you are sure you want to do it by yourself, no matter how good the free quote is, the tips we are about to share will come in handy. So, sit back and relax on your sofa – you will learn how to move it to your new home in no time. 

How to Handle Moving Large Items on Your Own? Easy With the Help of Our 7 Tips

Be ready for plenty of relocation stress – this isn’t a piece of cake. However, if you know what you are doing, you can accomplish that efficient move that everybody dreams about. If you have ever had a local relocation, you are probably familiar with standard moving hacks, which means you are aware that planning and preparations are half the job done. In this particular case, that is more true than ever. Having a detailed plan will go a long way – you will be ready for any unpleasant surprises and know how to deal with them. 

Why is being organized more crucial for relocating heavy objects than, for example, when you are trying to move boxes with packed clothes? The answer is simple – when you move light boxes, you have way less chance to hurt yourself. Lifting heavy furniture means there’s a possibility for injuries – but not only that. You can also seriously damage the floor of the house you are about to move out of or your new place of residence in a lovely Philadelphia neighborhood. Not to mention the chances of destroying your belongings – either way, your relocation expenses checklist would be longer than it has to be, and that is something to avoid at all costs. But don’t worry – with our tips, everything will be just fine. 

A man laying on the couch, looking upwards
With our tips, you will handle this like a pro – there’s no reason to worry

#1 Plan Everything Down to Every Last Detail Before You Begin With the Work

So, what do we mean by planning? What is there to think about lifting a sofa or a mattress? Well, there’s more to it than you would think at first. This task from your to-do list will require more than physical strength – at least, if you want to move safely all these belongings to your new home in the best west Philadelphia neighborhood or any storage facility, and get through the move without hurting yourself.

Before You Move Any Item, You Must Make Sure It Can Fit Through the Door

This is such an obvious tip, and that’s precisely why people often forget it, especially if they have to move in a hurry. What good will you do, carefully wrapping your couch and successfully getting it to the door if it won’t fit through them? Be sure to measure everything – furniture, doors, hallways, and stairs, if any. Feel free to take off the door molding if it would help you fit an item through.

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Map the Route for Moving Every Item

Trust us – you wouldn’t want just to wing this. It would be way more complex, almost like packing fragile belongings. Pay close attention to your room – what would be the most straightforward way to get the sofa or an armchair to the door? If the boxes or other packed objects are already moved out, and there’s nothing in the way, you’ll have less trouble finding the most efficient route.

Packed boxes, plant, and a coffee table around the sofa
Move boxes and other belongings out of the way – it will be easier

#2 Disassemble Everything You Can to Make Things Easier for Yourself 

So, you have measured the dimensions of your doorframe and, let’s say, the bookshelf, but the item in question is too big for the door. What are you going to do now? Even if you take off the molding, there’s still not enough space. What is the next step? The only reasonable solution is disassembling things that are too big to carry out of your old home to another one (or to the storage). We know that you’re probably not happy about an additional thing to do before you move, but there’s no way around this. 

Here’s How to Make Sure You’ll Be Able to Assemble Everything After the Move

So, try to take off any parts that you can and wrap them neatly in adequate materials so they don’t get damaged. Here’s one pro tip – before you get to disassembling stuff, remember to take photos of what the item looked like, so you can quickly figure out how to assemble it back up when you get to unpacking after the move

Be Careful With a Piano

Relocating a piano is probably the most difficult relocation-related task. Why do you need professional help for this? The tricky part is knowing which parts of the piano can be disassembled and how to do that. That’s why we suggest you hire our company for moving and storage in Philadelphia for this – even if you want to save money on your house or apartment move, a piano is not the right thing to spare cash on. You can reach out to us for labor-only service, and we can keep your instrument safe during the move.  

A man trying to lift a piano
Yes, you’ve guessed it – this isn’t how you want to move a piano or any hefty object

#3 Protect Your Furniture and Other Bulky Items, But Also Take Care of the Floor

Of course, things such as sofas and coffee tables are not amongst the most commonly forgotten things to pack, and you will, without any doubt, remember to put them on your packing list. Still, the thing that might slip your mind if you haven’t booked relocation services with Philly movers to take care of everything is this – protect the floor from scratches or damage. How can you do that? Simply use any material that can adequately cover the floor on your route – cardboard, rugs, old sheets (it’s the same trick you can use when packing dishes – using old clothing to protect the things that will be moved). 

Here’s What to Use to Protect Your Furniture From Damage

Packing supplies necessary for transporting your most oversized household objects are pretty standard materials that you can find easily – in any decently equipped supply store. Considering you went for the DIY move, you won’t be able to get blankets that can come as a part of your relocation service, so here’s what you need to add to your shopping list:

  • Moving blankets,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Bubble wrap (for pieces that contain glass),
  • Tape.

For whichever objects fall under the category of big ones – sofas, armchairs, you name it, blankets are the first step. After that layer, you have an optional one – one more layer of blankets – if the piece you are wrapping seems particularly delicate and you want to be extra sure, cover it one more time. It can’t hurt, right? Next up, we have plastic wrap – that should secure the blankets in place and make the transport to the home or storage easier.

Two Philadelphia movers wrapping an object in plastic wrap, a sofa on the right
How to wrap things as if you were a pro? Follow our tips, and you won’t have any trouble

#4 Use the Right Equipment 

When you are handling tasks such as packing books or trying to stack all your pots and pans in boxes, you don’t risk your health – the worst thing that can happen is a book falling off the shelf and hitting you on the head. No big deal, right? Now, if you are trying to move a big armchair, or even worse, sofa, it wouldn’t be too great if something falls. Luckily for you, if you know the right equipment for the job, there won’t be such issues. 

Supplies That Will Help You Move Hefty Belongings the Same as Professional Movers

Once you step into the world of relocations, you will find out that people have invented many smart things that can ease this process. When it comes to bulky objects, inventions have been particularly creative. They will turn this hell-ish task into something no more demanding than packing plates – buy these supplies, and you 100% won’t be sorry you did. Here’s the list:

  • Dolly (unavoidable classic),
  • Furniture straps,
  • Mattress slings,
  • Stair roller,
  • Sliders,
  • Furniture lifter.  

You will quickly realize that these supplies are easy to work with and need little to no explanation on how they function – they are brilliant materials that will soon get your belongings to a home in your favorite south Philadelphia neighborhood. To see how efficient a lifter is, for example, check out the video below. 

#5 Ask a Few Friends to Help You Out

If you have a big (soon-to-be-former) place, you will probably have many giant belongings to move. Add a flight of stairs to that, and we can guarantee that you’ll be exhausted. No matter how much you love visiting the gym, you’re not Superman – and even he would be tired after this job. So, what to do if the alone approach is out of the question (and trust us, it should be)?

We have a piece of advice for you – ask your friends to set aside a few hours and assist you. You can’t promise them a good time – this won’t be even close to your going-away party – but you can definitely try to bribe them with pizza and beer or something more elegant. You know best what will persuade them to come – besides the desire to be there for a friend, of course. We suggest playing upbeat music for motivational purposes, as well – the best workout songs playlist will come in handy here.  

A pizza with basil leaves and cherry tomatoes is a perfect way to treat your movers in Philadelphia
You can’t go wrong with pizza – offer it to your assistants as a thank you for their work

#6 Learn How to Move Heavy Items With Proper Lifting Techniques

Although you will, naturally, try to lift as few objects as you can, sometimes you won’t be able to avoid that. Of course, sliders and a lifting tool will handle most of the work – pushing instead of lifting is a golden rule that will save your back and floors both. But, what to do when you absolutely have to lift something bulky? 

The Best Way to Move Heavy Belongings Without Hurting Yourself

Considering the weight of boxes and other objects you will have to move from a room to the truck, we wouldn’t suggest skipping this tip. You can expose yourself to some severe back injuries if you lift something the wrong way. After your relocation expenses, the last thing you need is a hospital bill. So, the following tips are an absolute must for anyone who doesn’t want to book relocation services and plans a DIY move.

  • Place your feet so that they are aligned with your shoulders.
  • Never bend your back, only hips, and knees.
  • Put back your shoulders – the back must be 100% straight.
  • Hold the lifted object close to yourself.
  • Never twist your body while lifting or carrying anything.
  • Move in slow, steady steps so that you can keep your balance.
  • When putting down an object, never bend your back, only knees, and hips.

If all of these tips still sound confusing for you, maybe a visual approach would be better. You should check out the video below, where everything is explained correctly – don’t skip learning this because it seems demanding at first. Trust us, you will quickly get a hold of everything.

#7 Park the Truck as Close to the Front Door as Possible

This is a small hack, but it will save you a lot of time and spare your muscles the work. It will be simple to find a parking spot in front of your old place – you know the street. But, you should also try and find the place to park the truck as close as possible to the entrance of the place you will move into. If you have the time, pay a visit to your soon-to-be street and scout the place to park. Understandably, not everyone can do that – if that’s the case, you’ll just have to remember the driveway from when you were house-hunting

An open white van with boxes packed by Philadelphia movers
Try to park the van or the truck so that the entrance is easily accessible

Are You Sure That You Want to Do This on Your Own? Our Philly Movers Can Spare You the Trouble – Contact Us to Get a Free Quote

If all this talk has spooked you, and you’re rethinking your commitment to the DIY move instead of just booking good services, we might have the solution for you. Contact our Philadelphia moving company, and we will provide you with an outstanding free quote for excellent services, so you won’t spend more than you can afford for your residential relocation. We don’t add any hidden fees or charges to your final bill – there are no relocation scams if you move with our reputable company. We will get your belongings safely and quickly to their destination – house or storage (yes, we do in- and-out-of storage services as well).

For those who find it demanding to pack big or small objects, we have a packing service that you will love, with trustworthy and skilled packers and movers who will brighten your relocation day. Our company has been in the business for so long that nothing can surprise our experienced crews. Even a commercial relocation service is a piece of cake for them. You should contact us, and see for yourself – your move will be fantastic with us by your side.