5 Signs That Will Tell You You’re Ready for Moving in With Your Boyfriend in Philly

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Moving in with your boyfriend is a big step, but even if you’re on cloud nine, it is normal to have some doubts and concerns. Thinking that you are ready for it simply because you’re in love and looking at everything through rose-colored glasses just isn’t enough. This article will help you learn how to evaluate your relationship and emotions and see if you’re truly ready.

#1 How Long Should I Wait to Move in With My Boyfriend? The First Sign That You’re Ready Is That You’re Not Rushing Into This

If you have enough reasons to relocate and also have a healthy relationship with the man of your dreams, moving in with a boyfriend certainly doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In most cases, it probably isn’t, especially if you feel like you are ready for this step. But following your gut can also be misleading if you’re still in the honeymoon phase or don’t know your partner well enough, so you fail to judge the situation realistically – because you’re in love. 

What does moving in with your boyfriend too soon even mean? Some people stay together and end up happily married even if they moved in together after just a few months of dating. Others spend years together only to find out they are not for each other. Life is unpredictable, and people change. You can never be 100% sure that your decision is a good one, but if you’re rushing into this, the chances are high you’ll be overlooking some red flags. 

Does Moving in Ruin a Relationship? Not at All, Look at It as an Opportunity for Growth

It will be a bumpy ride, but no matter how it ends, you can learn so much from it. In case it doesn’t work, this can be a good thing because you’ll learn so much from this experience. Maybe you’ll even make smarter choices and learn how to overcome your mistakes. One thing is for sure – you’ll grow from it no matter how it ends.

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Learn how to move in with your boyfriend and start living your fairytale

#2 Another Important Sign Is That You Don’t Keep Secrets From Each Other and Communicate

Just to stay clear – we don’t mean you have to tell every little secret you ever had to your partner. If you feel comfortable communicating about everything, go for it, but this isn’t about that. We are talking about some big issues that can actually affect your relationship in a more serious way. For example, having a child with a previous partner is something you should definitely mention as soon as possible. 

Sometimes people are afraid to admit these big things to significant others because they’re scared it might break the bubble. But guess what? Real-life is not a perfect pink bubble, and things can get hard from time to time. If you want someone who will stay with you even during the bad times, you should be honest with them. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that someone knows all your “flaws” or secrets and still loves you and chooses to stay by your side no matter what.

Learn More About Your Boyfriend’s Habits Before Rushing Into Things

Having secrets doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but sometimes you might miss important pieces of a puzzle if you don’t know your partner very well. This could eventually lead to relocation stress, so prevent this from happening by learning more about him day by day. 

How does he spend his free time? What does he do for a living? Is he an extrovert or an introvert? What are his priorities in life, and what he expects from the future? These are some essential questions that can wrap the majority of things that are important for a healthy relationship. If your core beliefs don’t match, you’ll get yourself into trouble eventually. 

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Do you feel like he’s keeping something from you? You shouldn’t start living with a potential liar

#3 You Are One Step Closer to Being Ready if You Already Talked About Finances 

If you feel like you are a strong and independent person who doesn’t need anyone to pay for your expenses, this is the moment to think this through. If you are living with your boyfriend, you should also learn how to share your expenses. It is not natural that one person pays for everything unless you both agree on that. As much as things change and people manage to cohabitate under various terms, the person who is technically paying for everything will always have the last word. 

To avoid this situation or a conflict of interests, you might as well talk about this before you start sharing a roof. Does your boyfriend have some old debts that you’re unaware of, or always avoid talking about it? Don’t pressure him to tell you, but it will be fair to know about it, especially if you offer him some kind of help and an agreement of sharing expenses. 

Money Talks, But So Does Your Mouth

Don’t let anything stop you from talking about this topic. How can you share a roof with someone if you don’t know if they are able to pay the rent for that amazing apartment you found in one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods? Don’t be shy and also admit everything about your bad shopping habits. It might be irresponsible of you to spend your entire monthly paycheck on online shopping. 

This is also a moment when you are supposed to fight this bad urge – you have responsibility for another person, and you can’t spend everything on yourself. Or can you if you both agree on that? Keep in mind that sharing a roof with your partner might lead to becoming a parent one day as well. You’ll definitely need to become more responsible, at least at some point in your life, so why not start here?

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Frequently Asked Questions You Should Go Through

Just to ensure you stay on the right track when it comes to finances, you should be aware that relocations aren’t so cheap. Sometimes, you’ll need to pay a higher rent, a deposit, buy new furniture, and maybe invest in professional local relocation services. After putting everything you need to go through on a to-do list, you can also make a short relocation expenses checklist just to ensure you are both aware of upcoming payments and agree on them. 

If you’re currently on a budget, maybe buying a new sofa shouldn’t be your priority, no matter how much you like it. Stay patient, and you’ll have plenty of time to build a nest together with your soulmate and fill it with amazing details and unforgettable memories. Here are some questions you should both agree on:

  • How much are you both willing to spend on rent?
  • If you’re buying a home, how much are you willing to pay?
  • Who’s going to pay for utilities?
  • Who will be buying food? 
  • Who will pay for other home necessities?
  • Who’s paying for professional relocation services?

If things go wrong at some point, you should think about a plan B or C to ensure nobody ends up on the street after a fight.

Couple fighting
Moved in with a boyfriend, and you’re not happy? Always have a backup plan and another home where you can live

#4 If You’re Already Spending a Lot of Time at Each Other’s Place or Traveling Together, You Might Be Ready for the Next Step

One of the serious signs that your relationship is already on another level is that you are sleeping at his home every now and then or keep some of your personal belongings there, and your partner is fine with it. Also, if you traveled together and spent more than a few days together without killing each other – you’re up to something big! These situations are important reality checks that will tell you how well you two actually get along. If you manage to deal with it well, you might be ready for the next level. 

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There are many tips for moving in with a boyfriend, but the most important one is to follow your gut

#5 If You Know Each Other’s Habits and Are Ready to Make a Compromise, Give It a Try

People are sometimes surprised by the weird habits their partners have, and they previously knew nothing about them, especially if they move in together in a hurry. Loud snoring or annoying chewing can be some of them. Now think about everything that your bf does that irritates you, and imagine seeing that every day, probably more than once. 

Are you really ready to do what it takes to watch him playing video games for nine hours straight? Some women find it annoying, but you can use it to have some time for yourself. If you really want things to work out well and move efficiently, you’ll have to make a compromise here and there and deal with frequent disagreements. Once you love another person despite all his annoying flaws, you’ll know you’re ready to risk it all. 

It Is Essential That You Share Responsibilities

Is it a bad idea to move in with your boyfriend? If he wants you to replace his mother, it probably is. Always remember this, no matter how strong your urge to clean the kitchen is or to do the whole move-out cleaning by yourself, it’s essential that you share at least some responsibilities. You’re not his slave or his mother, so he needs to treat you with respect. If you agree to do all the cooking and cleaning at the beginning of your life together, it will be almost impossible to set up new rules later.

What to Expect When You Move in With Your Boyfriend? 

If your boyfriend was kind enough sometimes to wash the dishes at your home, ensure he keeps this cute habit after you start living together. You can share responsibilities depending on your personal preferences – if you are relocating with a pet and he likes walking your dog, let him do that. You can do something else instead of him to make it even. If he knows how to pack pots and pans and you are good at organizing documents, split the chores. For example, if he’s packing clothes for relocation, you can be in charge of unpacking after moving.

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Moving in with boyfriend checklist should also include hiring professionals for easier relocation

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