How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving in If You’re a Germaphobe Living in Philly

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How to clean an apartment before moving in? This is one of the first questions you will ask yourself once you step into your new home. No doubt, local relocation in Philadelphia wasn’t a piece of cake, and you must be tired, but it’s not time for relaxing yet. You must scrub the place and make it spotless before you can truly settle in and turn it into a real home.

This is not a particularly difficult task, but it might take a while, and you should know what you have to do before you get to work. We can show you how to organize this deep cleanse and make the most out of your time. Follow our tips, and you will be enjoying a spotless new home before you know it.

Wonder How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving in? Just Follow Our Guide

After you’ve been under relocation stress for what seems like forever, you might think that your struggles have come to an end after the relocation day. You’ve had an efficient move, and your movers in Philadelphia were wonderful. You are ready to relax and celebrate the fact that you now live in the best Philadelphia neighborhood. But, not so fast. Although previous residents probably left the place in good condition, you can’t sit back and hope that every surface is germ-free. It’s time to conduct a deep cleaning. And how do you disinfect an apartment before moving in? Worry not – we will explain everything.

How Do You Clean Before Moving in So That Everything Is Spotless?

The most important thing is that you don’t improvise – following a carefully made plan will help you more than you think is possible. It’s pretty much the same principle as a relocation to-do list. If you know where to start and where to go from that, the rest will follow. Also, applying tips from experts is a wise way to enhance your efficiency – just like you would use all the relocation hacks from the book.

Before we begin, you have to keep in mind that this isn’t ordinary cleaning – it is supposed to be as detailed as possible, and you need to give it your best. That will make things easier for you a little bit down the road and ensure that you don’t struggle with cleaning the space later. It’s always best to begin your life in one of West Philadelphia neighborhoods with every room being spotless and scrubbed surfaces. Now, let’s get to the tips you will need, and in which order you should do the cleaning.

Woman with gloves facing an unpacked kitchen
What are you going to do about the move-in cleanse?

What Do You Need to Clean an Apartment?

We assume you’re not entirely happy about the task ahead of you, but this is something you can’t put off – you can’t function normally in a space some strangers were using for years if you don’t wipe, wash, and dust every inch of the home. Take a minute to prepare yourself mentally, and then get to work. First, you need to get all the supplies. You will have to spend a bit of money since you’ve gotten rid of your household chemicals before the move – they are items movers won’t move, considering they are hazardous. Here’s what we suggest you buy:

  • Gloves,
  • Sponges and microfibre cloths,
  • Cleaning brushes,
  • A bucket and a mop,
  • Broom and a dustpan,
  • All-purpose cleaner,
  • Oven cleaner.

We assume you have packed your vacuum cleaner and brought it with you (it’s hardly one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack), so you may want to unpack that before you get started. Also, it would be wise to have an alternative cleaner such as dishwashing soap or vinegar, or better yet both, as they can be used to wipe various surfaces. Lastly, we hope you have water and electricity – you should have transferred utilities before the move, for example, when you were figuring out how to change your address.

Gloves, sponge, brush, cloths, and a spray bottle
You will need adequate chemicals if you want the cleanse to be successful

Deep Cleaning Apartment Before Moving in Should Be Started From the Bathroom

Why start with the bathroom? It’s pretty logical once you think about it – you will need to use the toilet or brush your teeth, and that’s a bit unsanitary to do if you haven’t washed everything after former tenants moved out. Here’s hoping that they had done their part and had a move-out cleanse before they headed to one of South Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Wash Everything Thoroughly Before You Start Using the Bathroom

We are going to give you the best advice first – change the toilet seat. That’s way easier than scrubbing the one that was already in the bathroom. Trust us, buying another seat won’t significantly affect your expenses checklist, but it will give you a lot of peace of mind. Also, we suggest you buy a shower curtain even if the previous tenants have forgotten to bring theirs with them.

Pay attention to the sinks – we hope you won’t have to face any clogs, but if you do, remember that the simple baking soda and vinegar mix is a quick and cheap way to unclog a bathroom sink. Before you even think about having a shower, every tile and your bathtub must be scrubbed – especially if you notice mold. Check out this video below to see what to do in this case. It will save you a lot of time.

Kitchen Is Up Next – You Need to Make It Shine

Sure, the bathroom was likely the worst to polish. But cleansing the kitchen will also bring you a bit of trouble, so have a little break before you tackle this lovely space that will host so many happy family dinners. Just like packing dishes wasn’t easy, scrubbing this room and unpacking stuff like pots and pans will be tricky as well. So, where to begin?

Make Sure You Scrub Stove and the Fridge First

Since the fridge is empty, this won’t take much time. You can use dishwashing soap to wipe the fridge drawers and shelves (after you have taken them out of the fridge) and cleanse the insides using vinegar, or you can simply cleanse the refrigerator using vinegar on all of its parts. You can use these tips for a freezer as well. It’s beginning to look like you will need ages to polish the whole kitchen, but don’t lose motivation. If you have survived something like relocating with pets and kids, you can get the kitchen to shine. After the fridge, the stove is next on the list – you can use vinegar as well, and baking soda also does a great job.

Remember to Wipe Dish Racks and Cabinets Before You Arrange Pots, Pans, and Other Dishes

We know that you worked hard when packing plates and that you want to see them in cabinets as soon as possible, but don’t rush so much. You should scrub all the kitchen surfaces, including racks and cabinets. You have no way of knowing how dirty they are – maybe the previous tenants had to move in a hurry and didn’t have time to do a proper move-out cleanse. You can’t leave all that potential dust just to sit there. Imagine spending hours packing glasses only to place them in a dirty cabinet – you’d have to wash them all over again. Don’t be lazy. Grab those gloves, and continue cleansing your living space.

Hand with gloves wiping the stove
Don’t skip the stove – it sure needs to be wiped before you cook anything on it

Now, Let’s Scrub the Rest of the Place

The worst is over – now, all you have to do is get rid of the dust in other rooms. This won’t be tricky since you have no furniture in your place yet. The living room will be the least of your worries, at least when it comes to the move-in cleanse. Unpacking will be another story – remember how long it took you to pack books, and you’ll know how long it will take to unpack all those boxes.

Pay Attention to the Whole Interior – Don’t Skip Walls, Doors, and Windows

People often focus on the floors and overlook the stains on the windows or the damage on the walls. Be sure to not repeat the same mistake as many before you – remember that wiping windows is essential for a complete move-in cleanse. Get a microfibre cloth and a dishwashing detergent. Vinegar is a substitute for detergent in case you run out of it. When it comes to walls, if they seem pretty dirty, you have no other choice but to paint them. Try to turn this task into a fun activity – invite over a few friends and put on some music. It will feel like a going-away party all over again. You can also paint over the doors in case you have no success wiping the stains off. Even a single layer of paint will bring fresh energy into the place – you’ll see for yourself.

A hand with gloves wiping a window
Windows should be well-cleaned, remember that

Leave Mopping the Floors in Your New Philly Home for Last

Mopping the floor is the last step, but before you take that mop, it would be wise to brush the dust off with the broom or vacuum it – that way, when you mop, you won’t just move the dirt around. The dusting step is necessary for both laminate and hardwood floors. After that, the mop will finish the job quickly. Here’s one pro tip before you do this – begin mopping from the corner that is furthest from the door, and work your way towards the exit of the room, so you don’t have to walk over the wet surfaces and destroy your hard work.

Now That You’re Done Cleaning New Apartment, You Can Start Unpacking

Everything is shiny and cleaned – what to do now? Can you finally relax? Sorry to remind you, but there are countless boxes still waiting to be unpacked. Besides, you have to arrange the furniture. Don’t forget that unpacking and packing furniture should both be done carefully, so nothing gets damaged accidentally. Be sure to place your carpets on the floor, so the place seems more familiar and warm. There are so many things to do after relocating, so you better handle the unpacking sooner than later. After that, you will finally be ready to relax and truly settle in.

Mop, bucket, chemical, sponge, and gloves next to the white couch
Once you mop the floor, the big cleanse is over

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