A Complete Checklist For Your Upcoming Move

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When you need some assistance planning and executing your upcoming local move even with the help of house movers near you, our professional movers know just how to ease the process. We know the ins and outs of moving, and receiving the best possible service is only one way of cutting down the stress. The real issue lies in the process before your move – and staying organized during this part of your relocation is key, no matter how insignificant it might seem. We know the best ways of staying organized and on track, and one of them is sitting down and making a plan. We have created the plan – so you don’t have to.

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1 Month Before

Start researching movers

It is never too soon to start looking for house movers near you. The Philadelphia movers you could come around offer a wide array of services for you to choose from, meaning that you are bound to find at least one local moving company that will fit your needs and into your budget. It is important to start shopping around early so you can call up your movers in advance to ensure they have availability for your preferred date and time. Gather at least 3 moving quotes before settling on a moving company of choice in order to ensure you’ve selected the best one.

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Start setting up a budget

You need to know how much you can handle when it comes to hiring a professional moving company without digging deep inside your pockets. Settling a specific moving budget and making sure that you can realistically hire top notch house movers near you is a great way to start the process of hunting for the best moving companies in Philadelphia. Sit down and grab a pen and paper to start developing a detailed moving budget everyone in your household agrees with.

Planning the move

Planning the process before your move is extremely vital so you don’t forget anything important to complete before your movers actually arrive. Making a distinct plan on deadlines for packing, purchasing supplies and when you will reserve your movers is important if you want to stay on track during the entire moving process. Make a comprehensive to-do list and follow it during every step of the way. 

girl standing next to boxes

Purchasing packing supplies

Purchasing packing supplies on time and starting the process early is a great way to relieve some stress during this time in your life, because at least you will be knowing that you will finish everything up just in time. Finding packing supplies at a good price is not a complex task to complete, so start hunting for deals and don’t forget to purchase boxes in various sizes along with rolls and rolls of bubble wrap!

Figuring out a packing plan

Which room will you be packing up first? Which one is next? Sort your rooms by importance and start packing up the most irrelevant rooms in your home like the attic or guest room for example. This way, you are ensuring that nothing that is being packed will be needed before your movers arrive

Setting up a packing station

Have one separate space to use as your packing station – you will be more than happy that you did. Keeping all of your supplies in one spot is a smart way of ensuring that you won’t lose anything or waste time looking for that one roll of tape you need. You will know exactly where everything is and where to look for your supplies.

3 Weeks Before

Hiring movers

Make sure to call up your house movers near you at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure they have an available spot on their calendar on your preferred move date and time. Moving companies tend to get booked up during the summer, over the weekends and during the beginning and end of the month. If you are looking to move at one of these times, it might be best to call up your movers as soon as possible.

Packing room by room

Don’t spend tons of time alternating between two rooms trying to pack them up. Concentrate on one room at a time and pack it up completely before moving on to the next room. This way, you won’t get caught in the middle of packing chaos, you will know how much progress you’ve made and how much you have left to complete.

couple with a box

Decluttering as you pack

As you are packing, make sure to divide your items into categories and donate, sell and throw out everything that is no longer needed or used. You will have less to move, therefore less to pay to have moved, and overall a better experience during the process of moving as it will be much quicker in the long run.

Creating a list of items

Also as you go, it might be smart to construct a detailed list of items for your movers to follow on the day of the move, checking each item as it goes on and off the truck and ensuring nothing gets lost or left behind. A list of items is an extremely helpful tool to have – so make sure to get on track with your list and create it as you go. 

Labeling boxes 

Label your boxes in detail to avoid any confusion during your move and after it. By being detailed, your movers will know exactly where your boxes go, which side goes up and which boxes contain fragile items for them to take care of. Being detailed with your labels will help you during the process of unpacking, too.

boxes being labeled

2 Weeks Before

Start packing the kitchen

The kitchen should be packed little by little depending on how often you use the dishes you are packing. Make sure to leave a set of plates and utensils for your first night in your new home, as you probably won’t be unpacking everything as soon as you arrive. As you are packing other rooms, pack your kitchen at the same time.

Think about shutting off utilities and changing your address

This is a reminder that there are more important things to do while you are packing, too. Moving isn’t just taking your items and moving them elsewhere. You need to transfer your documents and change your address as well.

Visit your future neighborhood

Take a drive around your future neighborhood, see how it looks, where the good coffee is and what is there to do. Putting yourself in the right mindset before your move can make it a much more pleasant experience than looking at it from a negative perspective.

person driving a car

Set up a garage sale

The items you have gotten rid of can be sold at a garage sale you can set up to hang out with your neighborhood, invite some friends and overall have a good time. Not to mention that this can be a little break from everything you have to complete before your move takes place.

1 Week Before

Finish up packing 

Bring your packing process to an end and start closing up those boxes, because soon – you will be living elsewhere. It is time to start packing the most important rooms in your home and preparing for your movers.

Leave essentials unpacked

Your essentials like a change of clothes, toilet paper, a clean set of sheets and a toothbrush are must haves when you’ve moved into your new home. Consider packing these in a separate suitcase or box so you can have easy access to them once you’ve settled in. 

Stop purchasing food 

Clear out your refrigerator as much as possible before your move and consider donating some leftover food to food banks in your area. 

person buying groceries

Take photos of electronics

Take photos of the backs of your TV and other electronics so you can easily hook them up once you’ve settled into your new home without any trouble.

Confirm your reservation with your scheduled movers

Your house movers near you will probably give you a call to confirm your reservation with them, but you can also double check everything additionally to make sure your entire move runs smoothly on the big day.

1 Day Before

Pack your essentials

Pack your essentials the night before and prepare yourself for a long day ahead. Your essentials should also include the kitchenware you’ve left unpacked so you can have a decent meal once you’ve moved in. Prepare any medication, and documents to take with you in your vehicle to the new location.

Prepare some snacks

Preparing snacks for yourself and your movers can be a great way to bring in some positive energy into the moving experience and lighten the mood of everyone involved. Having snacks and water on hand is something your movers will be immensely thankful for.

cooler with water bottles

Close all of your boxes

Your boxes should be sealed before your movers arrive, so make sure to close any remaining boxes the night before the move and double check once again if everything is packed and ready to go.

The Special Day Is Here

Sit back and relax 

Your only job when you hire house movers near you is to sit back, relax and enjoy the process. The movers will handle everything on your behalf, from loading up the truck to unloading it and settling you into your new home properly. Take the time to relieve yourself from stress and overthinking and truly enjoy the process of moving.

Post Move

Start unpacking as soon as possible

You should be fully unpacked after a week in your new home. Make sure to not procrastinate and start as soon as you are well rested to avoid boxes in your house for months.

Unpack box by box 

Instead of unpacking everything at the same time and causing utter chaos in your home, unpack box by box and settle your items where they belong before continuing to the next one.